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Michael Powell

Story: Woman reads from the Book Of Changes and is transformed into a mermaid!



She always felt she was a mermaid in spirit, so she handsewn a mermaid tail from cloth!




Nadia Asserzon

This crown princess loved breaking the hearts of princes she had meet! A prince would give her gifts and and she would promptly dump the prince.. A prince was on the verge of taking his own life because he was led on by the princess until he meet the witch, he told his story about this princess to the witch. The witch told him not to worry that she would take care of it. One day the princess was enjoying one of her gifts in the forest, it was a mechanical riding horse, the only one of its kind! Until she meet the witch, the witch told the princess about the prince and his tale of woe. The princess said it was true, that she was going to soak each prince for all his worth! The witch told the princess to give back all the gifts and to apologize to each prince in person. Of course the princess said no... And the witch said, 'I was hoping you would say that!' The witch then told the princess that she was a maneater and would resemble such a creature. The witch then transformed the princess into a very small shark like mermaid creature, and dumped her into a fish bowl!



By nadia asserzon

Hippocampus Mermaid.  Jenn is a reporter who gets caught by the toyman and is transformed into a hippocampus mermaid, she will later be sold on the black market as an exotic item.

Shark mermaid by Heather Hitchman

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