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A Mermaids Dream
by, Rehana Farooqi(Rehana mermaid)
It all started as I awoke with an urge to take a walk outside in the middle of the night. I walked out of my house and down the steps to the beach. It was a calm and peaceful night. No breeze at all. Not a think was moving, except for the crashing of waves upon the shore. It was a perfect night. Not cold, and not hot. Just the perfect temperature. There was a full moon in the sky and a bright star next to it. It seemed so big and brightly lit. Was it watching me? More like a spiritual being watching over me like a guardian angel. Mmmm that's weird, I thought.
Anyway, I slipped off my sandles and realized I was wearing nothing nothing at all under this silky pink nighty. "Why didn't I put on my long robe?" I thought. My night dress Had laces that tied it closed, so I slowly untied it and let it lightly fall like a feather down to my feet. At 12:00 AM I stood there nude and alone, not worrying about if anyone would see me since it was so late at night. As I stood there where the sea meets the land, I wanted to feel how cool the water was, and it also was hard to resist my temptations of  water beautiful-like a crystal. Turquoise blue but clear. I just had to stick my foot in it. So  there I go. I dipped my right foot in it like a seagull catching it's dinner. The sea felt so cool and refreshing. "Ahhhhhhh, that feels so gooood!" I said with a long sigh. But then suddenly I felt a sharp pain along with a tingling sensation turning into a complete numbness starting from my heals, up through both legs, and strait into my hips. It was enough to make me go insane. I screamed in anguish and hoped no one would hear, knowing I was nude. As soon as I felt this pain, I dropped like a dead fly with a thump apon the sand. I looked at my feet and legs. I was shocked before my eyes as they joined together as one. Then as I watched and still screaming and moaning for dear life in agony, my skin began to peel off revealing ocean-blue fish-like scales the size of quarters beneith. I looked at my feet and they grew larger and thinner-almost like paper thin into a gigantic fish fin. I realized then and accepted I was now a mermaid. The breath-taking mermaid within me, now realeased into my true form. But now, I longed for the sea. It was pulling my heart, beckoning me to enter it's eternal realm. It seemed to be calling me like voice I could almost hear. Like a wisper in the wind, I could barely hear. "It said, Come to me, Rehana. Enter the Sea. Come into me. Into the Sea. Come to me..." It reapeated this phrase over and over again in my heart. Like a wisper of wind in my heart. I couldn't explain this feeling. It was like I was losing a lover a wanted to catch him again, and didn't know how but once I did I didn't want to let go this time. The love of my life. I didn't want to let go. Ever. My physical change of metamorphosis, turned into this new pain. More mental and spiritual than any physical pain you could ever feel. It was like being inside love. It's very hard to explain. A love that you wish  was tangible, a love you love more than yourself. It's like loving God.
As I lay there next to the water as it moved in and out under me, I looked up at the surface of the sea just under the horizon. I saw a silouette of a man. A figure of a man with a medium build and dark hair. He was half submurged in the sea about 10 or 15 yards away from me. "Looks like he's in trouble," I thought." " I must save him." I crawled into the water using all the strength I had in my arms to pull my whole body's weight along behind me. Now I was in the sea. I began to swim and noticed I could swim faster than anyone els human could swim. I could swim even faster under the water. I swam as though I had my legs, only difference was as though I would keep my feet together. But more like a graceful whale. This man seemed to be going under as I finally caught up to him. There now appeared a huge ship in front of us. "Oh, I hope it's not a pirate ship." I thought. "If they see me, I'm sure as dead. They'll do terrible things to me." Just then, a rescue boat was let down by ropes  into the water and and drifted there waiting for us to climb in. " No, I don't think they are bad pirates, I thought. Why els would they rescue us? They must be of good heart." Accepting their service along with all my trust, I lifted this man and for some strange reason he was very light weight when normally a man should be very heavy. I put away this thought and shoved him into this boat. Then I grabbed the side of this boat and using all the strength of my arms I lifted myself and swung my tail up and over and into the boat. I sort of fell in, on top of the man! "Ooops. I'm so sorry sir. I didn't mean to. It's just I don't have any legs. I hope I didn't hurt you?" I looked at him and he was so handsome. He didn't respond. His eyes were closed. I think maybe he was unconscious. I place my ear up to his lips and felt some air. "Oh, thank God you are breathing." I yelled, "Hey can anyone hear me? This man is alive! Hey, he is alive! Bring us up!" Oh, but those lips. Those soft lips. Just so hard to resist.