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Book Gallery 11

Emilie's mermaid book collection.

I was fortunate to have Emilie contact me and tell me of these wonder mermaid books that she found on the internet. Because of number of books she has found, this is her mermaid book page.

Book Description

Elusive, seductive, otherworldly, the mermaid is one of the most resonant of female archetypes, persisting across cultures and eras. In this singular study, Amanda Adams uses poetic language and invokes a wide range of representations and disciplines — from literature, poetry, and mythology to anthropology and folklore — to reclaim this icon of female power for modern readers. Beginning with Melusina, the bathing mermaid par excellence, Adams describes the seductive sirens and their honeyed songs, the powerful Arctic sea goddess Sedna, and the long-haired rusalki of Russian lore, among other legendary mermaids. As she tells their stories, she considers the womanly, passionate, rage-filled, and seductively sweet sides of the mermaid and how those traits reflect the lives and moods of women who live on drier shores. In discovering mermaids and their stories, the author presents a striking narrative of uncovering the unusual, the beautiful, and the extraordinary in her own life.


Book One is Lady Syren, set in Scotland in the Hebrides 1513. In Lady Syren we meet Syren who is a mermaid. She makes a wish that she may one day find a human man, one that will love her. She gets her wish when Kieran "The Black McLeod" is stabbed and dumped overboard by his enemy Captain Stewart. Syren rescues Kieran and takes him back to her home along the coast of Scotland and nurses him back to health. Kieran is a pirate and has been given the option by King James IV of Scotland of a pardon if Kieran marries. Kieran feels that his best chance of marriage would be to the lovely Syren. Only problem is he does not realize that she is a mermaid. Syren is allowed to walk on land during the day by transforms at nightfall back into a mermaid. Syren agrees to Kieran's marriage proposal only if he will take her to Siren Isle where it is fabled that a necklace that will give immortality to a human will also give a mermaid the gift of mortality. Syren wants to be human in the worst way. A deal is made but neither Kieran nor Syren is sure that they can trust one another. They are both drawn to each other but there is much that they both keep secret from each other. Kieran has also had everyone that he has ever loved taken from him so he is not ready to give his heart yet again. Eventually Kieran finds out that Syren is a mermaid, and by this time he has fallen in love with the beautiful siren. He will only accept marriage to her if she loves in him return. Of course she does but these to lovers must first triumph over the evil Captain Stewart and then there is the dangerous trip to Siren Isle that must be overcome before there can be a happy ending for these two people. This was a great story set during one of my favorite time periods, you won't be able to put the book down before you read the ending of this one.

In book two Lord Nerus Theodora Redman aka Red is a reporter for The Tattler, and her job is to debunk all things mystical and magical. Red is sent to Scotland to find out if the myth of the Finn Man is true or fiction. In Red's opinion this does not even require a trip but since the paper is paying for it she is willing to go. On her way out to the outer islands that make up Scotland her ferry is overtaken by a squall and she is washed overboard. She is rescued by none other then Finn Man himself. Nerus is held by a curse that he must marry a mortal in order to have his race continue. The last time he had a mortal on his island she jumped to her death after finding out her man of her dreams was indeed a merman. He is not willing to take another chance on that; problem is he finds himself totally drawn to Red in ways he can't describe. Red on the other hand feels that she is not the stuff of romance, and that no man in his right mind will be taken with her. She is the ultimate tomboy. Imagine her surprise to find herself attracted to the very handsome Nerus. After these two finally realize that they can't run away from their attraction to each other and give in to the wonder of what they feel Red finds out that the one thing she did not believe in is the one person that she has fallen in love with. Nerus sends her away because he does not want the mortal population overrunning his island, but finds that he can't live without his Red. As a result he goes back to the human world and tries to get Red back before he dies. Will she be willing to give up everything mortal to live in his world? You must read the book to find out for yourself.


Book Description Fred is not your ordinary mermaid. She's not blonde. She's not buxom. And she's definitely not perky. In fact, Fred can be downright cranky. And it doesn't help matters that her hair is blue.

While volunteering at the New England Aquarium, Fred learns that there are weird levels of toxins in the local seawater. A gorgeous marine biologist wants her help investigating. So does her merperson ruler, the High Prince of the Black Sea. You'd think it would be easy for a mermaid to get to the bottom of things. Think again.

Book Description "How Sir Edmund Roberts, gentleman naturalist and Sea Maiden questor, unsung cataloguer of the world’s mermaid population and champion of all battles save one with the loathsome pirate, Naughty Nat, circumnavigated the globe, fell in love with the recently svelte Captain Constance Daphne Fitzwillie, and still managed to leave this life cloaked in the cold blanket of obscurity." This is the companion volume to the SEA MAIDEN PAINTINGS by Robert Kline


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