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Brendan James, an obnoxious American travel writer, has chosen the British Isles as subject matter for his third book - only problem is, he's stricken with writer's block and his deadline for the new manuscript is just days away. Having written not a single page, his career is on the line and he's desperate for material.

While traveling back to Dublin to get drunk and deal with the unwritten manuscript in a decent hotel, a freak ferry sinking leaves him stranded for the night in a tiny village on Isle of Man called Heather Bay where the locals are gearing up to celebrate their annual mermaid festival.

Heather Bay is a picturesque, seaside resort town on the northern tip of the island, rich in pirate tales, mermaid lore and local characters. And at this time every year, thousands of mermaid-crazed tourists flock to the village to take part in its renowned mermaid festival. After being installed in less-than-satisfactory lodgings aboard a leaky houseboat, Brendan grudgingly noses around the village interviewing drunken fishermen and talking to whacked-out locals - that just might be his saving grace, for after one night on the island, he's so infuriated by the inhabitants that he begins to write again. The silly parades, the ridiculous matchmaking festivities and the old superstitions are far better than fiction, spurring his decision, not only to stay on - but to write an entire book about the village.

The village is a writer’s dream with pick-pocketing parrots, a church that performs plastic surgery, underwearless Scotsmen in kilts and a bloodthirsty merman on the loose. But things get complicated when he meets Christine Hamilton, a mysterious local woman of ethereal beauty. Knowing that he doesn’t have a chance in hell with her, he uses his romantic obsession with the young woman as material for the book and the results are hilarious. In fact, his publisher back in New York is slating the new release to be another national bestseller. But Brendan soon realizes that he and Christine might actually be meant for each other and his scathing manuscript, by far the best work he's ever produced, would destroy the village and the woman he’s come to love.

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This is a personal review from some one on Amazon. I used it, because it best describes the book.

THE LAST MERMAID is a fantastic departure from the typical romance novel. Incorporating four magical love stories in one, THE LAST MERMAID begins with a mermaid's tragic curse of lost love, then moves to the first story, which is about a betrayed King of Scotland who is rescued from a watery grave by Ione, the lonely siren of the cursed island of Kell. This segment was packed with medieval adventure (Scottish warriors against Saxon thugs), and I thought Aeden was a fantastic hero, though Ione the mermaid bugged me at first for being so needy (I grew to like her, especially toward the end, when she risked all for Aeden). Following this story, we move ahead to the 1700s, in which Ione and Aeden's descendant, the male siren Ronan (Earl of Kell), is targeted for death by a beautiful Spanish assassin named Leila (who has some magic of her own). Ronan and Leila's story is filled with intrigue and painful attraction (I couldn't wait for them to FINALLY hook up). However, I think I liked the last story the best, which begins in modern-day Los Angeles. The heroine, half-Japanese Ruri, has just inherited the Island of Kell (which she didn't even know existed) and is "seduced" into visiting it by Iain, a hot pirate-like Scot who wants to buy it. Their story wraps up the four (yes, four) romances quite nicely, with just a little magic twist. For a romance novel, THE LAST MERMAID is prettily written (you can practically taste the saltwater and see the island in your mind), though the author sometimes overdoes it (she has a certain obsession for eye and hair color). The actual lovemaking scenes are also elegant, meaning they are less steamy and more romantic. Overall, I thought this was a lovely novel, eloquent and satisfying, and would recommend it to anyone interested in adding a touch of magic to her day.



This was a ok book with a short mermaid story in it. The cover looked better than how the story was.


Sorry, now reviews on it yet. Only that it is a romance novel.

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