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Brandi The Mermaid

I have talked with her. She is a nice person. Not only is she for hire as a mermaid she is also a singer in a band, and lives in San Pedro, Belize

Where she is available for kids birthday parties, and other event. 

To see more of Brandi just click on her name.






What also makes Brandy stand out from other mermaid for hire is that is also is available for catering.Mermaid Nyotaimori. You might ask what is Nyotaimori? Well in definition Nyotaimori ("female body presentation"), often referred to as "body sushi," is the practice of serving sashimi (thinly sliced raw fish) or sushi (Rice [with raw fish] wrapped in seaweed) from the body of a woman, typically naked. Brandi on the other hand is dressed up in her Mermaid attire and the sushi is placed on top of her.



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