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These 2 mermaid pictures were sent to me by a mermaid lover who wished other may view them. They are from from Arion, Lord of Atlantis

The backstory is that Arion's evil brother sunk Arion's "Native American" friend' Wynnde's homeland, killing all of his people except for himself and his brother. He finds out later than his wife Fawndancer didn't die, but was transformed into a Mermaid. In the third picture (#21), an ancient sea god becomes desirous of Fawndancer and seeks to conquer her at the cost of Wynnde's life.



I bought this one on E-bay, it had a nice mermaid story in it.


I also bought this one too. Nice cover, but the mermaid see Aquaman in a sea bar and wants to go out with him, and that was all there was of the mermaid in the book.

Archie's Mad House #14, Aug. 1961



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