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Commissions 2

James Jackson

I had this artist to do 4 commissions for me. He e-mailed me the first one, and told me that I would save money if I had all the commissions sent all at once, this made sense, but I was to find out later it was a mistake. I liked the looks of the second one he e-mailed me, and had commissioned 3 other works. I paid  $ 419 for the 4 of these commission back in April 2006, and as of this date I have YET to receive any of them. When and if I get these commissions I will post it on this page. James, or should I say Gym of Gymtoons as he likes to be called is not a artist I would recommend to have any commissions done by, or if you do, only do one at a time and do not have any other commissions done, until you get each commission work. Because of James I will never have a artist do more than one commission at a time done for me.

 These look like they might have been nice works, it leaves me wondering what the other would have looked like.



A bit of advice when having a commissions done.

1. If you do not wish for any one else to see your commission ask if the artist is going to place your finished commission in his samples. If he is ask him not to, or ask the artist before you start the commission. I had this happen to a friend, and the pictures still pop up from time to time.

2. When dealing with a new artist have him do one commission and sent to you. Do not think you will be saving money by having a number of commissions done and sent at once, because you might end up like me.

3. Don't trust Gymtoons, sorry this guy really ripped me off. I have always trusted artist, and have never dreamed that one would take my money and never send me the work. These 2 piece I was told was finished, and he will not even send me the finished works.

4. Find out if you are going to get the original, or a printed copy. Also make sure you know the price of every thing, artist charge extra for backgrounds, extra figures, and for the works to be colored.

5. E-bay allows you 60 days after payment for you to file a complaint that they will look into, after that they recommend you contact the Better Business Bureau. 

6. If you pay with PayPal you have 45 days after the purchase to contact them, after that the system that they use will not even allow you to fill out a complaint.


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