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My friend Phil has talked with me about getting commissions done up. I was slow to warm to the ideal, but finely did come around.

This first piece some one wrote to me and said " Wouldn't it be great to have Rose from the movie Titanic be drawn into a mermaid, wearing the necklace that was lost, and have her tail be the same color of the gem. Phil told me of Brandy Woods and suggested that I give her a try. I did and was very please with the results. Her prices were reasonable, her talent very good, and the piece was created and sent to me in a decent amount of time. For now she is rated as the best one to get a commission done by. If you would like to find out more about her just click on her name below.

Brandy Woods

Rose as a mermaid

Mermaid on Bed

Mermaid in Kiddy Pool


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