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This drawing was done for me by a friend years ago. It has long been at my opening page, and have finely decided it has been there long enough and have moved it here. The original picture was me holding a big perch, but she changed the fish into a mermaid.


Lindsay Coffman

Did this one for me for free. It was her way of saying thanks for placing her on my site and link to her page. I thought she did a great job. The mermaid is one that she picked. I have never been fond of pictures where the mermaid is hurt. Me, if I found a mermaid I would defend her with my life as long as she got her freedom.


Michael Powell

A friend of mine needed a mermaid for her story that she was working on, but couldn't find one that she wanted. I went to e-bay and found Michael Powell offering 2 commissions for $20. I won the bid and this is what they came up with.

Brandy Woods

Kentaura, a friend who loves centaurs and mermaids. We both wonder what she would look like as a swimmer who become transformed into a mermaid, and here is what Brandy came up with.

I had this commission done a over a year ago. The mermaid who it is of I have not heard from in a year. I thought that she wouldn't mind me posting it.

This commission was done in time for her birthday. It was her ideal to have the storm on the sea behind her. Glad that it helped make her day.


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