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Brandy Woods

Here is the second commission I had done for a friend of mine. I contacted 2 of the artist who do commissions for me and wanted to see who could do the best job in drawing my friend. My friend came up with the ideal her messing with a guy on a surf board. I loved the ideal. My friend wanted her fish to be with her, and if you look in her other hand there is her fishy friend.

Here are my cover mermaid commissions that I have had made up. They are not to be used without mine, the person in the drawing, or the artist permission.

This was a commission I had made for Jasmine, Empress of mermaids. She has a cool website at  She wanted to have a drawing made up showing her communicating with a hammerhead shark. I told Brandy what she wanted, and this is what she came up with.

Back in September of 2008 I had a friend, whom I said I would have a commission made up for her and her boyfriend. She told me that this is what she wanted, and I liked the ideal, so asked Brandy to do the commission, and this is what she came up with. We both loved the commission, and I sent her a copy, of which she thanked me. I got to hear from her on Halloween 2008, and was the last I have heard from her. I waited until mid January 2009 before posting this rather cool commission.

This commission was done by 

Luis A Ortiz

I won the commission on e-bay, and the mermaid is of Mermaid Charlotte. This was the artist first mermaid that I know of, but his site is not for any one under 18 to visit. He has a lot of nudity on his site, but he did do a great job on the covered mermaid for me. If you request he will not post your commission on his site if you tell him not to.



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