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Justin Long

I contacted Justin, and wanted to do a commission that had me in it, the Split Rock Lighthouse that I visited in September 1, 2007, and to have a friend as a mermaid below the lighthouse. This is what we came up with.


I was feeling in the mood for a new commission, so one night I asked a friend in MySpace if I could do a commission for her. She was thrilled by the ideal and shared with me how she wished to be drawn. She wanted her fish Sinbad to be with her. I asked my two of the artist who do commissions for me to draw her. Here is what Justin came up with. At the time both commissions cost $75 and the commission was sent directly to the mermaid who is in the drawing. When ever I have a commission drawn I try to have it sent to who the commission is of. Justin is pretty good in keeping you updated on the progress of the commission, and if you would like a commission done just click on his name above and go to his site, or send him a e-mail by clicking on his name right here:

Justin Long 

Covered Mermaid Commissions :

Here are my cover mermaid commissions that I have had made up. They are not to be used without mine, the person in the drawing, or the artist permission.



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