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Created this little cartoon clips. 

Denise headed home to see if any of Bee's lipsticks could make her boobs medium-sized. Thinking M.M. on one of them stood for "Medium Mammaries", she kissed herself with the lipstick... with a result she didn't expect! To read what she is saying click on the artist to see the larger picture.

Martha comes home and sees Denise helpless on the floor as a mermaid. Realizing that Denise's condition should be kept secret, yet Denise has to be put in water while she's stuck in mermaid form, Martha reaches for another one of Bee's lipsticks...

Martha knew that there was not an antidote to the Mermaid lipstick, and Denise just could not stay there on the floor drying out. Besides, Denise's situation needed to be kept a secret, so Martha decided to make Denise easier to move... by shrinking her.

Martha got her shrunken - and mermaid-ed - friend Denise into a fishbowl, so that she would be able to stay hydrated. Martha realizes that she needs to get something bigger for Denise to swim in, but Denise isn't happy at being in her situation... Bee and Trixie are two people that immediately come to mind.

Martha did manage to find a larger fish tank. After transferring her shrunken-and-mermaided girlfriend Denise into it, Denise could finally relax for the first time since she found herself in this situation. She sees at least one advantage of being in the water...