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The Siren's call

Standing at the point of reality and dreams, a soothing song softly floats in the air to me from the fog. It calls deeply to my soul, like the memory of a lost forgotten love from a distance past. Is it real, or just echoes of my heart wishing for some thing my conscious has yet to understand.

The song in the mist calls, do I search for the singer, or do I stay on the safely the shores of reality. Common sense tells me to stay, but my heart beckons me to go forth.

Do I go to my death, to be lost in the fog for some thing I have never seen, but have felt only in my heart. Do I rely on the faith that the song is true, or do I turn back to the solitude of the shore.

I point my bow into the thick of it's gray unknown, trusting to my heart that all will be well and knowing that it will be so.

Dedicated  to my mermaid. I know not what seas, lakes, or rivers she swims, only that she is some where out there in the mist of dreams. I search for her still.