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Elizabeth Sherry

A friend told me about these 2 artist, and said I should ask them to be on my site. I did, and they were kind enough to give me their permission.

In Sherry's " Border Patrol" of 2 mermaids I liked the ideal of the mermaids having tools of some sort.

To see more of Sherry's work click on her name above.


Max Humber

Is the second artist a mermaid lover told me about. The picture is called " Something Evil " He don't show what the mer-people are fighting, he leaves it up to your imagination.

To see more of his work click on his name.


Pat Chapin

Has created a new mermaid called,


Most people who seen this piece at a art show didn't think of her as captured, but as lonely, or sad because of a lost one. What do you think ? 


In this one Pat decided to draw a mermaid with short hair.

To see or contact Pat Chapin click on her name above.

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