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Eternally True

A sailor came across a mermaid fair sunning her tail and combing her hair singing her song, soft and sweet dreaming about having two feet.

He drew closer and she turned with a start, dove into the water in a beautiful arc. He cried out in sorrow, and begged her to stay his breath caught quickly when she swam back his way.

Her beauty was breathtaking, her eyes teal green she swam closer to him, as if in a dream. He reached out his hand and offered her his love she reached for his hand, timid as a dove.

He felt as if he knew her, as if they had been lovers before, from a time way back when. He looked in her eyes and saw into her heart The love inside her, she could clearly impart.

A breath of heaven, a goddess of the ocean just on look from her, sent his heart in motion. Stay with me he said, and gave her a sweet kiss I will love you forever and never remiss.

Would you leave your world and come live in mine? Could you love me for always and never repine? Would you pledge me your heart, body and soul Once you say yes, I can never let you go.

He looked in her eyes and saw all his dreams, he saw the great ocean caressing moonbeams. He looked over his shoulder and felt the earth sigh he made up his mind, said his final goodbye.

They dove underwater, each hand in hand he looked down below him and could no longer stand. Where his legs had once been, a tail anew sleek and powerful, a deep aqua blue.

They undulated and turned through the silky tide the waves carried them deeper on a soft gentle ride. His heart was full as was her heart too together forever and always, eternally true.

~ C.L.Kilburn