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Fantasy Novels


This is a wonderful book filled with short stories, and a bit of info on mermaids, but it is a hard to find book.

This is the Holy Grail of mermaid books. From start to finished this book is a mermaid story with no surface breathers in it. The writer is skilled in the telling of her story. If you ever get a chance to read this book you will not regret it.

THE SONG SPELL OF DARKNESS sought to claim all the creatures of the seas for its own. Through the ages the Balance between good and evil had been maintained, guarded by the legendary Seadragons. Every fifty years the peoples of the underwater Caverns held a Choosing to find a new Between to serve the Dragons. While legend says only the Merramaids were once selected for this most vital of tasks, long ago the Merra were betrayed by their distant kin, and now few remain in the world As a result, evil has spread throughout the watery realm. It is time for the final Choosing, for only two Seadragons still live. And unless the Merramaid Elan as the true Between can prevail, the Balance will be destroyed--and darkness will triumph for all eternity.

The Sea Man 

What creature is this--half man, half fish? So wonder the crew of a small Dutch ship when they pull the creature up from the sea. Surely, they say, we should kill it before it brings bad luck. But the ship's lieutenant is not a superstitious man. Unlike his crew, he feels honor bound to heal the creature and return him to sea. When he spies a sea wife and sea child waiting by the boat, the lieutenant knows the time has come. What he doesn't know is that his compassion has earned him a guardian and a friend whose knowledge of the ocean will forever touch his life. With The Sea Man, Jane Yolen spins a rich fantasy which reminds us that learning to accept others, despite their differences, can open us to vast new worlds of truth and understanding


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