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Foreign Movies

Philippine mermaid movie

Dyesebel, a mermaid born to a childlesss couple is forced to leave her home and survive on her own because the barriofolks believe she carries a bad luck.

Have yet to see this one, only thing I know is that it only in VCD format.


Hong Kong mermaid movie

After falling in the water and almost drowning, a young schoolteacher finds himself lying on a beach, unable to remember what happened. Unbeknownst to him, his rescuer is a mermaid (Christy Chung), who has fallen in love with him. To pursue her love, the mermaid comes onto land and enrolls in his school as a student. Things don't work out as she planned, however, as she soon attracts the jealousy of the other girls in the school. To make matters worse, she must hide her secret from a gang of fortune hunters who would like nothing better than to catch their very own mermaid.

A nice mermaid movie if you don't mind reading the English subtitles. Can be found in DVD or VCD format.


Phra Apai Mani

Thailand mermaid movie

This movie is of a Thailand legend

Phra Aphai Mani and his brother, Sisuwan were princes who were sent to study by their father as he hoped they could use the knowledge gained to rule the country, but Phra Aphai came back with the knowledge of playing the pipe and his brother at sword-fighting. Their father was angry and drove them away. But the pipe Aphai had learned was a magic one. Its sound could put people to sleep and take the soul out of the body causing death. One day while the others were lulled to sleep by the sound of the pipe, a giant came and took Aphai away to her cave where she transformed herself into a beautiful girl. He lived with her until she bore a son, Sinsamut. When Aphai found out that his wife was really the giant, Nang Phisua Samut, he fled with his son. He was assisted by a family of mermaids, father, mother and a daughter. The father and mother were caught and eaten by the giant. The daughter took Aphai and Sinsamut to Kokaew Phitsadan (Wonder Island) where a hermit saved them from the giant. The young mermaid later bore a son with Aphai, called Sutsakhon.


This is only found in DVD and VCD. I haven't seen this one yet.


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