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Jessica Byran


Thalassa, born and raised as an Amazon warrior, is happy with her life. It isn't an easy one and her people are constantly at war with men but she is free. Fighting and protecting her sisters is what she lives for - until the day she is abducted by Dorian, King of the Merfolk, who sweeps her away to his world under the sea. She is furious and despises him immediately but tempers her rage when she realizes that her Goddess has ordained their match. Eventually this gentle God-like man with super human powers begins to tear down her defenses with kindness, fairness and patience and allows her to accept her fate and his love. But she never forgets her beloved Amazon sisters. And when she overhears that their lives are in danger she and Dorian risk everything to enter the battle.

In the sapphire waters deep below the ocean's surface lived a wondrous race of beautiful men and women. Although they have walked among the people of the land, they have remained separate, their true natures hidden-until an exquisite woman bound her destiny with that of a forbidden man. SHE WAS A SHIMMERING BEAUTY FROM A KINGDOM OF LEGEND Dark hair flowing past her shoulders, eye the gray fo a stormy sea, Rhea stepped from the ocean as if a goddess-if a goddess could fignht with the skills of ancient martial arts and love with the depth of a woman of lflesh and blood. Avision had brought her to the glorious city of Ch'ang-an, compelling her to seek a warrior called Zhao, the Red Tiger....HE WAS A MAGNIFICENT MAN OF FIRE AND JADE His green eyes and fiery hair proclaimed him a foreighner in the city; his healing arts won him the favor of the royal family and turned the gaze of a deadly enemy upon him. Now, twelve harvests after he had rescued her from the ravages of a thundering storm, Rhea will find him. And amid the jasmine of the Imperial Park, passion will be born, hot as fire strong as stee, eternal as the ocean tides...even as treachery carries the two lovers to a fate that threatens their love and their very lives.

She lives by the sea on a small Greek island studying archelogy and meets a mysterious man down by the water. None of the locals will tell her exactly what dangers are involved with listening to sirens or hanging out with strange men that remind you of seaweed or saltwater for some reason. One kindly neighbor woman who has worshipped the merpeople warns her secretly but is too late. The heroine has been chosen by the merman as his mate and she carries strange lost scrolls that may help the merpeople avoid a terrible catastrophe. The merman has a powerful enemy among the renegade merpeople though and that merman may endanger everything - the heroine, the hero merman, the merpeople, and all the earth.


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