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Jillisa Mermaid Transformation Story

By edwin7

The weekend had finally come for Jillisa. It had been a long hard week at the office and she needed a escape for the weekend, so she went to the beach. When she got there she found the beach crowded with people. Turned out that she was not the only one thinking of the beach this fine beautiful day in California. The boardwalk was not so crowded, and long the boardwalk were small shops or vendors with portable stands selling everything from cool pop to trinkets, to jewelry. Bored and disappointed at not finding a good spot in the sand to just lay out and enjoy the sun she browsed along checking out the different sellers, and what they had to offer.

Jillisa stood out in the crowd of people walking along the boardwalk. Sure she was attractive with full breasts, shapely legs, long brown hair, and soft blue eyes, but what made her stand out was that she was one of those that loved the color pink. It was her favorite color. She wore a 2 piece pink bikini, pink flip flops, and carried a pink purse. Jillisa found a vendor selling ice cold pop. She bought a diet Coke, and then went on checking what the other vendors had to offer going into small shops and such.

Nothing caught her eye, till she spotted an older guy with a cart selling necklaces. He had many different kinds, from silver to gold to some made with shells. Some had crosses, celtic circles, pentagons, dolphins, sea horses, starfish, and even fairies, the seller had about everything. She looked through them, but still didn’t find anything of interest. On impulse she asked the Vendor, “Do you have anything that has a mermaid on it?”

The seller was a older man, in his mid-40s wearing a colorful blue Hawaiian shirt, and tan kaki pants looked at her. She felt she needed to explain herself.

“You see I have always loved mermaids, and I have been looking for a mermaid necklace forever. I have found a few, but they were not quite what I am looking for.”

The guy looked at her, thought a moment and then said, “I might have just what you are looking for.” His cart had the necklaces displayed on top, but on the seller side there were drawers where he kept inventory, cash, small bags to put the necklaces in, and in one small drawer there were 2 black velvet pouches. He opened one, put it back, and then opened the other.

Satisfied he turned to her saying, “I think this just might be what you are looking for.” There was a strange twinkle in the man’s eyes when he gave it to her, but it was forgotten when she opened it up and took out the silver necklace from the small pouch. It was a simple thin necklace, but on the end of it was one of the most detailed small silver mermaids that she had ever seen. It looked as if she was sleeping, and would open her eyes anytime. It was gorgeous and she knew that she just had to have it. Jillisa couldn’t take her eyes off of her.

“How much?” She asked.

“$50.” he told her.

“Would it be OK if I wrote a check? I don’t like to keep much cash on me.” she stated to him.

“Sure, no problem. I accept cash, credit cards, and checks.” he said. Jillisa opened her purse, found her checkbook and brought it out. On the cover of the checkbook was Ariel in her full mermaid form. She opened it up and begun writing on a check showing some tropical beach some place. The vendor noticed the checkbook and check and commented, “You really do love mermaids and the sea.”

Jillisa smiled a shy smile at him and said, “I have loved mermaids since I was a little girl. I got hooked on them when I saw Ariel for the first time. I sometimes wish that I could be a mermaid, you know just hop in the ocean, and swim away from all my troubles.”

She sighed and looked out at the ocean before going on, “But while I love the water, and love being near it, I can’t swim. My parents were too busy to teach me or take me to classes when I was younger. When I got older I was too embarrassed to take classes, so I never did learn how to swim.”

“Then why come to the beach?” he asked.

“To lie in the sun, be close to the sea, and dream of being a mermaid. While it could never happen, I can still at least dream.” Jillisa said to him.

“Well maybe that will change for you someday.” he said with a knowing smile.

“Oh I doubt that.” she told him, then said, “And it looks like I might not even get to enjoy the beach today, just so many people out.”

He looked at her for a moment then said, “You know if you want a nice quiet spot just to lay out, I know a place. The current is too strong, with plenty of riptides close to the shore, not a good place to swim, but sounds just like what you are looking for. It is not too far from here, but the road to it is on a curve and is easy to miss. I would have to draw you a map for you to get there, but at least you would be by yourself.”

She looked at him, he seemed harmless, and had a gut feeling that she could trust him.

“Sure why not.” she said. He took out a notebook in which he kept track of his accounts from the look of it, and drew a map of the highway, then of a curve where he drew a road linking it to the highway, but wound back and forth a few times before it ended at a small cove.

“It is an old gravel road, so when you get to the curve keep your eyes open. It is easy to miss. That is why so few people know of it, and after a few bends in the road most other people think the road leads to nowhere, so the few that do find it usually turn around and go back. Just keep going and you will find the cove easily enough,” he told her as he handed her the map.

She took the map and the necklace and put them both in her purse. She thanked him for telling her of this cove, and the wonderful necklace, then turned and walked in the direction of her car. The man watched her go and smiled, then took down and put away the necklaces. He had some place to be in a few hours and he had things to prepare for.

“The old man was right.” Jillisa thought when she finally found the tiny gravel road. She drove by it 3 times before finding it. The 5 hairpin turns along some steep ravens were also a bit scary, and she could see why people had turned back, but it was at these turns where she got a glimpse of the ocean, so she went on till she ended up at the cove where there was perhaps just enough room for 3 cars to park, yet none were there now.

It was just as the old man said, only even more beautiful. She looked at it for a moment, admiring the beauty of the place before reaching into her car, bringing out a pink beach towel and a small pink cooler filled with ice and water. Before she left the car, on an impulse she opened her purse, took out the silver mermaid necklace and put it on.

She walked down the steep path to the small beach. It was so quiet here away from the crowds and cars. When she reached the sand, she found just the right spot and spread out her beach towel, then put on her sun screen. When that was done she looked at the mermaid necklace around her neck. Again she couldn’t believe the detail of the silver mermaid. Every scale was finely etched and molded that she felt the little mermaid would suddenly come to life in her hand. Even with its beauty she became bored with it, and sat on her towel and looked out to the sea. Sure enough she could see strong currents along the points. This really wasn’t a place for swimming, but it was very beautiful. The sound of the waves, the sun gently warming her body was making her sleepy.

She doubted that anyone would show up, so felt safe in taking her top off. Jillisa hated tan lines. When she had it off, she set it next to her cooler and stretched out, her legs pointing to the sea. The sun heated the little mermaid on her necklace, so instead of taking it off she rolled over to her belly, and put her head on her arms and fell asleep. The sun was so nice and warm she felt as if she was melting, not all of her, just her lower half. It wasn’t painful, just soothing.

If Jillisa had been awake, she would have watched as her pink bikini bottom seemed to flow down her legs, but as it flowed in their wake they didn’t leave 2 legs, but one limb. They had become one. In her dream, Jillisa felt something pulling on her feet. When the pink material reached her feet it began to spread out, yet also spreading and flattening till when it finally ended, Jillisa had a long and beautiful pink tail.

In her dreams Jillisa became a mermaid, and she swam beneath the sea. The dream seemed so real, she smiled. She woke feeling very thirsty. Reaching over she opened her cooler, and took out a bottle of water. She lay there, opened the water, then tried to turn over. It felt as if her legs had fallen asleep. She propped herself up with her arms and finished the first bottle of water.

Still sleepy, she never bothered opening her eyes, and reached in and got a second and then a 3rd bottle out, yet she was still thirsty. She would have to put her top back on, and then go and find the closest gas station or store and get more. Sleepily she grabbed her top, got it on, then tried to rise, but couldn’t, there was something wrong with her legs. It was then that she finally opened her eyes, and when she did they suddenly grew wider.

Her legs were now a tail, but not a green tail like in The Little Mermaid, this one was pink! This had to be a dream! She thought. Jillisa tried to find the seam where her skin met what was now a tail. She didn’t find any, but what she found instead were tiny flesh scales that began turning pink, till they became full pink scales. It had to be a dream, it just had to. People don’t just suddenly become mermaids! OK, what was that again about dreams, she thought, then she remembered.

In dreams it was said that you couldn’t read, so all she needed to do was to read something. The water bottle! All she had to do was read the label on the water bottle! She grabbed the closest one that she had just finished and read the label. Still hoping it was still a dream she read every thing that was printed on the bottle. It wasn’t a dream! Again she calmed herself, she just needed to think this through. She was normal before she went to sleep, when she woke she was a mermaid.

What had happened between this morning and when she took a nap and become a mermaid. The necklace!!!! It had to be it. If it changed her, maybe it could change her back. She took the necklace off her neck and looked at it. The necklace looked the same as when she first laid eyes on it. Maybe she had to say some thing to change back.

“Oh sweet mermaid, make me normal.” she said. Nothing happened. She closed her eyes and said it again, nothing happened. “Oh great Neptune please change me back.” she said. Still nothing happened. She even asked God, and when she opened her eyes she still had a pink tail. Maybe she needed to sleep with the necklace off and when she woke maybe she would be normal. Maybe she needed to have the necklace away from her when she slept, wouldn’t that help? She thought. She threw the necklace as far away from her as she could, then laid down, and tried to sleep, only she couldn’t. Her throat was becoming dryer and dryer, she needed water of some sort.

To her answer it dawned on her that she could hear the surf. There was all the water she needed, yet wasn’t seawater not healthy to drink? she thought. She had no choice, her car was too far away and with this tail, there was no way she could drive, she had to get to the sea. First she crawled with her hands dragging her tail behind her, then she held her arms still and brought her tail forward under her moving, like a seal. This was quicker and brought her to the water.

She went into the sea far enough to cover her head, yet the waves coming in flowed over her covering her all the way to the end of her tail. She gulped the water deeply till she realized that she wasn’t drinking the water, she was breathing it! Her head shot out of the water, and she gulped in air. Instead of making her feel better it felt as if she was holding her breath. It didn’t hurt, it just didn’t refresh her. Once more she put her head under the water.

“Im not breathing, I’m just drinking.” She thought to herself over and over. Jillisa just couldn’t bear the thought that she was actually breathing under water, if she did accept it, she felt that she would then be admitting that she really was a mermaid. When she lifted her head, she found that she was 30 feet from shore. She looked to where her beach towel was, and next to it was the man who had sold her the necklace.

While she had been in the sea, the old man had pulled up in a old dark green Mazda pickup. He had walked down to the beach, and in the sand found the necklace she had thrown away. Looking at it he picked it up, then placed it in his pocket, and waited for Jillisa to look his way.

Jillisa just looked at him. She didn’t know what to say. She was both mad and scared at the same time. Before she could even say anything he smiled then said, “See now didn’t I tell you that this was the perfect spot. You know on the right days this one also one of the best spots to surf or to scuba dive.”

“You? You! You did this to me!” Jillisa exclaimed.

The smile was replaced with a more relaxed look, before he said, “Yes, yes I did.”

“Why, why did you do this to me, and why me?” Jullisa sputtered as she began to calm down.

“Because you were worthy. Worthy of this gift.” he told her.

“Gift!” the anger starting to rise into her voice. “You made me into a pink-tailed mermaid!”

“The pink was of your choice. The magic of the necklace behaves differently for some people. Sometimes it picks the color or what they are wearing, other times it picks up on the person’s favorite color, and for some who also believe in mermaids it sometimes picks up on the color of tail that they want. For you I would say that pink is your favorite color and just happens to be what you were wearing. I must say you do look rather good as a pink-tailed mermaid.” he said to her.

“Why change me into a mermaid. I can’t even swim. Sure I have fantasized about it, but never dreamed that it was even possible, but why do it without even asking me.” she said to him.

“If I had told you I had a special necklace that could change you into a mermaid, would you have believed me. You would have thought me some kind of a nut, and would have never have come to this place. I couldn’t have you changing into a mermaid on that beach back there in that crowd. We both know what turmoil that could have brought, but I was willing to take that risk. I was willing to follow you home if it came to it, but a nice day like today how could anyone want to be inside. Now as for you being a bad swimmer, well you now have a tail instead of two legs, so you don’t have to scissor your legs through the water. When you swim just try to relax and do what comes naturally. You will be fine. You will also find it easier to swim when you don’t have to come up for air all the time. Now go and give it a try.” he told her.

“Will you change me back?” She asked.

“We will talk about that when you come back. Now go on. Go and see what it is like to really be a mermaid.” He said to her.

When Jillisa disappeared beneath the waves the old man walked back up the steep hill, went to the back of his pickup, and brought out a large blue cooler with plastic wheels on the back. He knew that she wouldn’t be coming back very soon. From the cab of his pickup he picked up a small notebook and wrote a note for Jillisa. That done he pulled the cooler behind him all the way down to the beach till he reached Jillisa’s beach towel. There, he left the cooler next to it, and left the note hanging out the edge facing the sea. He picked up what personal things Jillisa had brought with her down to the beach and placed them in her car leaving it unlocked.

The old man got into his Mazda pickup, and drove up the winding road to where the gravel road reached the highway. Stopping at the edge of the gravel road he got out, then went to a gate and pulled it across the road. On the gate was a sign that said, “Private Road. Keep Out.” Wrapped a chain around the end of the gate. Pulling a padlock out of his pocket, he locked it. He got into his pickup, and drove off down the highway.

Jillisa decided to give the old man a chance and listen to his advice. She turned her head and closed her eyes. Without realizing it her head dipped below the surface of the water. She needed to relax. Jillisa began to take deep breaths in through her nose, then out through her mouth. She could feel herself relax, feeling the water support her weightlessly. Something tickled her nose. When she opened her eyes,it was just her hair. It had floated around her like a cloud. She went to swipe it away, and notice how slow her hand seemed to move. It was rather cool, she thought.

Then it hit her, her breathing, she was breathing, and she was underwater. She began to have a panic attack breathing in and out. She was going to drown! She was starting to bring her head to the surface, then noticed that her lungs were not burning for air, in fact she felt just fine other than her heart was racing. Deciding to risk it, she took in a breath of water. Nothing happened, if felt as if she was breathing in air. Jullisa took another, then another breath of water, then got excited. She was breathing underwater! Really breathing, and not breathing through a scuba tank, but really breathing in the water of the ocean!

For the first time, Jillisa took a look around her. It looked like she was still in about 5 feet of water, about 2 feet below the surface. Below her was a golden sandy floor where ripples in the sand seemed like ripples of a pond or lake only unmoving. Made by the movement of the sea and or waves. Here and there small fish swam just above the sand. Light distorted by the waves danced over this golden floor under her. To her it seemed beautiful, yet also calming.

She kicked with her tail, and found herself moving smoothly just along the bottom. The sandy bottom lead slowly deeper. Looking up for the first time she found that she was in about 30 feet of water. Just the right depth to see just what she could do with this new tail of hers. Lots of time she had enjoyed Mermaid Hannah’s videos on YouTube wishing that could be her. One of the things that Hannah did in one of those videos she thought was so graceful she thought she would give a try.

Jillisa faced the surface, arched her back, then kicked with her tail. The way she did it she made a large O and was able to see the end of her tail. It was almost like the way a dog would chase its tail, only Jillisa was not going round and round sideways, she went end over end. Just of head of her she could see the end of her tail as she in her own was was chasing it. The smooth moment of her tail marveled her. Unlike Hannah, Jillisa’s tail had no knee bends in it. Her circle was more round.

Next she did a barrel roll as Hannah had done in her videos. These were fun. Jillisa found that her hands were not only used for grabbing things, which is what they were mostly used of on land, but in the water her hands and arms helped her to turn manoeuvre in the water. The more she swam, the more she learned about her new body, and she liked it. In Splash, one of her favorite mermaid movies, Madison after she had saved Allen and went sprinting into the water. While he was turning his head looking for her, in the background Madison was jumping out of the water.

From the 30 feet of water she began to swim faster and faster, then suddenly turned towards the surface. For a split second she was completely out of the water. This was her first attempt, so she swam straight up out of the water, and doing a belly flop, which she found wasn’t all that fun, but was determined to do it again, only to do it the right way. This time when she shot out of the water she turned in mid-air, crossed her arms, and let gravity take her. When she hit the water this time it felt has if thousands of pillows cushion her fall as the water wrapped about her. It was fun!

“Could this be the reason why whales would sometimes do this very thing, because it was fun?” She wondered. She did it a few more times seeing how many times she could spin in mid air, then she began doing forward and backwards flips, she had seen performing dolphins do at Sea World.

From all the jumping and splashing about she began to feel tired and hungry. Jillisa swam to the shore. Now that she had a better idea of moving around on land, she went up to where her beach blanket was. A different cooler was there. A note was hanging on the lip of the cover. She lifted the lid, then began to read the note.

“My dear I knew that you would be a while enjoying your new form. I had to run a few errands and could not be here when you came back to the shore. To be a mer-folk is a wonderful thing, so I will give you a week to see what it is like to be a mermaid. I found your work badge, when I went to put away your personal things in your car. On Monday I will call your work place to let them know that you will not be able to come in for a week due to medical reasons. The following Monday I will come back to the beach and give you back your phone and let you decide the answer you wish to give your work place.”

“Every morning at 8 AM I will stop down here to the beach and replace the cooler with a new one. In it will be fruits and sandwiches. If there is something you prefer let me know, so that I might add it to the cooler. The sea is filled with food, yet I know right now might not be the time to be eating raw fish. If you happen come across Adam, tell him I said “Hi.”

Steve Neptune”

“Neptune’s first name was Steve? Was that old guy really Neptune king of the sea? Who the hell is Adam?” she wondered. Jillisa looked with unease up to where her car was parked. In her current form she really wasn’t in the mood to meet a human. It struck her how she had wanted to meet a human, and not another human. Was she already separating herself from human kind? Wasn’t she also human? The waves whispered to her as she scanned the hill. The water offered her escape from whoever this Adam was, so she turned, and moving like a seal does on land went back into the ocean after she had tucked the note under the left bottom corner of the cooler.

In the way she had moved like a seal on land, she moved like a seal when they enter the water. Moving her hands and arms forward, then bringing the tail up under her till the water lapped at the bottom of her breast before bringing her arms to her side, and pushing off with her tail. This time it all felt so natural to her.

Jillisa spotted a sea turtle swimming along over the sandy bottom. She swam up to it. Sure she had seen sea turtles before. One year when she was a teen her family had taken her to Sea World. It was there she had seen the dolphins do their tricks, and in one tank they even had a sea turtle, but it was very different from looking at a turtle in a tank than it was to swim around one.

Jillisa swam up to it, then around it checking him or her out, for Jillisa had no idea how to tell a turtle’s sex. The turtle just swam along ignoring her. She touched it. Nothing happened, it didn’t turn around to try and bite her or anything. The turtle was about 2 and a half feet long. She grabbed the upper edge of its shell and let the turtle pull her along. She didn’t want to put too much strain on it, so she kicked with her fins just enough to keep moving along. The turtle just seemed to ignore her the whole time as if he was minding his own business.

Up ahead the sandy floor met coral and rocks. Here fish of fish swam. Jillisa swam to the head of the turtle and stopped. The turtle stopped too, and seemed to look at her blankly. Jillisa scratched under its chin. When the turtle lifted its head she scratched under it, then along its neck. The turtle seemed to like it, and she could have sworn it even smiled to her.

“Thank you for the ride.” she told it, them swam off to explore the rocks and coral. The turtle looked after her for a moment, then swam on going back about its business.

A movement caught her eye. A light brown octopus moved along where the sand met the coral. It seemed to change its color and form before her eyes to match the color and shape of the coral around it. The octopus wasn’t near as friendly as the sea turtle, and she lost it in the coral.

A shiver went through her, as if someone was watching her. She turned her head sharply looking around. Nothing was about but coral and more fish. Jillisa swam on, then suddenly stopped and looked about again. She just couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was following and watching her. Looking at the mouth of a small cave, she believed to have found the culprit.

A large moray eel was at the opening watching her. Its mouth open and closed showing it rather large and dangerous teeth. Jillisa felt that it was doing it just for show.

“You might seem all scary, but I bet you are just a big softy.” Jillisa said as she began to move her hand forward to scratch the head of the eel as she had the turtle.

“I wouldn’t do that if I was you. That is if you don’t want to lose any fingers.” A male voice said behind her. Jillisa froze, then slowly moved her hand back away from the moray eel. When she had it to her side, she slowly began to back away from the eel moving her hands back and forth in front of her. The eel stayed where he was. When she was far enough away to where she felt safe, she turned around.

Before her was a merman. He had black hair, a black beard and mustache with a tail very much like hers, only that too was black. He was muscular, but not too muscular like a body builder or anything. Dark blue-grey eyes in which she almost began feeling herself getting lost.

“I see that you have met Frank,” he said to her.

“Who is Frank, and who are you?” Jillisa asked.

“First off Frank is that moray eel that almost had a few of your fingers for supper if you had gotten any closer to him. I call him Frank because he reminds me of this grumpy old neighbor who used to live above me at my old apartment complex. He could be grumpy, but sometimes he could be a nice guy if you understood him, as to why he was grumpy. This Frank is pretty much the same way. He just wants to be left alone, and waits for a meal to come his way. That is his cave, and he don’t like anyone getting too close to him and his home. Secondly, my name is Adam. What is your name.” he said to her.

“My name is Jillisa.” she told him.

“Don’t tell me. You were checking out the scuba store along the boardwalk to the south of here, when some old guy came up to you, noticed that you were checking out some dive equipment, then offered to sell you a necklace having what looked to be a silver figure of Neptune on it. After you bought it, he tells you of this secret spot he knows where you can find all the lobsters you want, and how the season just started on them. He tells you to wear the necklace to bring you luck. You come out and find this little hot spot, and it is everything he says. You get your limit. There are so many, you can come here any time you like. The next time you come you bring a few beers, a pot, some matches to cook up some nice fat juicy lobsters. After you get your limit, and your fill of eating these juicy lobsters you have a few beers, then you take a nap from being so stuffed with lobster and beers. You wake yourself with a tail, only to find the old guy drinking your last beer. He offers to make you a deal, to let you be a mer-folk as he calls it for a week. If you like it you can stay that way. It is just a week, and you can spend it all away from work playing in the ocean, so you give it a try and here you are.” he said to her.

“Well that is not quite what happened to me. I met him at a small stand on the boardwalk selling necklaces, and I asked about a mermaid necklace. He had one, and sold it to me, then told me of this wonderful beach. I don’t know why I put it on before coming down to be honest. It felt so good in the sun that I took a nap. I woke up thirsty, drank all the water I had, found I had a tail but I was still thirsty so dove into the ocean. When I drank my fill, this old guy Steve I think he calls himself, sees that I have become a mermaid, and tells me to go and try it out. When I come back there is a cooler, and a note that makes the offer, and to tell someone called Adam to say that he says “Hi,” she told him. “So you really came here looking for lobsters?”

Adam looked at her and said, “Yes I really did come here looking for lobsters. Not the Maine Lobsters that most people think of when they think of lobsters, but rock lobsters, they don’t have the two big front claws like the Maine lobsters. Most areas along the coast here get covered pretty good by those of us who look for them, so to find a area no one knows about is like gold. I also do some spearfishing too, and this area here is incredible. So how long have you been this way?”

“Oh since around noon I think.” she told him. Suddenly it dawned on her that she was topless in front of some guy she had just met. She wrapped her arms across her chest to cover them. Adam laughed a little. Jillisa face turned red.

“It’s a bit too late for that. Besides, how are you going to swim with your arms across your chest. It is not like I haven’t seen a woman topless before.” he said to her.

“I was so busy discovering my new tail, grabbing my bikini top wasn’t a priority. Well, I hope you’re enjoying the show.” Jillisa said with a embarrassed smile.

A thought struck her, and she remembered the feeling of some one watching her. “Were you the one watching me, just a little bit ago, or was this a chance meeting?” she asked him.

“I was about a mile to the south of here when I heard something from around this area, like a sort of pounding on the water’s surface. I came to check it out, and found you swimming along the coral. I didn’t know who you were, and wasn’t sure how you would react when I swam up to you. I kept my distance waiting for the right time to approach, till I saw you start getting too close to Frank, and was afraid that you might lose a finger or worse, so I thought I should warn you. There are some creatures in the ocean you can pet and touch, but there are others that you have to respect, and give them their distance.”

“Such as?” Jillisa questioned.

“Well most sea creatures might just bite you in defense, or fear like seals. They are like people, they too sometimes have their bad days, and don’t want to be bothered. Most sharks are not as bad as you might think. Black tip sharks are OK, but might want to take a taste of you if you are not careful, but no matter what the size you don’t want to be about when they are in a feeding frenzy. Nurse sharks are pretty cool, but like seals you don’t want to mess with them when they are having a bad day. What we have to keep an eye out for are Great Whites. They roam along this coast and feed on seals, which we sort of look like in a way. Great Whites don’t prey on people, but most times when people are attacked, they sometimes look like what they feed on, like if you ever look at a surfer from below, and a seal they sort of have the same outline in the murk of the water. We too have the same problem, only because we don’t have legs, we look even more like a rather tasty seal. To a Great White we are just another kind of seal. Along with Great Whites we have to keep a eye out for Bull, Tiger, and HammerHead sharks.”

Jillisa began to look around nervously.

“Don’t worry, people, and seals swim in the ocean every day and don’t even get attacked. I have even seen video of sharks swimming just feet away from people and they never knew it. We mostly have to be careful when we are close to were the seals hang out, and keep an eye out the rest of the time. Most of the time you can feel when they are about.”

“Feel, what do you mean feel. Don’t they just attack out of the blue?” Jillisa asked.

“You know how you said you could feel as if someone was watching you, and it was me. If you ever feel that again, either swim to shore or shelter in coral or rocks. It is not some mermaid thing if that is what you are thinking. Experienced divers who dive a lot or dive alone get this feeling too, and even other animals. When you notice seals all rushing to the shore, it means that something is after them. When this happens don’t panic, just join them in the rush to get out of the sea. You might draw the shark’s attention. Do try to get out of the water and in a hurry, but if you must, hide among the rocks and coral. If you stay close to me I will protect you.” he said and gave her sly wink.

“Now that we have that out of the way, would you like for me to give you a tour around the neighborhood.” he asked her.

“Sure.” Jillisa said.

They swam together along the coast, Adam showing her the different places fish and animals living there. Jillisa felt better knowing she was not alone. That she was with some one who had the same thing happen to her, and that he knew the sea. It also felt like they were on a date, for he was handsome, warm and friendly. They swam for hours, before Jillisa felt her empty stomach growling.

“Adam, there wouldn’t happen to be a Burger King around here would there?” she asked.

“There is food all around us. I could see about catching a fish or two, or would you like some lobster. We could go and eat them on some spot on the shore I know of.” he said to her.

“I hope that you don’t mean raw. Don’t you get a fire going and cook it.” she said to him. The idea of eating raw fish really didn’t sound very appetizing right now, in fact it sounded a little gross.

“Neptune did say that he had left some sandwiches back on the beach in a cooler for me. I will share them with you.” she told him.

“Thank you. It has been a while since I’ve had human food. Might be a nice change to eat something that didn’t come from the sea.” he said to her.

When they got close to the area, Adam told her to follow him to the surface, that he wanted to check something out before going in. They bobbed on the surface, Adam looked to the shore and smiled. They were about 300 yards from shore, and the the surf was rolling in.

“You ever bodysurf?” he asked her.

“I’ve never even swum before I became a mermaid, why do you ask?” she told him. A large wave rolled under them on its way to the shore.

“I wasn’t much of a surfer either, but one day while messing around I was on my way in and rode a wave. It was amazing. It’s a perfect day if some one was on a surfboard, but we don’t need a board. Because we are mer-people we don’t have to worry about drowning if we wipe out. We are going to face the shore and try to be as flat as we can on the surface. Instead of your tail being up and down, twist it so that what would have been your right foot points to the bottom, and your left foot points to the sky. With what would have been your legs and hips, you twist so you can do this. Don’t swim, just let it be like that, and let the wave carry you. Once we get going, use your tail like a rudder and ride the top of the wave in as far as you can go.” he told her.

She turned and faced the shore alongside of him, then twisted her tail like he had told her. The first wave just brought them a little closer to the shore, so did the second, but with the third, Jillisa felt the power of the sea beginning to lift her. They began to pick up speed, as the swell got taller and closer to shore. They were at the top of the crest. Part of their chests were in midair as Jillisa held her arms to her side. The wave tickled her breasts. She could feel the huge power of the sea beneath her as if she was riding some enormous beast. It thrilled and excited her as did the speed at which they traveled. They rode the wave in till it collapsed under them, and they were once more underwater. They surfaced just 15 yards from shore.

“That was INCREDIBLE!!!!” she yelled to Adam with joy on her face.

“I thought you might like it.” Adam said to her also smiling.

“Let’s do it again!” she said excitedly.

“I thought you were hungry.” Adam said.

“We can eat after we are done.” she told him, then darted off back out to sea to catch a wave.

Adam showed her how to ride along the wave as it rolled to shore. The first time she did it filled her with wonder for it seemed as if she was in a watery tunnel. Shooting along it hardly moving her tail, but only to use it to keep her in the right position for the wave to carry her along. When the surfing wore her out, they both swam to shore and dug into the sandwiches. Then they both laid in the sun till it started to set.

“Where are we going to sleep?” she asked him. “Where do mer-people sleep?”

“I could take you to my place. It is not the Holiday Inn, but it is some place safe from view from people, and away from anything that might be hungry. Just hope you don’t mind dark and damp places.” he told her.

“Anything is better than sleeping out in the open like this. Let’s go.” she said to him.

She followed him into the sea. He moved like she had figured out to move on land, placing her arms forward, then bringing her tail under her, them bringing her arms and upper body forward again till they reached the sea and were able to swim. They swam south, then moved along the shore till they reached the mouth of a cave tunnel just under the surface at low tide. Just inside the mouth off to one side was an underwater flashlight hidden among some small rocks.

Adam got the flashlight, turned it on, then went into the mouth of the opening. Jillisa followed. They swam for about 40 yards in the tunnel, till suddenly the flashlight no longer showed on the stone walls, but disappeared into blackness. They were in a large cavern about 50 feet in diameter. At the other end, the tunnel continued only smaller. Adam showed the light to where there was a bit of sand. It played over plastic water tight containers, a fishing net, a spear gun, and a 6 foot plastic pole with one end just a little larger then the rest of the pole. The light settled on a battery power lamp. With the flashlight in his hand he moved over the sand of the cave like he had on the beach with Jillisa right behind him to the lamp and turned it on.

“Here you go. Home sweet home.” Adam said. Jillisa should have known that this was a man’s place even if she had stumbled upon it on her own. Some of the watertight containers and suitcases she could now see were set up to be used as tables. A dive knife with its plastic sheath rested on one of the plastic watertight black suitcases near the lamp. In the corner were more nets. Nowhere could be seen any sort of decoration, just gear.

“Where did all of this stuff come from?” She asked.

“From Steve, the guy who changed us. Some of the stuff here is my own, but the rest Steve gave me. When I had decided to be this way from now on I had him go to my place and pick up a few of my things. The watertight suitcases and containers he got.” he told her.

“What are those long poles there with the funny looking thing on the end.” she asked him.

“Those are bang sticks. At the end, is attached a 12 gauge shotgun shell. Remember when I said I would protect you. If things get bad and I have no choice, you just jab the end with the shell hard against what is after you. The shell goes off, and no more shark. I say to use when you have no choice, because you have to know where to hit the shark to kill it instantly, and when it does connect it puts a lot of blood in the water. You really don’t want to stick around long after you do use it, with all that blood to draw even more sharks.” he said to her.

It had been a long day for her. All the swimming, surfing and explore had worn her out. She yawned.

“Where do I sleep?” she asked.

“Which do you want. The soft sand, or the water bed?” he asked her.

Jillisa looked around hoping to see a real water bed. There wasn’t a bed to be seen anywhere.

“If you have a water bed here you have it hid really good.” she told him.

“No, I mean do you want to sleep up on the sand over there, or to sleep in a water, bed. Water as in underwater on the seabed of the cavern’s floor.” he explained to her.

“Ohhhh. I don’t think I am ready to try to sleep underwater, I think I would rather sleep on land, but won’t we have to get back into the sea to breathe.” she asked.

“Take a deep breath. There is so much moisture in the air, we are almost already underwater.” he told her.

“Where do you sleep?” she asked him. He pointed to a corner where the stone wall of the cavern met the sand. There, a bowl had been scooped out, with some of the sand.

“Over there.” he told her.

“Where do I sleep since I have decided to sleep on the land?” she asked.

“Anywhere you want. My home is your home.” he said. Jillisa looked around in the lamp light, till her eyes rested near Adam’s sand bed.

“I’ll sleep next to you then, now no funny business OK.” she told him.

“No funny business, I promise.” he told her, but the light was not shining on his face and she could not see the smile on his face.

They went over to his sand bed, and scooped out a place for Jillisa an arms length away from him. When it was done, and they were both settled in, they wished each other a good night before he turned off the light.

Jillisa closed her eyes, yet despite being so tired, sleep would not come. The soft sand was really not all that soft. She twisted and turned, but could not get or find a soft comfortable position.

“Adam, are you awake?” she asked in the darkness.

“Yes I am awake now.” a sleepy voice said.

“Can I come and sleep with you. I mean, well not to come and make out, I mean just to come over and sleep.” she said.

“Sure come on over.” the sleepy voice said. He turned on the light, and they made his sandy bowl bigger. When that was done he turned off the light. Jillisa snuggled in close to him resting her head on his chest with her tail covering his. She was finally comfortable when she whispered to him, “You make a good pillow.”

“And you make a good blanket.” he whispered back. They both giggled, then fell asleep for both were tired from swimming all day.

Jillisa had the most amazing dream, or so she thought. She dreamed of having spent the night with a handsome man holding her in his arms. Sleep began to fade from her eyes, so that she was able to open them. She looked not upon her bedroom of her apartment, but instead into the face of the sleeping man she had dreamed of. This startled her, and she jerked a little away. This caused Adam to wake. As his eyes met hers he said, “Morning.”

“Good morning to you too.” Jillisa said to him, then asked, “So what is for breakfast?”

She had not moved to get out of his arms, and he had not unwrapped his arms from about her. They were both enjoying the closeness of each other.

“I was thinking about running down to the store, want me to pick you up anything?” he asked.

“A blueberry muffin would be nice, and a cup of coffee.” she told him.

“I think they are fresh out, how about some shrimp, kelp and to wash it down a nice tall glass of sea water.” he told her. She wrinkled her nose.

“Is that what you really eat in the mornings?” she asked.

“Naw, I usually skip the kelp.” he told her with a grin on his face. “But I do need to get up if you want something to eat.” he told her.

“I think I will see if Steve brought anything down to the beach. Raw shrimp just doesn’t sound that tasty for the first think in the morning.” she said to him.

“Ok, you go to the beach, and I will run down to this kelp forest I know of, round up a few shrimp, and meet you there for breakfast. How is that.” he told her.

“Sounds like a plan.” she said.

Jillisa crawled out of his arms, then looked around. Light showed through a crack in the ceiling, allowing her to see the cavern in better light. There still was not much to see, the bang sticks, 3 watertight plastic suitcases, a 43 inch rubber power spear gun with 2 rubber band and a reel just ahead of the trigger, a small spear gun looking like a pistol version, this one didn�t have any rubber tubing on it. It was on a flexible rubber dive belt. She was later to learn it was powered by a piston inside. A 63 inch long spear gun with a reel ahead of the trigger. Next to this spear gun was a carbon fiber pole spear connected to a bit of rubber tubing.

All of the spear guns were made of either aluminum or carbon fiber. A short handled 2 foot oval fisherman's landing net with a 2½ foot long fiberglass pole and neoprene gloves stood along another wall. In another spot were different sizes and shapes of scuba mesh wire bags. On the plastic suitcase that Adam had taken the lamp off of still rested the dive knife, but she could see that its sheath was attached to another rubber dive belt that had a few Anodized Aluminum Carabiners belt clips on it. A wet sharpening stone was in front of the knife.

�What is with all the spear guns, are you some kind of underwater gun fanatic?� Jullisa asked.

�The medium size one is my basic one and has a range of 18 feet with the 2 slings, or rubber bands you might think of them. The big one has a range of 35 feet, and has 3 slings on it. The small pistol one has a range of 6 feet. The pole spear also has a range of few feet. I mostly use the medium size one for most of my hunting for fish, but some days they are spooky, or if I am after bigger fish, then I use the biggest spear gun. The pole spear I use when among the rock, and the fish are close. The small pistol gun I use if I miss with the pole spear, or hunting smaller fish in the kelp forest.�

�What is the small net, and small rod for, and the gloves.� she then asked.

�You have never hunted for lobsters, so I will tell you. Most often the lobsters are in the rocks. When they see something or someone wanting to make a meal out of them they go even deeper. I use that smaller fiberglass rod to tickle the lobster out of the rocks. When they do come out they are almost impossible to catch by hand. I use the net guessing where he is going to come out. With skill and luck he/she swims right into it and there is your lobster for dinner.� he explained to her.

Other things puzzled Jillisa about the other equipment. �Why do you need belt clips, and why a rubber belt instead of a nylon belt like I have seen those divers on TV use. Why also for all those different size mesh bags over there.� She pointed to them as she continued asking Adam.

�Have you ever worn one of those nylon belts on your skin? It feels like they are made of rough sandpaper. There is no give to them, and they are so rough I lost a few scales the first time I tried one. I knew of these rubber belts, so gave them a try, and they have worked out fine. The clips I use to attach those mesh bags there, or my smaller bang stick, or other equipment. The mesh bags I use to put some of my catch in, or things that I find and want to take back. I plan to take one of the smaller catch bags for my shrimp breakfast.� he told her.

The mention of food, even if it was raw shrimp reminded her how hungry she was. �I�m hungry, I�ll meet you at the beach.� Jillisa said over her shoulder as she made her way to the water�s edge and dove in. She didn�t need a light to make out the tunnel, because she could see the light shining at the far end. She noticed a few fish swimming around the cave entrance as she entered the open sea. Knowing that the beach was to the south, she swam along the shoreline, till she was over the sandy bottom she remembered from her first swim as a mermaid, and then surfaced.

There on the beach with a sun umbrella over it, was a red cooler this time. Jillisa swam as far as she could, then did what she had decided to call the mermaid shuffle, or perhaps it could be call the sea lion waddle up the beach to the cooler, and opened it. Inside, on top of the ice were a few apples, pears, and some grapes. Buried in the ice underneath were the sandwiches. She wondered why no oranges or bananas, but then realized that those would leave too much of a mess with their peelings. Steve must have wanted to keep his beach clean, even the sandwiches were in containers used for recycling.

After her breakfast of fruits, she waited under the sun umbrella for Adam to show up. It was well over an hour wait, when finally his head popped up out of the sea 30 feet from shore, and spotted her. When he came in out of the surf, he had a blue mesh catch bag that seemed to have some things alive in it, along with some green leaves of some sort. Adam also did the mermaid shuffle till he was alongside of Jillisa in the shade. He took out a live shrimp, and right before her eyes broke the tail off, picked out the meat, then threw both off to the side in the sand. It didn�t sit long there, for a seagull landed, gulped it down, then looked at Adam for more like a pet cat or dog waiting for scraps from the table. Jillisa thought she would be sick.

She said to him, �You just killed and ate that thing alive.� As she said this, Adam was reaching into the bag for another one.

�Yup, say haven�t you ever eaten sushi? About most if not all of the seafood they have in it is raw, and besides these shrimp are pretty tasty.� he said to her. He brought the shrimp out, tore the head off tossing it to his new friend who caught it in the air. Adam broke open the shell, took out the meat, then offered it to Jillisa and said, �Want to try some, it's good.�

�No thanks, I prefer my shrimp cooked, besides I already ate.� she replied to his offer.

�Ok, your loss. You don�t know what you are missing.� he said to her as he threw another remains to his winged friend, but as it was raising it�s bill to grab it, another seagull took it away and ate it. Now he had 2 seagulls begging for more. Now and then he would take out one of the leaves he had with the shrimp and ate them also.

�What is that?� she asked.

�Kelp, the salad leaves of the sea. Would you like to try some of this, at least you don�t have to worry about it moving around in your hands while you are trying to eat it,� he told her with a bit of a smile.

�Maybe later, I am just not ready yet to try anything that is not cooked.� she said to him.

To get off the subject of eating sea animals raw she said, �Why did you become a merman? Why would you give up family, friends, TV, real food, and everything that is great to live here in California or anywhere else to come and spend the rest of your life in the sea.�

Adam finished off the last shrimp, threw what was left to the 7 seagulls gathered since he threw the first bit of shrimp remains out to them before answering her, as he looked out to the sea.

�I grew up loving water. It didn�t matter if it was fresh or salt water. My family has always loved to fish, or hunt around one kind of water or another. I used to think that if someone cut us that we would bleed water instead of blood. When I felt hurt or sad the sea or lake or river always seemed to comfort me. When the offer was made, I had been working a 9 to 5 job 5 days a week. I lived for the weekends, but some times even that came to be a boring routine. After a while it didn�t seem like I was living, but rather existing. In the ocean I feel alive, like I really mattered. I was at home there, like I belonged to something. I didn�t feel this way on land. When I was changed, this watery world that I have always loved, opened up to me in more ways than I ever dreamed. I could swim and never come up for air.�

�There are such wonders in the sea that most people cannot even imagine. A few times I did have thoughts of being human again when Neptune asked me if I wanted to stay this way, but when it came time I just could not go back to my old way of life, so here I am. I will admit it has been lonely. The only person I can talk to is Neptune, and while he is a nice guy or whatever he is, I have been hoping that I wouldn�t be the only mer-person on the west coast. If you want to be back to being human when you give Neptune your choice I will respect that, but do hope that you might come down for a visit if that is your choice.� he told her.

�If I don�t chose to become a mermaid, I promise I will still come down to visit with you.� she promised him. �So what are our plans for today.� she then asked.

�Oh I thought that we would go and hang out with some friends, but I have to go and get the 12 gauge bang stick just in case a Great White happens along. While in this area we will be going to, I had a Great White swim around looking for a meal. I know that some people like swimming with sharks, but when in scuba gear people don�t look like their natural prey, but as mer-folk we sort of look like large seal. As I was visiting my friends, they let me know that there was one around. We ended up having to sit on land, until the shark took the hint that none of us were planning to let ourselves be an afternoon snack, so he moved on to look for a meal elsewhere. I have to admit it was a beautiful beast, but it was 12 feet long, and moved with such speed, he almost got one of my friends. After that I began carrying the large bang stick.� he explained to her.

They entered the water, then swam to the cave where Adam went in, coming out with a 5 foot carbon component pole with a metal tip on the end. She really wasn�t fond of the idea of having the weapon along, but she trusted Adam.

They swam up the coast, enjoying their underwater realm, and Adam would stop and show her things. As they were swimming, something poked her in the butt. She turned, but all she got to see was a glimpse of something brown shooting away. As she tried to see what it was something very lightly brushed her shoulder. Again she turned only to find nothing there.

�What the heck is going on Adam.� she asked. When she looked at him she found him laughing.

�My friends want to play tag and you are it, but so far I think you are losing.� he told her when he finished laughing. �Here, let me introduce them to you.� Adam made what sounded like a seal barking underwater. 2 sea lions suddenly appeared on either side of him, looking like 2 young puppies ready to please their friend, and full of energy.

�This is Sammy and the Missy. I once went to Sea World, and saw this great seal lion act. The seal was named Sammy. When I first bumped into these two, the first thing that hit me was seal act, so I began to call the male of the pair Sammy. The next time I ran into him he had a friend along that for some reason I felt was a female, so I called her Missy. They are part of a colony of sea lions living along this coast.�

The two sea lions darted about her, looking at her as if inspecting her to see if she was worthy of their trust and friendship, yet always friendly. One of them poked her with his nose, then swam off looking behind him. The game was on, so she swam after the seal lion, yet the sea lion was so nimble he could easily keep out of reach while doing twists, turns, and barrel rolls. The other sea lion joined it, and it seemed as if the three of them were almost dancing, as Jillisa tried to copy their moves. They were so graceful and agile moving through the water.

Jillisa found herself giggling like a school girl, copying the seal lions in their underwater dance. Now and then the sea lions would have to go up for air, then race back down to join her as they danced. Time lost meaning as they rolled, spun, and twisted in the sea. The sea lions both went to the surface, and this time stayed there. Jillisa surfaced near them. They barked at her, so for fun she barked back. She could have sworn that they smiled at her as they dove, but this time they didn�t turn to play, but swam off into the murk.

She spotted Adam near by watching her. Jillisa swam up to him.

�Why did they leave? We were having so much fun.� she asked.

�When we happened upon them, they were on their way to hunt for fish, but since you were the new fish around here they took time to enjoy your company for a bit. All that play made them hungry, so off they went.� he explained to her.

�By the way, you were beautiful as you swam with them. I thought I could move, but as I enjoyed their company I have been never able to move like the way you did. I�d say that you were a natural underwater performer.�

Jilisa blushed, �Thank you.� she said. �Why didn�t you join us?� she asked.

�I wanted you to enjoy swimming with Sammy like I did the first time. It was incredible wasn�t it.� he said with a smile.

Jillisa beamed at him as she said, �It was amazing! I felt like a little girl playing with a couple of puppies. I think I could have played with them all day, are they always that way?�

�Only when they are not looking for food, or sunning themselves on rocks. It is just who they are when they are in the water. Playing tag with them also helped me to figure out a bit more about swimming with a tail. A mer-person can learn a lot swimming with sea lions. Would you like to check out the colony? It�s not too far.� Adam told her.

�Sure, why not.� she answered him.

Again they swam to the north for 15 minutes. They began to see more and more sea lions, but these did not wait to play with them, as they swam by on their way to hunt for fish. Adam began to head to the surface, Jillisa following behind him. They broke the surface facing a rocky shoreline. On and among the rocks were hundreds of sea lions, some sunning themselves, some nursing seal pups, and in one or two places a couple were fighting, disturbing those around who were enjoying the sun or feeding their young. In the water close to the rocks, young sea lions were playing in the shallows. Adam and Jillisa swam closer. The young sea lions spotted them, and swam out to check them out.

Adam and Jillisa dove. When Jillisa looked around, she found sea lions swimming everywhere around her like eager little kids, and like curious little kids she swore she could hear them all asking questions like, �What kind of seal are you? Why is the fur on top of your head so long? Where did you come from? Who are you? Are you some kind of a fish, because you do have a fishy tail. How come you don�t have fur like mine? You want to play?� and they all seemed to be ask all these questions at once. Jillisa laughed, it wasn�t often she was the center of attention by humans or animals, and these were all playful. She was having the time of her life.

Suddenly a sea lion shot by ignoring her as it made for the rocks, then another. Adam touched her to get her attention, and yelled to her, �Get to rocks NOW, and get out of the water as fast as you can. I will be right behind you.�

The sea lions about here were suddenly gone, Adam was right behind her. She climbed onto a rock, the sea lions all about them seemed to be in a panic, and others were still racing to get out of the water Adam was 15 feet away also on the rocks, his bang stick in one hand, the other grabbing the smaller sea lions out of the water. Jillisa began to do the same. A large fin appeared cutting the surface of the water. A few times it chased a sea lion in that was still coming in to the rocks, but the sea lions were able to get on land in time.

It was a great white shark. The shark came close to shore, within 10 feet of Jillisa. So far this was the biggest sealife she had encountered. It was as Adam had said, when it came close she could just feel it, the danger of something dangerous and hungry coming close. Jillisa felt its black eyes of death looking at her as it passed so close. It had to have been 11 feet long. When it got to Adam he had his bang stick ready, yet made no move to the shark as it went by.

It swam along the shore looking for any sea lion that had not made it out of the water. A few times the shark darted after a sea lion with amazing speed, but the sea lion just barely got away from it onto the shore. It came by Jillisa and Adam a few more times, then disappeared father up the shoreline. No sea lions made any move to enter the water, so far it looked like all of the sea lions had made it to safety.

On this day the shark went away without a meal. �Now you see why I carry a bang stick when I come here, and why I don�t often come to the colony. I think it is safe to enter the water, but we better not stick around here very long.� Adam said to her.

�I think I will stay here for a little while.� Jillisa said, shaken by the encounter with the shark. Adam understood why she didn�t want to enter the water, so he told her, �It is a nice day to sit and enjoy the sun.�

The sea lions began to enter the water, just one or two at a time. When nothing happened more and more jumped into the sea. Soon it was as if nothing had happened.

�You know the first time I encountered my first great white, I was pretty scared, yet also taken in by their beauty.� Adam went on to tell Jillisa, but she looked at him like he was nuts, so Adam went on.

�You have to admit as it swam by, you could almost feel its power, as if it was not afraid of anything and would take on about anything if it felt like it. Most of the time they are just curious. They don�t have hands, so to investigate they might come up and grab a hold of whatever has its attention. If whatever it is tastes good, he eats it if he feels like it, if it don�t, it might take a bite and spit it out, or might simply let go. You just never know what they will do, but one thing you never do is turn your back on them.�

�Many times divers have been able to fend off a hungry shark with just a long stick or rod, but when they are hungry and looking for food they will attack about anything. Like when that little guy came along here, if a diver had been in the water among all its natural prey, most likely it would have went after him. In the open sea it might have simply swam around him a few times, try to take a bite if it could when the diver had its back to it, then eventually swim off. Look at the sea lions now. None are rushing out of the water, so most likely the shark has left the area, but it might come back, so we won�t stick around here. What do you say we go back to Neptune's Cove and see if Steve has brought anything for lunch.�

Jillisa was starting to feel better, and the young sea lions were back to playing in the shallow water. She asked Adam, �Is that the name of the cove? I never did ask him about what it was called.�

�Nope, just came up with the name just now. To me it was just another cove, yet there are so many other coves around here, but it is the place where we both became mers, and Neptune does seem to own the place, so it seems fitting that it should be called, �Neptune's Cove.�" he said.

When they returned to Neptune’s Cove they found the cooler had been refilled while they were gone. As Jillisa and Adam ate some of the sandwiches from the cooler, she started to give some thought to staying a mermaid. She had seen and done some wonderful things, but was she really ready to give up everything on land? Rocky Road ice cream, the feel of a soft bed under her, staying up late watching movies, the taste of a steak cooked just right, and was she willing to give up her apartment to go and live in a cave?

On the other had she would be giving up work at a job she didn’t like, traffic jams, noisy neighbors, waiting for hours or days to repair something in her apartment, like she had just a few months ago. Was she willing to give up months of non-stop presidential adds, and ever depressing news on the TV. It was clear she needed to give more thought this matter.

When they had finished their last sandwich, Adam suggested they rest a bit before showing her the kelp forest. Jillisa agreed, because everyone knew it is not a good idea to swim right after eating a meal. As she lay in the sun, feeling it warm her for the second day, she thought that she could get used to this.

After an hour of soaking up the sun, they made their way back into the ocean. They swam to the south, for how long Jillisa didn’t know. It didn’t seem to matter anymore, because the more she swam as a mermaid the more she enjoyed it. In the distance she could see a wall stretching from the bottom of the ocean all the way to the surface like a far off green mountain.

When they got closer she saw it was the kelp forest. Kelp grew from the ocean floor reaching for the surface. Schools of fish swam at the edge and among the kelp like flocks of birds. Jillisa slowed to a stop, Adam beside her, as she took it all in. The place had a peaceful feel to it. The different kinds and colors of fish swimming about the forest reminded her of pictures she had seen of a tropical rain forest. It was simply beautiful. Leaves of the kelp swayed in the current like leaves on a soft spring wind.

“Follow me closely. The forest is like a maze in there.” Adam told her as he took the lead. Jillisa found that the forest wasn’t a huge solid mass as she thought it was. There were places where it was thick, but in some places it thinned out to where there was even open areas. There were even what seemed like lanes or paths if they could be called that, only these paths didn’t have ground that you walked on, only openings through the kelp.

Fish seemed to be everywhere, and of every size. The smaller fish moved though the leaves like insects, and there were insects here because every now and then she saw shrimp on some of the leaves. Some of the fish she could see picked at the leaves, others she saw using the kelp as shelter to hide from bigger fish.

At one point she got a glimpse of a school of tuna chasing some baitfish ahead of them, at an intersection before the kelp hid them from view. A 2½ foot furry creature darted ahead of them heading to the surface. Adam motioned her to follow him to where the creature went. Before they reached the surface they heard what sounded like a rock tapping on something. Above them they could see the outline of the furry creature. Adam swam where he would be 10 feet off to the side of it when his head broke the surface of the water, Jillisa beside him. This furry creature she could see now was a sea otter, hammering away at a sea urchin ignoring the 2 mer-people watching it work on its meal.

“You ever ate any of that?” Jillisa asked Adam.

“Sure, but there are other things in the sea that taste better.” he told her. They dove letting the otter enjoy his meal.

They swam among the kelp once more. If Jillisa wasn’t right on Adam’s tail she would have lost him for sure. They found their way into another clearing in the kelp. Adam swam up to one of the plants, pulled off 2 leaves before he turned, offering one of them to Jillisa.

“What do you expect me to do with this?” She asked holding it with distaste.

“People on land eat it all the time. In Japan they used it in many their meals. The stuff is not bad.” Adam said, then took a bite out of the leaf he had. Since he didn’t gag on it, or spit it out, but took another bite, Jillisa brought the leaf to her mouth and took a bite herself. It wasn’t too bad. It had its own taste, but it wasn’t some thing she could stand to eat every day.

“So what do you think of it.” He asked her.

“It’s OK, but would taste better with some Ranch dressing on it.” she told him.

“Oh you’ll get used to it. Use some of it to wrap up some raw fish, and it is even better.” he said. She looked at him not quite believing fish would taste better raw before she said. “I’ll just take your word on that.”

Adam picked more leaves, then giuded her through more of the kelp forest. Now and then he would see something on a leaf or branch of kelp, but he moved so quick she didn’t get a chance to see what it was. She began noticing also that he seemed to be working on something as they swam, when he wasn’t looking for whatever was among the kelp. He would let it drop, but whatever it was, some fish in the kelp would dart out and eat it as it fell towards the bottom. The ocean shadows were getting long, meaning that night would be coming.

“We better be on our way home before it gets too dark. At twilight is when fish often like to feed including sharks, and I think I have enough for the both of us for supper tonight.” he said referring to the kelp leaf bundles in his hands. As they made their way through the kelp, she did notice the fish seemed more active. An 8 foot nurse shark and a large brown fish swam 10 feet under them causing her to worry, till he assured her that they were harmless, unless to fish. The kelp opened up before them like a curtain being drawn aside, and they were once more in the ocean sea.

They made it to the mouth of the cave tunnel. Adam with his hands full was not able to handle the flashlight, so Jillisa held it, leading the way into the cave. When they were in the huge cavern, Adam used his elbows and fishtail to pull himself to the chest having the battery powered lamp as Jillisa seal-walked beside him with the flashlight showing the way. Once there Adam deposited his kelp-wrapped treasure on the make shift table. When his hands were empty he turned on the lamp, then had Jillisa turn off her light.

“Since we were not able to get to your cooler, I thought that tonight I would make up our supper. All I am asking is that you just give this a try and let me know what you think.” Adam said as he handed her one of the kelp wrappings. She was about to unwrap it, when Adam stopped her saying.

“No peaking, just take a bite and trust me on this.”

“OK, but only if you have one with me.” she said.

“Deal.” he said then picked up one of the other wraps. He brought it up to his lips, but stopped when he noticed that she had made no move to eat hers.

“No cheating, come on now at the same time we both take a bite.” Jillisa brought the wrap to her mouth.

“One, two, three.” Adam said, and they both took a bite. It was a little mushy, but the taste of the kelp and what she knew now was shrimp, combined well in her mouth. After she had swallowed the tasty morsel she exclaimed. “That was delicious!”

“While swimming among the kelp I spotted some shrimp, and collected what I could see, and cleaned them as we swam.” he explained to her. “This is really good. Are you some kind of sea chef.” she told him.

“Nope, just ate a lot of sushi, when I was a kid I worked at a sushi bar, and picked up a few things.” he said. They sat eating the shrimp wraps finding out more about each other, till they both were tired.

This time Jillisa never even asked when she snuggled up to Adam. He wrapped his arms about her, their bare human skin touching, almost melting together. Tails overlapping each others, yet tonight Jillisa didn’t feel like sleeping, not just yet. She felt an attraction to Adam as their bodies touched each other. As she snuggled up against him she asked, “Adam. Just wondering when was the last time you had sex?”

He turned his head to look at her to see if she was serious. He could just make out Jillisa’s mischievous smile in the fading light.

“Well since you are the first and only female person I have met since I changed, you must know I haven’t had any sex since getting the tail.” He sighed, then went on, “Yet there is this certain female dolphin who was starting to look pretty good, but she was so darn fast.”

Jillisa started to turn cold in his arms. Adam chuckled, “I’m just playing with you. To be honest I have been just too busy just trying to survive and exploring, I just haven’t given it much thought. Before the change I was so busy all the time that I just didn’t have the time to go and meet anyone, so I guess it has been a while. Why do you ask?”

“Oh I was just wondering how mermaids mated, and it has been a while for me too, yet being in the ocean almost all the time I’m starting well to, dang it starting to feel a little horny. I like you Adam, and I don’t know if I will stay a mermaid or not, but I would like to see what it is like to make out underwater, and not have to worry about catching a breath of air.” Jillisa told him.

“Oh, so that explains it.” he said.

“Explains what?” Jillisa asked.

“I thought that you were just cold when you came up to me tonight, but well your nipples felt very perky rubbing against my chest.” he told to her.

“They are cold, so very cold, maybe you can do something to warm them.” Jillisa said in a husky voice filled with desire. Adam brought his hands up to those full breasts of Jillisa. They felt rough, as he began to knead her breasts, while rubbing his thumbs gently over her nipples.

“Wait.” she said, but when Adam didn’t stop she said, “Adam stop.” This time he did hear her.

“What is wrong?” he asked.

“We can’t do it here on the sand, it is already all over your hands and it feels so gritty. Let’s move to the water.” she told him.

Jillisa lead the way. She could feel Adam checking her out as she moved, and she smiled. She knew that she had a nice little butt men seemed to admire, and even with a tail she knew she looked good from the backside. Adam was right behind her when she entered the water. When she surfaced he was beside her. Jillisa looked into Adam’s deep blue eyes, and began to feel herself lost in them.

His hands once more caressed her breasts. She arched her back, offering her two mounds of flesh to him. His lips moved over her left breast, till they found her hardened nipple. There he took it into his mouth, nipping and playing with it. When he had his fill of her left breast, he moved to her right one working his magic on this one too. Jillisa moaned with pleasure.

Next Adam’s lips moved down her breast to her stomach, tasting her as he worked his way lower and lower till he found her slit. With his tongue probing her slit, Jillisa shuddered under him. This made Adam flick his tongue in and out of her slit. Then he stopped for a moment and said, “Yummy, tastes like tuna.”

This comment sent her giggling like a little school girl, till Adam went back to work, yet something bothered her. When Adam finished with her slit she asked.

“Adam, since we have been swimming I couldn’t help but to notice that, well where is your penis? In all the time we have been together I haven’t seen anything hanging out like that or balls. I hope that we don’t spawn like fish.”

A strange sound vibrated through the water. She realized it was Adam laughing, and she blushed.

“You let me explore your mermaid body. It is now your turn to explore mine.” he told her.

He backed away from her. Jillisa looked him over in the fading light, yet still could not see anything resembling balls or a penis. She swam to him, their lips meeting in a deep passion-filled kiss. Her hands began to move the muscles on his chest, then with her lips followed them down kissing him as she went. Her hands continued to move down his skin, meeting the scales at the start of his tail. Still she could find nothing. Again her hands moved him where his penis should be, and this time she felt a bump.

“I hope there is more than just this.” She said to Adam.

“Oh you just need to encourage it to come out.” he told her. Jillisa’s fingers moved over it lightly, rubbing it. A slit formed over the top of the bump, and the head of a large penis emerged. Her hands danced over the growing member. She was impressed with what grew from his slit while holding it in her hands. Jillisa guided the member to her slit, and Adam slowly slid into her. Jillisa moaned as he slid in ever deeper. Then with a thrust of his tail, he began to thrust even deeper and harder.

He developed a rhythm like that of the rolling waves on a beach, and was just as powerful. On and on he went as she moaned, till she shuddered and felt herself having a climax, yet still he went on, till she felt him tremble as his sperm filled her. He thrust a few more times, then pulled himself out. She looked down, and the helmeted warrior was halfway in its slit when it stopped.

“You know I have been wanting to do that since the first day I met you.” Adam said looking into the dark where her face was.

“If I had known it was going to feel like that, I would have let you.” she replied with excitement in her voice. They kissed seeming as if they couldn’t get enough of each other. She reached down as they embraced and found him fully aroused again.

“Oh my, that didn’t take you long to recover.” as she again moved her hands over his dick.” she said.

“I did tell you it has been a long while didn’t I, and I find you so very sexy and beautiful, it makes me glad to be a merman with you.” he told her.

This time, he guided his member into her. With every up and down movement of his tail, his member moved with him in her as he held her by her waist. He then began to move faster and and faster with his tail. Jillisa moaned, her cries of pleasure echoing in the sea when she had another climax.

This time when they finished their lovemaking, they floated on the surface in the dark holding hands.

“That was incredible.” Jillisa said, once her heart rate got back to normal.

“It sure was.” Adam agreed with her. At the same time they said together, “You were amazing!”

They both laughed when they realized what they had done. It was completely dark in the cave now. Jillisa only knew where Adam was, because he was holding her hand.

“You know your way around here enough to find our way back to where we sleep?” she asked.

“I have a better idea. How would you like to try sleeping underwater tonight.” he asked her.

“I am not sure if I am ready for that.” she answered him.

“It’s Ok if you don’t want to, but I was thinking it would be easier and less trouble to sleep on my own seabed than crawling back on land in pitchdark, and finding our bed on land.” he told her.

“Well, putting it that way it does make sense. I really don’t feel like dragging myself in the dark, not knowing where I am going or what I will bump into, but I am also not liking the idea of swimming in the dark and not seeing where I am going, and now I think about it, if you have a place to sleep underwater, why haven’t you been sleeping there already?” she asked.

“Sometimes I’d rather sleep on land than in the sea. I always was a guy who’d rather sleep on a mattress than a waterbed, but sometimes I swear the sand feels a little too lumpy, so now and then I sleep on the bottom of this pool here against the wall. If you are willing to try we can go there now.” he said to her.

Jillisa thought a moment. She still had a fear of drowning. True she had been spending days now breathing in the sea, but sleeping on land in the air was still a part of one of the small things still connecting her to her life before the change. Yet it would be easier to let Adam guide her to the bottom of the pool, than dragging herself in the dark trying to find the place on land where she Adam and would sleep normally, and the great sex had tired her out some.

“OK, I’ll give it a try. What do you want me to do.” she told him.

“Just hold on to my hand.” he said, then they both dove towards the bottom. With his hand in front of him, Adam felt for the bottom swimming slowly while holding Jillisa’s hand. When he touched the bottom, they leveled out. He swam slowly with his hand in front of him going over the smooth sand, till he felt the side of the wall. Years of flowing water had smoothed the wall. Now his left hand moved along the wall as they swam, till he felt a slight cave. It didn’t lead anywhere, its mouth was 10 feet long, 2 feet tall and only went in 3 feet. There was sand also in the bottom. He pulled himself and Jillisa into it, wrapping his tail and arms around Jillisa.

“I hope you don’t mind.” he said. Jillisa didn’t mind at all, she even felt a little aroused by it, and thought that he felt the same way.

“Not at all.” she said.

“I just don’t want you floating away when the tide goes in and out.” he explained. She knew that wasn’t the reason why he did it, but she liked having him hold her. It had been a while since someone had held her lovingly that, and it felt good to her, so she let him get away with the little lie. Jillisa closed her eyes feeling warm, safe and loved as she drifted off to sleep.

She woke wondering if she really was awake, or if she was still in some incredible dream. It felt as if she had slept on a cloud, yet she found that she was just barely touching the soft sand of the ocean floor. Her mermaid body had very slight negative buoyancy. She found herself lying on her back with her tail fully spread out, gently touching the sandy floor. The top part of her back also touched the sea bed.

Some people sleep on water beds, but they could never know how comfortable it was to sleep underwater unless they became a mer-person. It was one of the best night sleeps she had ever had. Her long hair had also drifted to the bottom.

As she turned her head she saw movement within it. A small fish poked its head out from the hair strands, before turning to swim back among her long brown hair. It was all so peaceful and enchanting, that she was the reason why she could hardly believe that it was all real. Jillisa felt aglow from the heavenly sleep, but she knew that it wasn’t the only reason why she felt so good. In her mind she went through the lovemaking she and Adam had last night. It had been a while since she had someone make love to her, she could almost feel that wonderful feeling of having him inside her, and she smiled in remembering.

She looked over at Adam. Enough light entered the cave, letting her see him completely. From spending his time as a merman his muscles had become well toned, and he really did have what they call six pack abs. Looking up and down his long tail even this looked well muscled. Then she noticed the slit where his penis lay hidden. From some of the men she had previously slept with, she knew men could be aroused in their sleep, so Jillisa decided to have a little fun with Adam.

Very softly she moved the tips of her fingers up and down Adam’s slit. It didn’t take long for her to be rewarded when the head of Adam’s penis slowly poked out like a turtle peeking out from its shell. Her fingers left his slit only to go to the head that had emerged from the slit. There too she let her fingers move skillfully over it. The penis and its shaft rose out from the slit like, one of those shows of a time edited asparagus rising from the soil she had seen as a kid in nature shows, or like a missile rising from a missile tube on an underwater submarine from some action movie. When it had risen to its full length, she was surprised at the length and thickness of the shaft and head.

Well she had yet to have breakfast, and she was hungry, or maybe it was because the fishy side of her thought the member sort of looked like a big fat juicy worm, that Jillisa decided to have a little breakfast of her own that morning. She brought her head close to the shaft, and with her tongue teased the head of Adam’s penis.

The shaft hardened like a steel rod. She then brought her soft lips over the head of his dick, working them over the shaft bringing it deep into her mouth, before ever so slowly pulling it out, still working her lips and even her tongue over it, till just before it was pulled out, she worked her lips around the very top, then slowly brought the dick deep into her mouth again. Jillisa knew how to please a man, and she played Adam’s member like a expert violinist.

The penis erupted like a volcano in her mouth. She swallowed it, finding that the sperm had a flavor she liked, so she kept working the shaft till not a drop came out. A moan of pleasure came out of Adam, yet his eyes didn’t open. Jillisa moved to where she had been lying when she woke, only had her head turned to watch Adam.

Not long later Adam’s eyes flickered open. He turned to look at Jillisa and smiled.

“I had the most wonderful dream.” he told her.

“I can tell.” she said to him and nodded to his erection. Adam looked down at his soldier at full attention, and blushed.

“I’m sorry about that. You just make me feel so damn horny, and for some reason tired. You really wore me out last night.” he told her. Jillisa almost burst out with laughter. He seemed to be in fine shape during this morning’s fun, and to still be aroused for so long after her fun with his penis. It just went to show that Adam might be a most fulfilling lover, Jillisa thought.

“You ready for some breakfast? I’m starving myself.” he said to her.

“Oh I’m not very hungry this morning. Maybe some kelp leaves might be enough for me.” she told him.

She waited for him on the ocean bottom as he went to get his speargun, mesh bag and knife from among his things that were out of the water. By the time he returned to her, the small fish that had been playing in her hair had swum off.

“I was thinking about going to the kelp forest again for breakfast. You think you can remember how to get there?” he asked.

Jillisa wasn’t sure if she could remember how to get there. “Why are you asking me if I remember how to get there. I thought that you were going to lead us there.” she told him.

“Because if you do decide to stay a mermaid you are going to have to get to know your way around. You do know how to get there, you just have to trust yourself. Just start swimming and thinking where you want to go and trust me you will get there. Dolphin, whales and seal never get lost, they never need maps. They just seem to know where to go. Some people are like that too. I read somewhere that it is believed that humans were once like that too, but that most of us lost our sense of direction as we moved more to the city. Some people nowadays seem to never get lost, while others seem to always need someone or something to tell them how to get somewhere every 2 minutes. There is also something about becoming a mer-person that we seem to connect with that sense of direction that we had thought we lost. Just trust me on this OK.” Adam told her.

She trusted Adam, so she lead the way to where she believed was the kelp forest. Now and then she would look back, and check to see if Adam was there, and he was, only he had this funny grin on his face. In the murk she caught sight of the first kelp plant, and more were behind it. Jillisa turned to Adam proud that she was able to find the forest. She found Adam still smiling like he had been. Then it dawned on her, and she swam to him and slugged him on his shoulder.

“You were checking me out the whole time weren’t you!” she accused him.

Adam broke down in laughter. “Did you know you have a rather cute little fishy butt.” he told her when he stopped laughing. She brought her head up as if offended, and swam off with just a little more swish in her tail to make it even more attractive. Adam caught up with her. Without their realizing it, their hands found each other’s and they entered the kelp forest hand in hand.

Adam spotted something and got his speargun gun ready, then swam down closer to the bottom. Jillisa kept a eye on him as she browsed among the kelp picking a few leaves that looked tasty to her. A flash caught her eye below her. When she looked down she saw that Adam had shot a 5 pound fish of some sort. He removed it from his spear and was showing to her, when Jillisa spotted a huge fish swimming up to Adam. It was at least 5 feet long, and looked to be about 3 feet in diameter. It wasn’t a shark she knew. The the funniest thing happened. It swam forward opened its huge mouth, sucking the fish right out of Adam’s hands, then casually swam off toward the bottom with just the tail of the fish hanging out of the huge fish’s mouth.

Adam just lay suspended there for a moment, then swam after the fish yelling at it. The huge fish just swam on ignoring the merman as if the merman was beneath its level of social status in the ocean. The whole thing was so funny, Jillisa just rolled with laughter. Adam swam up to her, when he knew he was never going to get his fish back, his face red with anger.

“Did you see what that Goliath grouper just did! He just stole my fish from me! I spent all that time trying to get close to it, and that big guy just took it right out of my hands.” he exploded with anger. Jillisa just laughed even more.

“Calm down Adam it is just one fish, and there are plenty more around.” He calmed down then said, “True there are plenty more fish around, but there is only one of you, and I think I would hate to ever lose you.” Jillisa just smiled. She had yet to fully decide to stay a mermaid.

Adam did shoot another fish, and they did make their way to some rocks above water where Adam cleaned it. Jillisa offered him some of the kelp, and they made a wrap with the fish. The remains of the fish, he threw to the seagulls, that were more than willing to dispose of it. Some thought that Adam looked tasty too, and nipped at his tail.

“Ouch!” he exclaimed when one bit his tail a bit hard. It was not enough to draw blood, but it did feel like being pinched hard. He would swat his tail at them, when they bit or got too close to his tail.

“That is the trouble about being part fish. Those dang seagulls always want to take a bite of you.” he told her. Jillisa had her lower half in the water, so the seagulls weren’t bothering her.

“Maybe they just think that you are yummy like I do.” she flirted with him. Her feelings for him had changed since they had made love. She no longer felt that he was just another person caught up in being changed into a mer-person, but those stronger feelings were starting to stir in her for him, that she was no longer holding them back.

“Why thank you. No one has ever told me that I was a tasty fish before.” he said flirting back.

“I had some of you this morning that I found delicious.” Jillisa said in smooth sexy voice.

“So it wasn’t a dream. I hope that I can awake to find that happening every morning.” he said to her.

“We will see.” She told him. She turned her head, and looked out to sea before she asked, “What do you have planned for us today?”

“Oh I thought we would just swim around the forest today, then head in and see what Steve left for us, then just see what happens.” he told her.

“Sounds good to me.” she said.

Again he let her take the lead. As they swam, Jillisa noticed that this time Adam swam below her. When she looked the next time, he was swimming along, moving from the tip of her tail till he was right below her, looking up at her as she looked down at him.

“What are you doing?” she voiced flirtingly.

“I’m just seeing how truly beautiful you are.” he told her.

“I hope that you are going to do more than just look.” she told him. As he looked up at her Jillisa looked him up and down, and saw the turtle was out of its hiding place again. Adam dropped back till his face was even with her slit. He moved in rhythm as she swam, brushing his face against her slit. His touch excited her. Her nipples hardened as he skimmed over her body. She stopped and pulled his face to her soft breasts. She could feel the hard shaft of his manhood move along her tail till it found the opening of her slit and entered her.

He moved up her, sliding his penis deeper into her till he could go no farther. Then moving his tail up and down driving his penis within her. Sometimes his tail moved in long powerful strokes, then at other times his tail moved so fast, it felt like a vibrator. Her moans turned to cries of pleasure seeming to fill the sea. She came to a climax before him, yet feeling the pleasure go through this merman when he had his orgasm. He slid out of her, then swam alongside of her taking her hand. Jillisa swam on taking time to recover. When she looked over Adam’s body, the turtle was giving her what she thought was a wink before sliding back into its slit. She looked over to her lover swimming beside her and said, “You better be careful or you are going to wear that thing out.”

“I’d like to see that happen.” he told her.

They swam to Neptune’s cove. The cooler was still filled with food, and together they ate a sandwich, but the food just didn’t seem to taste nearly as good as the seafood that she had been eating lately, it seemed so artificial. The apple and oranges still tasted great, just the bread and ham sandwich seemed to have that taste that really cheap donuts have. For a while after they had finished their meal, they just sat there enjoying the sun as it made its way down the sky to rest beneath the waves. There was no sound of traffic or of people, or barking dogs just the sound of seagulls and the surf. It was all so very peaceful.

Was she willing to give such a day like this up to go back to working a 9 to 5 job? Could she get used to ending each day looking over the ocean like this before going to rest at sundown? Then again maybe she would be doing so much resting at night with Adam. The thought of that made her smile.

“Tomorrow, because it will be your last day before you have to decide, I have something I would like to show you. It is something that is sort of a mystery to me, and I would like to share it with you, but it will take most of the day traveling to get to it. You think you can handle a long swim?” Adam asked her.

“I have been doing nothing but swimming everyday, so I think I can handle it. Where will we be going?” she asked him.

“I’m not saying, I want it to be a surprise.” he told her.

They spent that night sleeping on the ocean bottom. This time there was no great sex, just a lot of cuddling, holding each other and long deep kisses.

When they woke in the morning Adam went to his pile of things, and came back with a knife in its sheath, and a dive bag on his belt. In one of his hands he had one of the larger spearguns, yet this speargun had what Adam called a Bang stick attached to the belly of the gun.

“We are going to be swimming in some open water for a while, and I don’t want to be unprotected.” he explained to her. “All it would take is for some shark to decide that we don’t have anywhere to hide and that we would make a nice meal, so I’d rather have something along for it to change its mind. That is the reason for the bang stick. The speargun is for our meals, and the bag is for some kelp leaves for whatever meal we catch or get with the speargun.”

They swam to the kelp forest, where they found some shrimp in the kelp, and gathered some kelp leaves to make shrimp wraps, and for later. They tried not spend much time there, because of the journey ahead.

On they went. Very faint at first they could hear, but as they swam on, it got louder and louder. Jillisa just had to ask, “Adam what is all this noise, and where is it coming from.”

They had been swimming 25 feet below the surface. Adam stopped and said, “I’ll show you, but first let me give you a few warnings. We are no longer in front of our little cove. We are in the area of boat traffic, so we have to be extra careful. I have an idea where we are, but no matter where you are, you are about to surface. Stop first and just listen.” he stopped talking, and far off they could hear the sound of angry bees, but the sound was off to the left, and wasn’t going near them.

“I think it is OK. That buzzing sound you heard. That was the sound of a boat going by. We always have to keep an eye out for them. Boaters don’t keep an eye out for things in the water. The best example why we have to do this is that we are like the manatees in Florida. Did you know that the biggest cause of death for them is boat motor props. Scuba divers also face the same danger, but they have to have a dive flag either on the boat or on a float warning boats there are divers in the water. For us we have no such thing to warn boats that we are about to surface, so we just have to be careful on our own.”

Adam was telling her, when he stopped talking, and grabbed Jillisa’s hand to stop her from going any farther. They were 5 feet from the surface. It sounded like angry bees were coming almost towards them. Then they could see the bottom of a boat coming at a angle towards them, but passed 30 feet to their side. Adam kept an eye on the boat. It had changed course, and was going to pass ahead of them. Looking at Adam, Jillisa noticed a worried look on his face.

“Keep your eyes pealed. That was a fishing boat, and he might have lines in the water!” Nothing happened, then 2 squid-like lures went by overhead bouncing on the surface. They watched them go by. Adam began to look behind them.

“What is wro…” was all that Jillisa got to say when she felt a tickling along her side. Suddenly something grabbed the edge of her tail, and she found herself being pulled backwards.

“Adam help me!” she cried, trying to swim to him, but something was pulling her away from him. She tried to swim to him, yet whatever it was that had her would give some, but there was a steady pull that kept pulling her away. Adam swam up past her with his knife in his right hand.

“Keep swimming!” he yelled at her as he went by. She couldn’t see what he was doing, but suddenly the pull wasn’t there anymore, and she shot ahead. There was something wrong with her tail. Jillisa could feel something when she had gotten free from whatever it was. She looked behind her, and saw Adam swimming up to her. Jillisa looked down her tail, and saw something on her broad tail fin. Adam swam to her tail, then spoke to her.

“OK, now just hold still and I will get this out in no time.” He snatched something she couldn’t see in the water behind her tail and wrapped it around his hand, then put the loop he made over whatever it was on her tail. She felt a jerk on her tail, and whatever it was on her tail was suddenly off. Adam swam up to face her holding what he pulled from her tail.

“Congratulations you almost became the catch of the day.” he said to her. In his hands was another squid-like lure with some fishing line on it. Now she understood he had used the line to pull back on the hook to get the lure out of her tail.

“You got lucky. The hook caught in the edge of your tail that is mostly hard fin rather than in the more fleshy part, so there is no blood, and we don’t have to worry about that drawing in any sharks.” he told her. It was then that she noticed that Adam still had the speargun, and that it had a hook on the end that was clipped to his belt.

“So what are you going to do with that thing?” she asked.

“I thought that you might like to have it, something to remember by if you decide to go back to having 2 legs.” he told her.

“I don’t want the dang thing. I think I might have nightmares of what just happened.” she said. He looked at the lure in his hands.

“You know the guy using this thing probably paid $15 to $17 for this.” he said.

“For that?” she said stunned by how someone would pay so much for a bit of ugly plastic, lead and rubber.

“Yup, too bad.” Adam said, letting the lure fall from his hands. They watched it fall beneath them, till it was swallowed up by the darkness of the deep.

Adam took the lead again. “Can you imagine what happened on that boat.” he said. “The guy thought that he had some huge fish on his rod. Then suddenly nothing. He goes to reel it in and find not even his lure at the end of the line. They probably think that you were just a big shark from the way the line was cut.” he went on.

“I’m just glad I was the one that got away.” Jillisa said putting the event behind her. At that comment they both chuckled.

“If they only knew they had a real mermaid on.” Adam said.

“Maybe if I was still wearing my bikini top, we could have left that on the end of the hook.” she said.

“Naw, if you did, they would be hoping to find that topless swimmer all day.” Adam said, smiling imagining the fishing boat going back and forth looking for a semi-nude female swimmer to help, and checking her out when they found her.

Adam stopped again with Jillisa by his side. This time when they listened, they didn’t hear any boats nearby, but they heard them in the distance. They broke the surface of the water.

“Why did we stop?” Jillsa asked.

“I thought that you might like to see where we are.” he told her, then pointed to the shore. When she turned to look, she understood then for all the noise in the water. They were 600 yards off the shore of a beach. She recognized as one of a couple beaches she liked to go to. Even on this day the beach looked to have a fair number of people on it.

This far out she could still hear the murmur of people talking, yelling, and now and then some child screeching in displeasure about something. Traffic moved along up past the beach on a road past the sands of the beach. At either end of the beach were houses, and business. Out in the water she could see people swimming, and surfing. Farther out boats of all sorts moved about. A few days ago she was one of those people on the beach. Was she willing to become one of those people again? Jillisa thought.

“I just thought that you might like to know what was causing all this noise we are hearing. Even from this far out it can be heard.” Adam said.

“I never knew people could make so much noise out in the sea like this.” Jillisa replied.

“Yup. We better be going, still got a ways to go.” Adam said before he dove, Jillisa diving after him.

On they swam. After a while the noise faded. A rocky bottom began to rise up from the floor, till it finally reached the surface. The swam along this. At one point Adam spotted a decent size Sea Bass, and got close enough to it to get it with the speargun. With the fish they both swam to the shore where he cleaned it, and they both ate. This time Jillisa didn’t seemed bothered at all by the taste of the raw fish.

“How much farther do we have to go. I am starting to get a little worn out from all this non-stop swimming for so long.” Jillisa said to him when they had finished stuffing themselves with fish.

“We are almost there.” he told her.

An hour later of some more swimming, they surfaced. They seemed to be in the middle of a cove of some island that seemed to be part of a line of islands.

“This is the spot.” Adam said, then dove to the bottom.

“What is so special about this place. It seems like so many others we have passed.” Jillisa asked.

Adam didn’t say anything for a while, and she was beginning to wonder if he was going to say anything, when he pointed up ahead and said, “Because I wanted to show you that.”

On the bottom of the cove lay a boat. They swam up to it. The thing had a strange feeling about it. The boat was about 25 feet long. Near the back was what looked like racks that once held scuba tanks, yet there was also a place where fishermen called a fighting chair for fishing off the back.

“I found this boat not long ago. But some things just don’t add up about it. Here let me show you.” he said. They swam along the hull of the boat. “See, do you see any holes in it?” he asked her as they explored the outside of the boat. Jillisa didn’t know anything about boats, but she did look and didn’t see any.

“Nope, should there be?” she asked.

“There should be something. How else did it get here. It sits here in this cove out of the way of any storm strong enough to have caused it to sink. There are no holes in her where she could have struck something, and have you noticed that there is no signs of fire, so a fire didn’t happen to sink her, and here check this out.” Adam said before he swam to the deck and through a cabin door with Jillisa behind him. He turned and shut the door. It closed with ease if not a little slower than normal because they were underwater. Inside was a small kitchen with a small table along one side. On the table were 2 sets a plate, forks and knives set as if some one was ready to eat a meal, yet they looked as if they had not been disturbed for a while.

“For a boat to sink, there is no way a dinner set like that would have stayed in one spot.” Adam stated.

“Maybe some divers found this boat like you and set them there like that.” Jillisa said.

“What about the doors. This long in the sea they should have rusted, so they could not be moved, yet every door you go to opens with ease.” Adam said before proving his point by opening a cabinet door, and closing it.

“That is strange.” Jillisa said not knowing if what he said was true.

“Come along and I will show you the rest.” he told her. They explored the rest of the boat. They found 2 bedrooms, one of which seemed to be the main bedroom, the other just a spare bedroom, yet the beds had real pillows on them. To keep them on the bed, gravel had been placed in the bottom of the pillow cases. A picture frame sat on the stand near one of the beds, but the sea had wreaked havoc on it enough, so that only a couple of blurred images could be made out.

Jillisa was starting to think that Adam was right, that many of these things would have fallen off the tables, or floated off when the boat sank, yet everything was set as if the boat was still afloat. Funny enough it seemed to have a home like feel to it, only noone was here.

While they explored the light was starting to fade.

“Don’t you think we should start heading back?” Jillisa asked.

“I was actually thinking of spending the night here.” Adam said.

“Are you kidding? This thing could be haunted!” Jillisa said not really liking the ideal of spending the night on the boat.

“I think that someone or something is living here, maybe a mer-person like us. I had been planning on spending the night here anyway, and since this could be your last night as a mermaid, I wanted someone with me to keep watch and see if someone or something returns. Beside you will finally be able to sleep on a bed again.” Adam said the last part with a bit of humor to lighten the mood. Jillisa looked around. Despite it being underwater, the place didn’t have a sinister feel to it, and Adam would be with her with a loaded speargun and a bang stick, but she sure in heck would be in no mood to make out.

“What about for light, I didn’t see you have a flashlight.” she asked.

“There are a couple in one of the cabinets in the kitchen.” he told her.

She thought for a bit then said, “Ok, but if anything happens to me, I will never speak to you again.”

“Deal, and if something does happen I will never forgive myself.” he said. They moved into the kitchen area, like Adam had said there was a couple of underwater flashlights, and they did work. He looked around and found some cans and pots putting them against the door that opened outside.

“It’s an alarm system to let us know if someone comes in.” Adam said when he had finished making a small stack balanced against the door. He did the same thing to the master bedroom door after they entered. The light faded into night. On the bed with the pillows propped up behind them, Jillisa snuggled against Adam a little frightened, but feeling protected next to him. She was to hold the flashlight, and he was to handle the speargun if things didn’t go well. To her surprise she did fall asleep, and so did Adam.

When the light of the new day filtered in, they found the cans and pots were just as they had left them. Nothing at all had happened that night, and it was the day Jillisa was to get back to the beach. She was glad nothing happened. Now they just had to make it back to the cove. Adam seemed a little disappointed that nothing had happened. The mystery would have to wait for another day, or it might never be solved. Adam removed the homemade alarms, and put the things back where he had found them. He left the place just as they had found it, just in case there was someone who did live there ever came back.

They left the boat and made their way back. Adam waited a bit before going on the hunt for a fish to eat for their breakfast. He told her that he didn’t want any signs of them on the rocks such as blood and scales from the fish, so as not to alert anything or anyone of the presence. Jillisa thought that he was going overboard on the whole thing, but she let him have his way, besides what if he was right. They had no idea who or what might have left and done those things to the boat, if it wasn’t some diver’s having some fun.

One of the first things they did when they got back was to go to Adam’s cave for him to drop off his things he had taken along on their journey. There was no running into anymore fishing lines or such on the way back this time, and they were in a hurry to meet up with Steve Neptune.

On Neptune’s Cove they found Steve in the shade of a large beach umbrella. He sat in a beach chair with the cooler he had been leaving there by his side. He wore sunglasses, a very tropical green Hawaiian shirt with dark tan cargo shorts. In his right hand was a ice cold Coke. His left hand rested on the armrest of the chair. Steve watched the 2 mer-people come from the surf. Jillisa had changed a great deal from the day when he first saw her enter the sea. She came out of the water moving as if she had been a mermaid all her life. Adam also seemed happier than the last time he had seen him. It would be a shame if Jillisa decided to become human again. Adam would get lonely and maybe a little depressed, if she went back to her old life, Steve thought.

“Hi Adam. Hi Jillisa. So Jillisa have you decided?” Steve Neptune asked. When they reached him.

“That I have Steve. I know I will be giving up a lot if I choose to stay the way I am now, but I also know that I will be giving up something very special if I go back to my old way of life. I have seen so many wonderful and beautiful things these past few days, I don’t think I want to give them up. I would like to keep this beautiful tail and stay in the sea.” Jillisa told Neptune.

A huge smile spread across Neptune’s face, as did Adam’s.

“I’m glad you chose the sea. I will still stop here from time to time to see how things are coming along, and if you need anything. Adam also has a cell phone I gave him a while back in case of any real emergencies, or to save the battery I have a spot here where I keep a pencil and paper for you to leave me any message. The cell phone, I stop by once a month and switch out with a new fully charged one. Now go back to the sea. I think Adam has even more things to show you.” He said to her.

Jillisa turned to Adam and said, “And I have a few things myself that I can show Adam.” she said in a sexy voice, and a wink to him.

“Then I think we should see just what those things are. Race you back to the sea. Last one has to catch tonight’s dinner.” he said to her, then raced off to the surf with Jillisa right behind him.

Steve Neptune watched as Jillisa beat Adam to the water. He knew that Adam had let her win this time. Their tails splashed the surface one more time, then they were gone. He knew that he would be seeing them again, and that one day he would have to have them meet the others, when they were ready to show them the way to Atlantis. He bought the Coke to his mouth and took a long drink. Yup there were going to be some interesting times ahead for those two.