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This Page is rated R due to its sexual conent.

This time Jillisa never even asked when she snuggled up to Adam. He wrapped his arms about her, their bare human skin touching, almost melting together. Their tails overlapped each other's, yet tonight Jillisa didn’t feel like sleeping, not just yet. She felt an attraction to to Adam as their bodies touched each other. As she snuggled up against him she asked, “Adam, just wondering, when was the last time you had sex?” He turned his head to look at her to see if she was serious. Jillisa wore a mischievous smile that he could just make out in the fading light.

“Well, since you are the first and only female person that I have met since I changed, you must know that I haven’t had any sex since getting the tail.” He sighed, then went on, “Yes, there is this certain female dolphin who was starting to look pretty good, but she was so darn fast.” Jillisa started to turn cold in his arms. Adam chuckled, “I’m just playing with you. To he honest I have been just to busy just trying to survive and exploring that I haven’t given much thought. Before the change I was just so busy all the time that I just didn’t have the time to go and meet anyone, so I guess it has been a while. Why do you ask?” “Oh I was just wondering how mermaids mated, and it has been a while for me too, yet being in the ocean almost all the time I’m starting well, dang it starting to feel a little horny. I like you Adam, and I don’t know that if I will stay a mermaid or not, but I would like to see what it is like to make out underwater and not have to worry about catching a breath of air,” Jillisa told him. “Oh, so that explains it,” he said. “Explains what?” Jillisa asked. “I thought that you were just cold when you came up to me tonight, but well your nipples felt very perky t as they rubbed against my chest,” he told her. “They are cold, so very cold, maybe you can do something to warm them,” Jillisa said in a husky voice filled with desire.

Adam brought his hands up to those full breasts of Jillisa's. They felt rough, as he began to knead her breasts, rubbing his thumbs gently over her nipples. “Wait,” she said, but when Adam didn’t stop she said, “Adam, stop.” This time he did hear her. “What is wrong?” he asked. “We can’t do it here on the sand, it is already all over your hands and it feels so gritty. Let's move to the water,” she told him.

Jillisa led the way. She could feel Adam checking her out as she moved, and she smiled. She knew that she had a nice little butt that men seemed to admire, and even with a tail she knew she looked good from the backside. Adam was right behind her when she entered the water. When she surfaced he was beside her. Jillisa looked into Adam’s deep blue eyes, and began to feel herself lost in them. Hands once more caressed her breasts. She arched her back offering her two mounds of flesh to him. His lips moved over her left breast until they found her hardened nipple. There he took it into his mouth where he nipped and played with it. When he had his fill of her left breast he moved to her right one, working his magic on this one too. Jillisa moaned with pleasure. Next Adam’s lips moved down her breast to her stomach, tasting her as he worked his way lower and lower until he found her slit.

With his tongue he probed her slit. Jillisa shuddered under him. This made Adam flick his tongue in and out of her slit. Then he stopped for a moment and said, “Yummy, tastes like tuna.” This comment sent her giggling like a little school girl, until Adam went back to work, yet something bothered her. When Adam had finished with her slit she asked, “Adam, since we have been swimming I couldn’t help but to notice that, well, where is your penis? In all the time we have been together I haven’t seen anything hanging out like that or balls. I hope that we don’t spawn like fish.” A strange sound vibrated through the water. It was Adam laughing, she realized, and she blushed. “You let me explore your mermaid body. It is now your turn to explore mine,” he told her.

He backed away from her. Jillisa looked him over in the fading light, yet still could not see anything that might resemble balls or a penis. She swam to him, their lips meeting in a deep passion-filled kiss. Her hands began to move the muscles on his chest, then with her own lips followed them down kissing him as she went. Her hands continued to move down his skin to where it met the scales that were the start of his tail. Still she could find nothing. Again her hands moved around him where his penis should be, but this time she felt a bump. “I hope there is more than just this," she said to Adam. “Oh you just need to encourage it to come out,” he told her. Jillisa's fingers lightly moved over the bump, rubbing it. A slit formed over the top of the bump and the head of a large penis emerged. Her hands danced over the growing member. She was impressed with what grew from his own slit as she held it in her hands. Jillisa guided the member to her own slit.

Adam slowly slid into her. Jillisa moaned as he slid ever deeper into her slit. Then with the thrust of his tail began to thrust even deeper and harder. He developed a rhythm like that of the rolling waves on a beach, and was just as powerful. On and on he went as she moaned, until she shuddered and felt herself climax, yet still he went on until she felt him tremble as he climaxed, filling her. He thrust a few more times, then pulled himself out of her. She looked down, and the warrior was half way in its own slit when it stopped. “You know I have been wanting to do that since the first day I met you,” Adam said, looking into the dark where her face was. “If I had known it was going to feel like that I would have let you,” she replied with excitement in her voice.

They kissed seeming as if they couldn’t get enough of each other. She reached down as they embraced and found him fully aroused again. “Oh my, that didn’t take you long to recover,” she said as she again moved her hands over his dick. “I did tell you it has been a long while didn’t I, and I find you so very sexy and beautiful that it makes me glad to be a merman with you,” he told her. This time he guided his member into her. With every up and down movement of his tail his member moved with him in her as he held her by her waist. He then began to move faster and and faster with his tail. Jillisa moaned. Her cries of pleasure echoed in the sea when she climaxed again.

This time when they finished their lovemaking they floated on the surface in the dark holding hands. “That was incredible,” Jillisa said after her heart rate got back to normal. “It sure was,” Adam agreed with her. At the same time they said together, “You were amazing!” They both laughed when they realized what they had done. It was completely dark in the cave now. Jillisa only knew where Adam was because he was holding her hand.

“You know your way around here enough to find our way back to where we sleep?” she asked.

“I have a better ideal. How would you like to try sleeping underwater tonight?” he asked her.

“I am not sure that I am ready for that,” she answered him.

“It's OK if you don’t want to, but I was thinking that it would be easier and less trouble to sleep on my own seabed than to crawl back on land in this pitch dark and find our bed on land,” he told her.

“Well putting it that way it does make sense. I really don’t feel like dragging myself in the dark and not knowing where I am going or what I will bump into, but I am also not liking the idea of swimming in the dark and not seeing where I am going, and now that I think about it, if you have a place to sleep under water why haven’t you been sleeping there already?” she asked.

“Sometimes I rather sleep on land rather that in the sea. I always was a guy who rather sleep on a mattress than a waterbed, but sometimes I swear the sand feels a little too lumpy, so I now and then sleep on the bottom of this pool here against the wall. If you are willing to try we can go there now,” he said to her.

Jillisa thought a moment. She found that she still had a fear of drowning. True, she had been spending days now breathing in the sea, but sleeping on the land in the air was still part of what about one of the small things that still connected her to her life before the change when she was fully human. Yet it would be easier to let Adam guide her to the bottom of the pool than dragging herself in the dark trying to find the place on land where she and Adam normally would sleep, and the great sex had tired her out some. “OK, I’ll give it a try. What do you want me to do?” she asked him.

“Just hold on to my hand,” he said, then they both dove towards the bottom. With his hand in front of him Adam felt for the bottom swimming slowly as he held Jillisa’s hand. When he touched the bottom they both leveled out. He swam slowly with his hand in front of him going over the smooth sand until he felt the side of the wall. Years of flowing water had smoothed the wall. Now his left hand moved along as they swam until he felt a slight cave. It didn’t lead anywhere, its mouth was 10 feet long, 2 feet tall and only went in 3 feet. There was sand also in the bottom of it. He pulled himself and Jillisa into it where he wrapped his tail and arms around Jillisa. “I hope you don’t mind,” he said. Jillisa didn’t mind at all, she even felt a little aroused by it, and thought that he felt the same way. “Not at all,” she said. “I just don’t want you floating away when the tide goes in and out,” he explained. She knew that wasn’t the reason why he did it, but she liked having him hold her. It had been a while since someone had lovingly held her that it felt good to her, and so she let him get away with the little lie. Jillisa closed her eyes feeling warm, safe and loved as she drifted off to sleep.


Jillisa woke wondering if she really was awake or if she was still in some incredible dream. It felt as if she had slept on a cloud, yet she found that she was just barely touching the soft sand of the ocean floor. Her mermaid body she found had very slight negative buoyancy. She found herself lying on her back with her tail fully spread out as it gently touched the ocean floor. The top part of her back also touched the sea bed. Some people slept on water beds, but they could never know how comfortable it was to sleep underwater unless they became a mer-person. It was one of the best night sleeps that she had ever had. Her long hair had also drifted to the bottom.

As she turned her head she saw movement within it. A small fish poked its head out from the strands of her before turning to swim back among her long brown hair. It was all so peaceful and enchanting that she was the reason why she could hardly believe that it was all real. Jillisa felt aglow from the heavenly sleep, but she knew that it wasn’t the only reason why she felt so good. In her mind she went through the love-making that she and Adam had done last night. It had been a while since she had someone make love to her. She could almost feel that wonderful feeling of having him inside her, and she smiled at the memory. She looked over at Adam. Enough light had entered the cave so that she could see him completely. From spending his time as a merman his muscles had become well toned, and he really did have what they call six-pack abs. Looking up and down his long tail even this looked well muscled. Then she notice the slit where his penis was hidden.

From some of the men she had previously slept with she knew that men could be aroused in their sleep, so Jillisa decided to have a little fun with Adam. Very softly she moved the tips of her fingers up and down Adam’s slit. It didn’t take long for her to be rewarded when a head of Adam’s penis slowly poked its head out like a turtle peeking out from its shell. Her fingers left his slit only to go to the head that had emerged from the slit. There too she let her fingers move skillfully over it. The penis and its shaft rose out from the slit like a time-lapse movie of an asparagus rising from the soil she had seen as a kid in nature shows, or like a missile rising from a missile tube on a underwater submarine from some action movie. When it had risen to its full length she was surprised at the length and thickness of the shaft and head. Well she had yet to have breakfast, and she was hungry, or maybe it was because the fishy side of her thought the member sort of looked like a big fat juicy worm, so Jillisa decided to have a little breakfast of her own that morning.

She brought her head close to the shaft, and with her tongue teased the head of Adam’s penis. The shaft hardened like a steel rod. Next Jillisa brought her soft lips over the head of his dick working them over the shaft as she brought it deep into her mouth before she very slowly pulled it out, still working her lips and even her tongue over it until just before it was pulled out she worked her lips around the very top, then slowly brought the dick deep into her mouth again. Jillisa knew how to please a man, and she played Adam’s member like a expert violinist. The penis erupted like a volcano in her mouth. She swallowed it and found that the sperm had a flavor that she liked, so she kept working the shaft until not a drop came out. A moan of pleasure came out of Adam, yet his eyes didn’t open. Jillisa moved to where she had been laying when she woke, only with her head turned so as to watch Adam.

Not long later Adam's eyes flickered open. He turned to look at Jillisa and smiled. “I had the most wonderful dream,” he told her. “I can tell,” she said to him and nodded to his erection. Adam looked down at his solider at full attention and blushed. “I’m sorry about that. You just make me feel so dam horny, and for some reason tired. You really wore me out last night.” he told her. Jillisa almost burst out with laughter. He seemed to have been in fine shape during this morning's fun, and to still be aroused for so long after her fun with his penis just went to show that Adam might be a most fulfilling lover, Jillisa thought.

“You ready for some breakfast? I’m starving myself,” he said to her.

“Oh I’m not very hungry this morning. Maybe some kelp leaves might be enough for me,” she told him.

She waited for him on the ocean bottom as he went to get his speargun, mesh bag and knife from among his things that were out of the water. By the time he had returned to her the small fish that had been playing in her hair had swum off. “I was thinking about going to the kelp forest again for breakfast. You think you can remember how to get there?” he asked.

Jillisa wasn’t sure if she could remember how to get there. “Why are you asking me if I remember how to get there? I thought that you were going to lead us there,” she told him.

“Because if you do decide to stay a mermaid you are going to have to get to know your way around. You do know how to get there you just have to trust yourself. Just start swimming and thinking where you want to go and trust me you will get there. Dolphins, whales and seal never get lost, they never need maps. They just seem to know where to go. Some people are like that too. I read somewhere that it is believed that humans were once like that too, but that most of us lost our sense of direction as we moved more to the city. Some people nowadays seem to never get lost, while others seem to always need someone or something to tell there how to get somewhere every 2 minutes. There is also something about becoming a mer-person that we seem to connect with that sense of direction that we had thought we lost. Just trust me on this, OK,” Adam told her.

She trusted Adam, so she led the way to where she believed the kelp forest was. Now and then she would look back to check to see that Adam was there, and he was, only he had this funny grin on his face. In the murk she caught sight of the first kelp plant, and more were behind it. Jillisa turned to Adam proud that she was able to find the forest. She found Adam still smiling like he had been. Then it dawned on her and she swam to him and slugged him on his shoulder. “You were checking me out the whole time weren’t you!” she accused him. Adam broke down in laughter. “Did you know you have a rather cute little fishy butt,” he told her when he had stopped laughing. She brought her head up as if offended and swam off with just a little more swish in her tail to make it even more attractive. Adam caught up with her. Without them realizing it their hands found each others and they entered the kelp forest hand in hand.

Adam spotted something and got his speargun gun ready, then swam down closer to the bottom. Jillisa kept a eye on him as she browsed among the kelp picking a few leaves that looked tasty to her. A flash caught her eye below her. When she looked down she saw that Adam had shot a 5-pound fish of some sort. He removed it from his spear and was showing to her when Jillisa spotted a huge fish swimming up to Adam. It was at least 5 feet long, and looked to be about 3 feet in diameter. It wasn’t a shark she knew. The the funniest thing happen. It swam forward, its huge mouth sucking the fish right out of Adam’s hands, then casually swam off toward the bottom with just the tail of the fish hanging out of the huge fish’s mouth. Adam just suspended there for a moment, then swam after the fish yelling at it. The huge fish just swam on ignoring the merman as if the merman was beneath its level of social status in the ocean. The whole thing was so funny that Jillisa rolled with laughter. Adam swam up to her, when he knew he was never going to get his fish back, his face red with anger. “Did you see what that Goliath grouper just did! He just stole my fish from me! I spent all that time trying to get close to it and that big guy just took it right out of my hands,” he exploded with anger. Jillisa just laughed even more. “Calm down, Adam, it is just one fish, and there are plenty more around.” He calmed down then said, “True there are plenty more fish around, but there is only one of you, and I think I would hate to ever lose you.” Jillisa just smiled. She had yet to fully decide to stay a mermaid.

Adam did shoot another fish, and they made their way to some rocks that there out of the water where Adam cleaned the fish. Jillisa offered him some of the kelp, and they made a wrap with the fish. The remains of the fish he threw to the seagulls that were more than willing to dispose of the fish. Some thought that Adam looked tasty too, and had nipped at his tail. “Ouch!” he exclaimed when one had bit his tail a bit hard. It was not enough to draw blood, but it did feel like being pinched hard. He would swat his tail at them when they bit or got too close to his tail. “That is the trouble about being part fish. The dang seagulls always want to take a bite of you,” he told her. Jillisa had her lower half in the water, so the seagulls weren’t bothering her. “Maybe they just think that you are yummy like I do,” she flirted with him. Her feelings for him had changed since they had made love. She no longer felt that he was just another person caught up in being changed into a mer-person, but that stronger feelings were starting to stir in her for him that she was no longer holding back. “Why thank you. No one has ever told me that I was a tasty fish before,” he said flirting back. “I had some of you this morning that I found delicious,” Jillisa said in smooth sexy voice. “So it wasn’t a dream. I hope that I can awake to find that happening every morning,” he said to her. “We will see,” she told him. She turned her head, and looked out to sea before she asked, “What do you have planned for us today?” “Oh I thought we would just swim around the forest today, then head in and see what Steve left for us, then just see what happens,” he told her. “Sounds good to me,” she said.

Again he let her take the lead. As they swam Jillisa notice that this time Adam swam below her. When she looked the next time he was swimming along moving from the tip of her tail until he was right below her looking up at her as she looked down at him. “What are you doing?” she ask with a flirting voice. “I’m just seeing how truly beautiful you are,” he told her. “I hope that you are going to do more than just look,” she told him. As he had looked up at her Jillisa had looked him up and down, and found that the turtle was out of its hiding place again. Adam dropped back until his face was even with her slit. He moved in rhythm of her as she swam brushing his face against Jillisa's slit. His touch excited her. Her nipples hardened as he skimmed over her body. She stopped and pulled his face to her soft breasts. She could feel the hard shaft of his manhood move along her tail until it found the opening of her slit and entered her. He moved up her sliding his penis deeper into her until he could go no farther. Then he moved his tail up and down driving his penis within her. Sometimes his tail moved in long powerful strokes, then other times his tail moved so fast that it felt like a vibrator within her. Her moans turned to cries of pleasure that seemed to fill the sea. She climaxed before him, yet feeling the pleasure go through this merman when he climaxed. He slid out of her, then swam alongside her taking her hand. Jillisa swam on taking time to recover. When she looked over Adam’s body the turtle was giving her what she thought was a wink before it slid into its slit. She looked over to her lover that was swimming beside her and said, “You better be careful or you are going to wear that thing out.” “I’d like to see that happen,” he told her.


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