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They swam to Neptune’s cove that had the cooler. It was still filled with food, and together they ate a sandwich out of it, but the food just didn’t seem to taste nearly as good as the seafood that she had been eating lately. It seemed so artificial. The apple and oranges still tasted great, just the bread and ham sandwich seemed to have that taste that really cheap donuts have. For a while after they had finished their meal they just sat there enjoying the sun as it made its way down the sky to rest beneath the waves. There was no sound of traffic or of people, or barking dogs just the sound of seagulls and the surf. It was all so very peaceful. Was she willing to give such a day like this up to go back to working a 9 to 5 job? Could she get used to ended each day looking over the ocean like this before going to rest at sundown? Then again maybe she would be doing so much resting at night with Adam. The thought of that made her smile.

“Tomorrow, because it will be your last day before you have to decide I have something I would like to show you. It is something that is sort of a mystery to me, and I would like to share it with you, but it will take most of the day of traveling to get to it. You think you could hand a long swim?” Adam asked her.

“I have been doing nothing but swimming every day I think I can handle it. Where will we be going?” she asked him.

“I’m not saying, I want it to be a surprise,” he told her.

They spent that night sleep on the ocean bottom. This time there was not great sex, just a lot of cuddling, holding each other and long deep kisses.

When they woke in the morning Adam went to his pile of things and came back with a knife in its sheath, and a dive bag on his belt. In one of his hands he had one of the larger spearguns, yet this speargun had what Adam called a bang stick attached to the belly of the gun. “We are going to be swimming in some open water for a ways and I don’t want to be unprotected,” he explained to her. “All it would take is for some shark to decided that we don’t have anywhere to hide and that we would make a nice meal, that I rather have something along for it to change its mind. That is the reason for the bang stick. The speargun is for our meals, and the bag is for some kelp leaves for what ever meal we catch or get with the speargun.”

They swam to the kelp forest, there they found some shrimp in the kelp, and gathered some kelp leaves to make shrimp wraps, and for later. They tried not spend much time there, because of the journey ahead.

On they went. Very faint at first they could hear, but as they swam on it got louder and louder. Jillisa just had to ask, “Adam what is all this noise, and where is it coming from.” They had been swimming 25 feel below the surface. Adam stopped and said, “I’ll show you, but first let me give you a few warnings. We are no longer in front of our little cove. We are in the area of boat traffic, so here we have to be extra careful. I have a ideal on where we are, but no matter where you are and you are about to surface stop first and just listen.” he stopped talking, and far off they could hear the sound of like angry bees, but the sound was off to the left and wasn’t going near them. “I think it is OK. That buzzing sound you heard. That was the sound of a boat going by. It is something we have to always keep a eye out for. Boater really don’t keep a eye out for things in the water. The best example why we have to do this is that we are like the manatees in Florida. Did you know that what is the biggest cause of death for them is boat motor props? Scuba divers also face the same danger, but they have to have a dive flag either on the boat or on a float to warn boats that there are divers in the water. For us we have no such thing to warn boats that we are about to surface, so we just have to be careful on our own,” Adam was telling her, when he stopped talking, and grabbed Jillisa hand to stop her from going any farther. They were 5 feet from the surface. It sounded like angry bees were coming almost towards them. Then they could see the bottom of a boat coming at a angel towards them, but passed 30 feet to the side of them. Adam kept a eye on the boat. It had changed coarse and was going to pass ahead of them. Looking at Adam Jillisa notice a worried look on his face. “Keep your eyes peeled. That was a fishing boat, and he might have lines in the water!” Nothing happen, then 2 squid like lures went by over head bouncing on the surface. They watched them go by. Adam began to look behind them. “What is wro-” was all that Jillisa got to say when she felt a tickling along her side. Suddenly something grabbed the edge of her tail, and she found herself being pulled backwards. “Adam help me!” she cried, then tried to swim to him, but something was pulling her away from him. She tried to swim to him, yet whatever it was that had her would give some, but there was a steady pull that kept pulling her away. Adam swam up past her with his knife in his right hand. “Keep swimming!” he yelled at her as he went by. She couldn’t see what he was doing, but suddenly the pull wasn’t there anymore and she shot ahead. There was something wrong with her tail. Jillisa could feel something when she had gotten free from what ever it was. She looked behind her, and saw Adam swimming up to her. Jillisa looked down at her tail and could see something on her broad tail fin. Adam swam to her tail, then spoke to her. “OK, now just hold still and I will get this out in no time.” He snatched something that she couldn’t see in the water behind her tail and wrapped it around his hand, then put the loop he had made over what ever it was on her tail. She felt a jerk on her tail, and whatever it was that was on her tail was suddenly off. Adam swam up to face her holding what he had pulled from her tail. “Congratulations you almost became the catch of the day,” he said to her. In his hands was another squid-like lure with some fishing line on it. Now she had understood that he had used the line to pull back on the hook to get the lure out of her tail. “You got lucky. The hook caught in the edge of your tail that is mostly hard fin rather than in the more fleshy part of your tail, so there is no blood, and we don’t have to worry about that drawing in any sharks,” he told her. It was then that she noticed that Adam still had the speargun, and that it had a look on the end that was clipped to his belt. “So what are you going to do with that thing?” she asked. “I thought that you might like to have it, something to remember by if you decide to go back to having two legs,” he told her. “I don’t want the dang thing. I think I might have nightmares of what just happen,” she said. He looked at the lure in his hands. “You know the guy that was using this thing probably paid $15 to $17 for this,” he said. “For that?” she said, stunned by how someone would pay so much for a bit of ugly plastic, lead and rubber. “Yup, too bad,” Adam said, then let the lure fall from his hands. They watched it fall beneath them till it was swallowed up by the darkness of the deep.

Adam took the lead again. “Can you imagine what happen on that boat,” he said. “The guy thought that he had some huge fish on his rod. The suddenly nothing. He goes to reel it in and find not even his lure at the end of the line. They probably think that you were just a big shark from the way the line was cut,” he went on. “I’m just glad that I was the one that got away,” Jillisa said, putting the event behind her. At that comment they both chuckled. “If they only knew that they had a real mermaid on,” Adam said. “Maybe if I was still wearing my bikini top we could have left that on the end of the hook,” she said. “Naw, if you did they would be hoping to find that topless swimmer all day,” Adam said smiling, imagining the fishing boat going back and forth looking for a semi-nude female swimmer to help, and to check her out when they found her.

Adam stopped again with Jillisa by his side. This time when they listen they didn’t hear any boats nearby, but they hear them in the distance. They broke the surface of the water. “Why did we stop?” Jillisa asked. "I thought that you might like to see where we are,” he told her, then pointed to the shore. When she turned to look she understood then for all the noise in the water. They were 600 yards off the shore of a beach. She recognized it as one of a couple beaches that she liked to go to. Even on this day the beach looked to have a fair number of people on it. This far out she could still hear the murmur of people talking, yelling, and now and then some child screeching in displeasure about something. Traffic moved along up past the beach on a road past the sands of the beach. At either end of the beach were houses and businesses. Out in the water she could see people swimming and surfing. Farther out boats of all sorts moved about. A few days ago she was one of those people on the beach. Was she willing to become one of those people again? Jillisa thought. “I just thought that you might like to know what was causing all this noise that we are hearing. Even from this far out it can be heard,” Adam said. “I never knew that people could cause so much noise out in the sea like this,” Jillisa replied. “Yup. We better be going, still got a ways to go,” Adam said before he dove. Jillisa dove after him.

On they swam. After a while the noise faded. A rocky bottom began to rise up from the bottom floor, till it finely reached the surface. The swam along this. At one point Adam spotted a decent size sea bass, and got close enough to it to get it with the speargun. With the fish they both swam to the shore where he cleaned it, and they both ate. This time Jillisa didn’t seemed bothered at all by the taste of the raw fish. “How much farther do we have to go. I am starting to get a little worn out from all this non-stop swimming for so long,” Jillisa said to him when they had finished stuffing themselves with fish. “We are almost there,” he told her.

An hour later of some more swimming they surfaced. They seemed to be in the middle of a cove of some island that seemed to be part of a line of islands. “This is the spot,” Adam said, then dove to the bottom. “What is so special about this place? It seems like so many others we have passed,” Jillisa asked. Adam didn’t say anything for a while, and she was beginning to wonder if he was going to say anything when he pointed up ahead and said, “Because I wanted to show you that.” On the bottom of the cove sat a boat. They swam up to it. The thing had a strange feeling about it. The boat was about 25 feet long. Near the back was what looked like racks that once held scuba tanks, yet there was also a place where fishermen called a fighting chair for fishing off the back. “I found this boat not long ago. But some things just don’t add up about it. Here let me show you," he said. They swam along the hull of the boat. “See, do you see any holes in it?” he asked her as they explored the outside of the boat. Jillisa didn’t know anything about boats, but she did look and didn’t see any. “Nope, should there be?” she asked. “There should be something. How else did it get here. It sits here in this cove out of the way of any storm strong enough to have caused it to sink. There are no holes in her where she could have struck something, and have you notice that there is no signs of fire, so a fire didn’t happen to sink her, and here check this out,” Adam said before he swam to the deck and through a cabin door with Jillisa behind him. He turned and shut the door. It closed with ease if not a little slower than normal because they were underwater. Inside was a small kitchen with a small table along one side. On the table were 2 sets a plate, forks and knives set as if some one was ready to eat a meal, yet they look as if they had not been disturbed for a while. “For a boat to sink there is no way a dinner set like that would have stayed in one spot like that.” Adam stated. “Maybe some divers found this boat like you and set them there like that.” Jillisa “What about the doors. This long in the sea they should have rusted, so they could not be moved, yet every door you go to will open with ease.” Adam said before proving his point by opening a cabinet door, and closing it. “That is strange.” Jillisa said not knowing if what he said was true. “Come along and I will show you the rest.” he told her. They explored the rest of the boat. They found 2 bedrooms, one of them seemed to be the main bedroom, the other just a spare bedroom yet the beds had real pillows on them. To keep them on the bed gravel had been placed in the bottom of the pillow cases. A picture frame sat on the stand near one of the beds, but the sea had wrecked it enough, so that only a couple of blurred images could be made out. Jillisa was starting to think that Adam was right, that many of these things would have fallen off the tables, or floated off when the boat had sunk, yet everything was set as the boat was still afloat. Funny enough it seemed to have a home like feel to it, only no one was here.

While they were exploring the light was starting to fade. “Don’t you think we should start to head back?” Jillisa asked. “I was actually thinking on spending the night here.” Adam said. “Are you kidding! This thing could be haunted!” Jillisa said not really liking the ideal of spending the night on the boat. “I think that some one or something is living here, maybe a mer-person like us. I have been planning on spending the night here anyway, and since this could be your last night as a mermaid I wanted someone with me to keep watch and see if someone or something returns. Beside you will finally be able to sleep on a bed again,” Adam said the last part with a bit of humor to lighten the mood. Jillisa looked around. Despite it being underwater the place didn’t have a sinister feel to it, and Adam would be with her with a loaded speargun and a bang stick, but she sure in heck would be in no mood to make out. “What about for light, I didn’t see you have a flashlight,” she asked. “There are a couple in one of the cabinets in the kitchen.” he told her. She thought for a bit then said, “Ok, but if anything happens to me I will never speak to you again.” “Deal, and if something does happen I will never forgive myself," he said. They moved into the kitchen area, like Adam had said there was a couple of underwater flashlights, and they did work. He looked around and found some cans and pots against the door that open outside. “It's a alarm system to let us know if someone comes in,” Adam said when he had finished making a small stack that balanced against the door. He did the same thing to the master bedroom door after they had enter. The light faded into night. On the bed with the pillows propped up behind them Jillisa snuggled against Adam a little frightened, but feeling protected next to him. She was to hold the flashlight, and he was to handle the speargun if things didn’t go well. To her surprised she did fall asleep, and so did Adam.

When the light of the new day filtered they found that the cans and pots were just as they had left them. Nothing at all had happen that night, and it was the day that Jillisa was to get back to the beach where she turned into a mermaid. She was sort of glad that nothing did happen. Now they just had to make it back to the cove where she had been. Adam seemed a little disappointed that nothing had happened. The mystery would have to wait for another day, or it might never be solved. Adam removed the homemade alarms, and put the things back where he had found them. He left the place just as they had found it just in case there was someone that did live there ever came back.

They left the boat and made their way back. Adam waited a bit before going on the hunt for a fish to eat for their breakfast. He told her that he didn’t want any signs of them on the rocks such as blood and scales from the fish, so not to alert any thing that they had been around there. Jillisa thought that he was being overboard on the whole thing, but she let him have his way, besides what if he was right. They had no ideal who or what might have left and done those things to the boat if it wasn’t some divers having some fun.

One of the first things they did when they got back was to go to Adam’s for him to drop off his things he had taken along on their journey. There was no running into any more fishing lines or such on the way back this time, and they were in a hurry to meet up with Steve Neptune.

On Neptune Cove they found Steve in the shade of a large beach umbrella. He sat in a beach chair with the cooler he had been leaving there by his side. He wore sunglasses, a very tropical green Hawaiian shirt with dark tan cargo shorts. In his right hand was a ice cold Coke. His left hand rested on the armrest of the chair. Steve watched the 2 mer-people come form the surf. Jillisa had changed a great deal from the day when he first seen her enter the sea. She came out of the water moving like she had been a mermaid all her life. Adam also seemed happier than the last time he had seen him. It would be a shame if Jillisa decided to become human again. Adam would get lonely and maybe a little depressed if she went back to her old life, Steve thought.

“Hi Adam. Hi Jillisa. So Jillisa have you decided?” Steve Neptune asked when they reached him.

“That I have Steve. I know that I will be giving up a lot if I choose to stay the way I am now, but I also know that I will be giving up something very special if I go back to my old way of life. I have seen so many wonderful and beautiful things these past few days I don’t think I want to give them up. I would like to keep this beautiful tail and stay in the sea,” Jillisa told Neptune.

A huge smile spread across Neptune’s face, as did Adam's. “I’m glad you chose the sea. I will still stop here from time to time to see how things are coming along and if you need anything. Adam also has a cell phone that I gave to him a while back in case of any real emergencies, or to save the battery I have a spot here where I keep a pencil and paper for you to leave me any message. The cell phone I stop by once a month and switch out with a new fully charged one. Now go back to the sea. I think Adam has even more things to show you.” He said to her.

Jillisa turned to Adam. “And I have a few things myself that I can show Adam,” she said in a sexy voice, and a wink to him.

“Then I think we should see just what those things are. Race you back to the sea. Last one has to catch tonight’s dinner,” he said to her then raced off to the surf with Jillisa right behind him.

Steve Neptune watched as Jillisa beat Adam to the water. He knew that Adam had let her win this time. Their tails splashed the surface one more time, then they were gone. He knew that he would be seeing them again, and that one day he would have to have them meet the others, and when they were ready to show them the way to Atlantis. He bought the Coke to his mouth and took a long drink. Yup there were going to be some interesting times ahead for those two.

The End