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Kids Book Gallery 10

A visitor to my site suggested this book to add to my gallery, thank you Rosen Murr2


Sukey and the Mermaid

Weary of the unreasonable demands of Mister Jones, her new stepfather, Sukey escapes to the water's edge, where she meets ``a beautiful, brown-skinned, black-eyed mermaid''--Mama Jo--who befriends and comforts her and each day gives her a gold coin. Mister Jones drinks up most of the money; eventually, he tries to capture the mermaid, who escapes and takes Sukey to her undersea kingdom. Homesick, Sukey bargains for a chance to go home and is also given a dowry and the promise of a fine husband, to be named Dembo. Wicked Mister Jones steals the dowry and kills Dembo; but Mama Jo appears one last time to bring him back to life. A careful note explains that this eventful, richly complex story was based on a folktale from the Sea Islands of South Carolina, as well as on Caribbean and West African sources. Pinkney's delicately tinted scratchboard illustrations are his best yet; the many fine lines swirl through the dramatic black ground, catching the sea's luminous glow and softening the sturdy figures with diaphanous garments. An unusually handsome presentation of an appealing tale. (Folklore/Picture book. 5-10)

Jessi found this book and thought that it was one I should add to my site. Jessi, thanks for telling me of the book.

Liza, Eddie, Howie, and Melody go to camp. The camp teacher there loves to run and she won't go near water. Is she a mermaid? But mermaids don't run track do they?


Boom Broom thinks his life can't get any worse. Ever since his mother was swept away by a twister, his father has locked himself in the attic, leaving twelve-year-old Boom to take care for his little sister Mertyle. Low on money, Boom brings home a feisty, sea-weed-covered fish from the reject seafood bucket by the docks. But when he puts it on the table, he and Mertyle find that their supper is actually a living, breathing, foul-tempered merbaby.

Boom wants to use the creature to get rich, but Mertyle won't hear of it. She loves the mud-scented baby and wants to keep it for herself. But when they do not return the baby to its ocean home, strange things begin to happen and Boom is afraid they might be cursed! With the help of their Viking housekeeper, Halvor, and his secret society, Boom and his sister must find the home of the merfolk in search of a cure. To Catch a Mermaid is a whimsical fantasy adventure, humorous and entertaining to the last page."

I've read the book and I totally agree with this! I hightly recommend for you to take a read yourself. I'd have to guess the book is at least grade 6 level, if not earlier. Enjoy! -Rebecca

Grade 6–9—An extraordinary, beautifully written tale about belonging, love, and the laws of nature. Sixteen-year-old Elin Jean lives in the Orkney Islands north of Scotland and is magnetically drawn to the sea. She knows she is different because of the webbing between her fingers that regenerates if it is cut. Though her father loves her mother, their relationship is tarnished by a mysterious underlying discord. He is determined to make Elin a normal girl by repeatedly cutting the webbing while her mother desperately tries to shield her from pain. Her compassionate grandfather pushes her to discover the truth for herself. Elin is attracted to Tam, a Gypsy boy in town. Her physical strangeness and his heritage set them apart from those around them, but perhaps this helps bring them together. By chance, Elin finds a seal skin hidden above a door in her house and learns the truth about her origins. The discovery is simultaneously freeing and burdensome. 

Thanks for telling me of this book Megan.

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