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Kids Book Gallery 9

My friend Emilie found these 3 books.

From School Library Journal Grade 5-9ľA family living on the coast of Cornwall gets caught up in the undersea kingdom of the Mer people. After their father mysteriously disappears, Sapphy and her brother, Conor, visit Ingo and find themselves yearning to return to the ocean world. Conor resists, but Sapphy has a stronger affinity with the watery kingdom. While she struggles with its temptation, she also clashes with her mother, who seems too ready to forget the children's father. These elements come together in an exciting climax in which the siblings risk traveling to Ingo to save the life of the human diver their mother is dating. Sapphy's present-tense narration brings readers right into her world. Through her eyes, they see the beauty of Ingo, the comfort of her earthbound home, and the confusing muddle of thoughts and emotions that her experiences inspire. The undersea world seems equal parts menacing and alluring, which builds suspense and keeps everything pleasingly unpredictable. Relationships are especially well drawn. Sapphy is dedicated to Conor, despite some jealousy; she loves her mother, though she's keenly aware of how different they are; and she is not sure how to feel about Faro, the charming, sometimes angry young Mer man who serves as her undersea guide. Strong character development combines with an engaging plot and magical elements to make this a fine choice for fantasy readers, who will look forward to the next installments in this planned trilogy.

The Tide Knot is book 2 of the story of Ingo


Cal is a Silvertail. She never knew her mother, Sylla, and does not know that with her dying breath Sylla bequeathed her daughter the power of the Merrows - the means to battle an evil that threatens the entire ocean. When Cal meets Jake, a Creeper from the Overbreath, the two are drawn to one another. Cal, like the rest of the merfolk,is astounded when Jake is able to join them beneath the waves. Could he be the one that legend speaks of? The Tide Turner who will save their world? Time is not on their side as Cal and Jake seek the truth about themselves and their destiny...In an extraordinary adventure which spans gloomy caverns in the fathomless heart of the ocean, breathtaking chases by battalions of deadly marlin, from escaping the renegade Bloodfins, hiding among shoals of panicking silver tuna to flying over coral reefs on the wings of Cal's ray, Stinger, Angela McAllister has created a stunning underwater world, full of danger and excitement and a magical fantasy story steeped in mermaid lore,myth and legend. And never far away prowls Orcara, the terrifying sea witch, who has a secret of her own.

Thank you Karenee Herman for sharing about the book with me.


Ages 4 - 8  References to mermaids are -everywhere--in folktales and myths around the world, even in historically documented sightings, such as Columbus' account about seeing three mermaids in 1493. This book, first published in Australia, looks first at whether mermaids are make-believe or just mistakes sailors made when they gazed at sea mammals. It then presents a rich assemblage of fishtailed gods and water spirits, along with a recounting of mermaid legends. Oliver's hand-colored linocuts and collages lend an appropriately exotic and edgy feel to the text. Like dipping into an antique "wonders of the world" compendium, the book's lore is exciting (a list of sources is appended for readers who want more), and the full-page illustrations, double-page spreads of text and art, and expansive double-page spreads with a single image, such as the gigantic beached Mermaid of Alba, combine to make this both attractive and intriguing. Connie Fletcher

Age range 4 to 7

Children's Literature One night while she sits by a rock pool gazing out to sea, Lily sees a faint glimmering and discovers a tiny mermaid who has been injured in a terrible storm. She takes the tiny mermaid, Delphi, home with her and gently places her in the bedside fish tank. The next morning Lily wakes up, a little afraid that she has dreamed the whole thing, but discovers Delphi a little stronger now and still in the fish tank. The two soon become fast friends, and Delphi shows Lily her magical world where she plays with sea horses and swims through coral reefs. Mermaid stories in general are winners with children, but what makes this one stand out a bit more is the foil work used to show Delphi's magical powers. Delphi's tail glimmers just the tiniest bit at first, then becomes brighter as she gets stronger until all her magic returns and her tale sparkles brightly for all to see. Sure to be a young reader's favorite is the page where Lily is surrounded by brightly shimmering foil stars and dust as Delphi works her magic to transport Lily into her mermaid world. This is a wonderful story of the magic of friendship. Young children will delight in hearing Lily and Delphi's story over and over again.


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