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A mermaid lover called Shan told me of this book, and I was more than happy to add it to my mermaid books for kids, sadly this is the biggest size that I could find.


This book if for ages 9 - 13

Kallie and Danya are twins, but they are very unalike. Kallie is a dreamer and a believer in magic and mermaids; level-headed and practical Danya is quite convinced that no such thing as a mermaid could ever exist. But when Kallie is approached by Brin, a mermaid, who tells her that the undersea Kingdom is in desperate trouble, she works very hard at convincing Danya that they must go to help the merpeople. Danya is dragged reluctantly into the adventure. When the twins enter the magic kingdom of Ayralon, they are both transformed into mermaids. To their astonishment, they learn that they are the children of a merman and were actually born in Ayralon. They are the only ones who can recover The Jewel of Life which has been stolen from the merpeople by an unscrupulous human, Henry Craddock. Without their Jewel, the merpeople will gradually fade away and die. Kallie and Danya are helped in their quest by their Aunt Mattie, who is a witch. After many adventures, the Jewel is recovered and returned, and everyone lives happily ever after, a great ending to a great story.



A humorous picture book that goes over all the elements of a mermaid's life.


( Sadly the pictures of these next 4 books are rather small, and the books are made that is not in the USA. )

Mermaid Rock 

1. Spirulina and the Pirates:

 Spirulina's sure that being a pirate would be lots of fun. But when she meets some real pirates she realizes they're just mean - and she's determined to ruin their nasty plans...

2. Spirulina and the Haunted Shipwreck :

Spirulina's sisters dare her to visit the haunted shipwreck. Spirulina's scared at first, but soon she realizes that the ghosts are friendly - and they really need her help...

3. Spirulina and the Stolen Treasure:

 Spirulina's father, Neptune, has lost a competition to Ariel the air sprite and must hand over all his treasure. But there's worse to come. The treasure has mysteriously disappeared, and if it can't be found, Neptune will be forced to give up his home to Ariel. Coralie and Shelle can only wail and cry at the thought of their father losing the beautiful Floating Palace, but Spirulina is determined to do something about it...

4. Spirulina and the Lost Whale:

 Bored with sitting pretty on Mermaid Rock, Spirulina leaves her sisters and goes off to find someone else to play with. Whilst having fun with the fishes, she meets Splosh, a baby whale. But Spirulina's new friend has lost his mummy, and when they set out to search for her, all they find is a boatful of nasty fishermen and a large fishing net - just right for catching mermaids...!



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