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I would like to thank Lisa, for telling me of this mermaid book.


Sixteen-year-old Amy dreads her family vacation. With her new stepfather in the picture, life feels like one big disappointment . . . until Amy discovers Mermaid Park, an old tourist spot where girls dressed in fabulous costumes perform underwater shows. When Amy sees “mermaids” gliding through the water, she is utterly captivated, convinced that if she could become one of them, the rest of her life could be just as beautiful.


I just happen to find these 2 book a short time ago. They are for ages 8 and up.

The Siren's Song

Pirates of the Caribbean is continued in this book series. The mermaids that are in the book are not nice mermaids, but after reading it I found that it might be one that others will enjoy. This is only book 2 of the Jack Sparrow series. I think it is one that any one who liked Pirates of the Caribbean would enjoy.



Escape from the Carnival

This book can be found in paper back or audio book.

Any one who likes Peter Pan, and mermaids will enjoy this book, yet strangely Peter is not in this novel. This book is about Surf who gets caught by a carnival ship that is looking for creatures and people to be in it's carnival. This is one novel that I highly recommend for young readers.



Sabrina the Teenage Witch Series #20

While cleaning up the school's new aquarium, Sabrina notices some rather unusual inhabitants. Transforming herself into a tiny mermaid, she discovers the lost city of Atlantis...inside the fishtank! The shrunken city is home to a merrace so old it doesn't even remember it's own origins. But the Atlanteans are sure that Sabrina is one of the legendary Conch Queens, come to take the city back to endless waters. Sabrina wants to restore the city to its rightful place on the planet, but how can she do it without exposing her magic powers to Mr. Kraft and her mortal classmates? And what is someone doesnt want the lost city to be found?



Book Description When six-year-old Eryn finds herself on the beautiful island of Alderny something strange begins to happen that will change her life for ever. Guided by the loving wisdom of her grandmother, Eryn learns the secrets of her family and the ocean. In this magical tale, Eryn becomes entrusted with the secrets of the deep and finds her place within the timeless world of the merfolk.


A friend called Emilie told me about this book and said I should add it to my site. 

From the description I believe it to be a picture book for kids 5 - 8.

In the colorful style of her other two books, In the Land of Fairies and In the Land of Elves, Daniela Drescher's evocative full-spread watercolor illustrations reveal the secret, watery world of the merfolk among the lilypads, reeds, and rushes. Their magical world is shown through the seasons.





This book is primarily for children. I am not a child but have always been interested in mermaids. I found this book to be cute and interesting. It covers mermaids in different cultures from around the world and mermaid culture itself. There are sections on family life, children, community, language, art, fashion, holidays, and magic. There are beautiful color illustrations on every page. This is a book I know I would have loved as a child.


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