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Scrimshaw Mermaids :  Here is a link to one of the best Scrimshaw mermaids I have ever seen. The artist, Michael Cohen etches mermaids onto fossil ivory and sells them. I think I would love to see a full size sketch of his works.

Russian Mermaid site : If you can speak or read Russian, or to see what they have there about mermaids check out this site. The owner of the site contacted me, and it was a very nice surprise to find that some one in Russia had found my site.

How to Draw Mermaids : For those of you who have had problems, or would like to improve your mermaid art, this site has some wonderful ideals worth checking out.

Mermaid Lady: Is a interesting site. What I found most interesting was the advice she gave in how to be a mermaid. She covers everything from how to hold your breath to finding or even making a mermaid tail.

Syrena : This site gives wonderful info about Warsaw's Mermaid and what she represents. I found this to be a educational site.

FreeMerfolk: Kitty & Vicky Mermaid. Mermaids - Recreational Freediving - Special Events.

FoxMoon Productions: This is a very cool site with lots of pictures. You can even purchase a mermaid tail from them, both kinds, one for actual use, and one for show on land, but these tail will not magically let you breath underwater, no tail can, but these will let you look and swim like a real mermaid.

Lyraka : This is a wonderful site made by Jasmine. I found her site to be fun were there is music, and where she has created a mythical world called, " Lyraka ". From this site you can tell that she has a deep love of mermaids.

Mermaid Tails by Emily Angelfish: This beautiful mermaid makes her own mermaid tails, which included the mono-fin with the tail.