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Transfiguration                                       PG. 13


Poem written by "Astrid Delphine"

Based on picture "Undersea Discovery" [2006]

By Stu Shepherd Art (



            Heart racing,

            Mind pacing.


Oh, to be a creature of myth,

In the wide open sea.

To breathe the water like it were air,

And to shout out: "Look at me; A mermaid-to-be!"


            Heart racing,

            Mind pacing,

            Destiny facing.


The hair grows thin & long,

The eyes become bright & clear.

The nose & ears close but too deep to see,

And yet still work to smell & hear.


Mouth stays the same,

Yet upon the neck, gills are formed.

With the breath of water-air,

The body is pleasantly warmed.


Upon the back, a large fin grows,

And on the wrists, smaller fins are there.

Without a flinch, up her arms,

Small blotches of scale in a nice pattern of flare.


A great unknown force,

Ties the ankles together very strong & tight.

Had this been an unknown,

One might be in freight;

But knowing one's destiny is about to take flight,

It brings a slight delight.


The same unknown force,

A feeling of some cold, like shiny gold.

Would take hold, and mould,

Would fold & rolled until one could have believed,

that this was of old.


The fusing of the legs,

A wonderous thing.

At the feet, a glorious tail;

Makes one so happy they could sing!


The scales covering from waist to tip,

Shimmer and shine from the lightest flip.


With the transformation complete,

She twirls and whirls, darts this way and that;

A new child of the sea,

Excited to chuck her shoe collection flat!


To leave the land above forever,

A beautiful mermaid, something she could never measure.

She now has come to her destiny,

To stay a creature of myth for eternity.

And shout out: "Look & see, the mermaid-me!"