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The Man Who Loves Mermaids
By: Lynn Jackson

Standing on the edge of silence,
I could feel the rhythm of the moonlit waves crashing from beneath my feet.
Yearning for what others donít believe,
My dreams are lonesome as I listen to thunder of the oceans heartbeat.

Taken away by the reflection of a glistening beam,
I could see the image of a fisher mans tale swimming closer towards me.
Thinking my life had never been so complete,
I saw the image of a mermaid with silken hair that flowed like waves from the sea.

Though her journey was timeless,
Her life had been hidden in the shadows of the corals for over a thousand decades.
Leaning down to meet what couldnít speak,
I decided to join what fulfilled my heart, for I am the man who loves mermaids.

So when you think dreams donít really come true,
And the ocean is only filled with myths and legends,
Stand on the edge of silence,
And you too will see the treasure of what others believe in and pretendsÖ