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This guy has created so many mermaids that he had enough that I thought it would be cool to put them together for a little story.


This is Marina.

One day as she was swimming near her favorite cove she looked overhead and seen a boat overhead. As she watched she notice a line in the water, and she could see a large fish on the end swimming away in the  distant. Suddenly a man fell into the water, and was being pulled by the fish to the ocean depths. She swam after him, and was finely able to unhook the rod from the fishing hardness he had attached to him. The fish had pulled the man miles from the boat, so Marina swam with the man to the closest beach trying her best to breath the oxygen she filter from the water.

She was able to get him to a quite beach where no one was around. She looked into his face and found him quite handsome.


I let you now finish the rest of the story.