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Mermaid books Gallery  8

A mermaid friend ( Meristy ) shared with me these 3 mermaid books she found on the internet, and she gave me the following warning. Still they sound interesting.



"Goddess of The Sea" On the night of her twenty-fifth birthday, alone in her apartment, Air Force Sergeant Christine Canady wished for one thing: a little magic in her life. After drinking way too much champagne, she performed, of all crazy things, a goddess-summoning ritual, hoping that it would somehow make her life a little less ordinary...but she never believed the spell would actually work! When her military plane crashes into the ocean, CC's mission overseas takes an unexpected turn. She awakens to find herself in a legendary time and place where magic rules the land--occupying the body of the mythic mermaid Undine. But there is danger in the waters and the goddess Gaea turns this modern, military gal into a beautiful damsel so that she can seek shelter on land. CC is soon rescured (literally) by a knight in shining armor. She should be falling in love with this dream come true, but instead she aches for the sea and Dylan, the sexy merman who has stolen her heart.



Future Lost 1: A Mermaid's Longing

Marielle leads an idyllic life among her fellow Mer people. Swimming in the jeweled ocean and sunning on white beaches satisfy the others, but not her— Marielle has an adventurous heart. Her longing for something exciting draws her to a far off, mysterious island.

Matt came to the upper world expecting it to be vastly different from the underground society he grew up in. But he never expected to meet a gorgeous woman who matched his desire for exploration. One thing worries him— Marielle considers herself a mermaid.

Their lovemaking is sensual and steamy, but is it enough for Marielle and Matt to overcome their differences? They must live through danger, fight giant eels and horrible mutants, before they discover love can vanquish most obstacles


The year is 1872 on the New England Coast. Joshua Harding has made a promise to his dying grandfather. It is a promise that will change his life forever.

How hard could it be to spend a month tending to the lighthouse that had been his grandfather’s life? When Josh’s time is up he can return to marry his sweetheart Alexandria and see if she is as passionate in bed as he hoped.

After only a few days Josh begins to feel the loneliness and isolation that must have haunted his grandfather for all those long years. The stories the old man told Josh as a youngster start to play heavy in his mind. Still Josh is determined not to believe that things like sea monsters exist.

Merleau is a willfully playful mermaid determined to seduce the new lighthouse keeper. She uses all of her sexy charms to try and get Josh into bed with her. When she is unable to seduce him in his world she wisks him off to her world of Cerkania. Merleau knows that bringing a land dweller to the kingdom of the Sea Lords will have serious repercussions for both her and Josh. Her only hope is that Lord Neckarian will not find out.

When Anen, a shapeshifter, wants Merleau to share Josh with her and then the request is refused Anen vows revenge. With her ability to become anything at will she goes to Lord Neckarian in a form she knows will catch his eye. The Sea Lord soon learns of Merleau’s deceptions.


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