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Mermaid Kat

Mermaid Kat wrote to me and asked if I would post some of her photos and links to her site on my site. She does make a wonderful mermaid, so how could I not do this for her :-)

My name is Katrin Felton and I´m a real mermaid. I swim with a professional freediving monofin and a mermaid tail in the ocean. As a scuba instructor I love being in the ocean but without the scuba gear I feel even more free! I´m from Germany but at the moment I´m living in Thailand together with my husband. Before I started swimming as a mermaid I got some experience in modeling. I was "Miss Germany International 2006" and "Queen of the world Germany 2007". After this I worked as a model in many different countries. But I like being under water much more than having a fashion photoshooting. So I decided to become an under water model... Now I can live my passion as "Mermaid Kat"

If you do that could you please show the links to my website ( and facebook page ( That would be really cool.







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