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Mermaid Mating Season



( This story was shared with me a year ago. The writer I have not heard a thing from since August 2011. I believe that something happen to her, and thought that she might want others to enjoy this story.)


MERMAID MATING SEASON The picture on the flier drew his eyes. There stretched out in a provocative position was a gorgeous young mermaid. Long blonde hair floating in the surf around her. Her naked and smooth soft breasts being cradled by her hands,. Her hips pushed up as if in a position of orgasmic ecstasy, her pussy engulfing some invisible stiff cock. And her lithe, beautiful tail, slowly flapping in the surf. It was enough to make any red blooded male stiff and horny. The caption below the picture read:

Come to Australia. Home of the world famous Mermaid Mating Festival. From April to June, every year thousands of mermaids converge on the east coast of Australia along the barrier reef seeking willing human males to impregnate them. It is THE spot to be on the planet . It is MERMAID MATING SEASON. Book your flights and hotels now, as they are already filling up with eager, lusty males.

Him: The media and the marketers had made a killing these past years. It was 10 years ago that the 1st mermaid had shown up on the beaches of Australia. It was quiet and hidden. No press, no one knowing except the lucky SOB she had chosen to mate with. That lucky SOB was me. I was “down under” for an extended fishing trip. Some deep sea stuff, Barrier reef fishing and boating along some of the secluded islands for the more exotic species. I had NO idea at the time just HOW exotic a species I’d find!

Her: Up till then mermaids had been considered a myth. The truth was that we existed in remote parts of the oceans of the world far away as possible from humankind. We did not trust the humans. . The occasional sighting of these wondrous creatures through the years was put down as myth, conjecture, alcohol and wishful thinking. The merfolk liked it that way. That was until this past decade. A strange change in the climate and the gradual pollution of our habitat had created a disease among us. A disease that affected only the male of the species. The mermen were dying off slowly. The ones remaining or born were sterile, not able to recreate their kind. This placed the whole race of mers in grave danger of extinction. Something needed to be done and done immediately, or we would indeed be left in history as myths. Pods from over the earth’s seas got together and decided it was time to reveal themselves to human kind and hope against hope that they would find kind hearts to help them. Sex between mermaids and men had always been possible, but until now, not necessary. And given their desired isolation, not desired. There are a few tales in history of men not only having sex with a mermaid, but also taking them home as their wives. A few human family trees claim mermaids in their heritage. This seemed to produce regular human babies. But a few times it produced also merkind offspring.

Him: In the Philippines there is the legend of Dyesebel- a mermaid produced from human parents. The truth behind the legend is that there was a Dyesebel in the early 1800s that was born as a mermaid. She was kept hidden from the populace, and only made known to a few close relatives. In tracing their family tree it was discovered that there was indeed a mermaid in Dyesebel’s heritage. Evidently the mer-gene had laid dormant for over a hundred years and resurfaced producing Dyesebel. Unlike the romantic retelling of this tale, the real Dyesebel met a sorrowful fate. When she was in her teens her parents took her to the ocean to let her go, presumably to her own kind. But she had not grown up in the sea and did not know how to take care of herself or to find her own kind. Her carcass was found a week later, half eaten by sharks. It is understandable why the story was fictionalized and cleaned up!

Her: But back to sex between man and mermaid. The mermaid’s tail does not begin at her waist. It starts to appear around her thighs and doesn’t “blossom” into a full tail until after her pubic area. Her vagina is flat and more tilted toward the front. This for obvious reasons. So physically it is possible for intercourse with a human. The problem the mermaids had was would this coupling just produce another human, or would nature step in and produce the right species because of the need? It has been proven that in human kind, when there are too many males in one generation, the next balances with females. Would the same prove true here? There was only one way to find out. Try. So it was decided that one brave mermaid would contact a human male, explain the predicament and hope for the best.

Him: This is where I came in. I was fishing along the inlets of the many islands that dot the coastline. It was hot and noon-ish. Drinking down my 3rd beer and wiping my brow I heard an awful sound in the distance. It was like someone scratching their fingers against a chalkboard, but ten times louder! Shaking my head to clear it, I pointed my boat to the direction the sound was coming from. The sound cracked….it was a human voice…..trying to sing. Some wordless tune, and very bad! A female voice, but she either needed voice lessons or to gargle with coral! People sing in the shower and think they sound good. Maybe she was out here fishing and thought nobody could hear her. In any case, I had to ask her to stop! It hurt so bad!

Her: No No No that’s not at all what happened Let me tell the story! I was swimming through the inlets searching for a likely candidate all morning long. NO ONE was fishing today. It was tiring and my tail was starting to hurt. Then I heard the sloshing of a boat in the distance. I quickly dove under the water and came up a few feet behind it. The man there was not what I had romanticized about at all. I was hoping for some Greek God I guess. Someone to sweep me off my tail and make passionate love to me right there. But this guy wasn’t so bad. A bit of a belly on him, but passable cute. He burped a lot and smelled…I had smelled it before. From cans of liquid that had been thrown into our waters. They called it B E E R. I don’t know what those letters stood for. Some secret code? But the liquid left in them smelled just like this guy. Oh well, I thought. Its gotta be done. So , knowing the myths that had arisen amongst these creatures about us, I decided to play the part to the hilt. I dove down and swam up ahead of him around the corner of the inlet. A small rock on the shoreline would do just fine. I positioned myself on it and did my best mermaid pose….like I had seen in their magazines. My hands up behind my head, my breasts sticking out and my tail flapping in the water. Oh yes…then I had to sing. Mermaids sing in their stories. So I took a large gulp of air….trying to get my breasts to “heave”…(what the heck was heaving?) and let out with the gorgeous sounds of a sexy siren.

Him: Gorgeous sounds? Gorgeous? I was drawn to the sounds to stop them, my dear! When I rounded the corner with my boat I saw this clump of brush with a fish tail sticking out from behind it. It was then I saw her. Beautiful to be sure. Long glistening black hair to her waist. Luscious lips that make you want to kiss them., breasts to die for… but a bit ridiculous. Her arms flailing about, her chest heaving in and out like a bellows and her tail….oh yeah the tail. Well I was shocked at first. I mean here I was face to face with a real mermaid- and a beautiful one at that. But she was anything but alluring at that time! Her tail was splashing away at the water as if she were trying to kill something. And with that God awful voice, it was all I could do to try to keep from laughing!

“ Ah, miss….miss……MERMAID! Hey..what the hell are you doing?” “Well, for your information, sir, I am seducing you to my rock” “ Well, I would be a lot more seducible if you wouldn’t sing. And what's with the hands? You chasing off flies or what?”

Her: No No NO! It wasn’t that way at all. He came up to me mesmerized by my song and my beauty. He grabbed me off the rock and threw me to the ground. Taking off his pants he immediately had intercourse with me. After which he burped and rolled off me.

Him: In her dreams. I was amused and astonished but had to try hard to keep from guffawing at her antics. “ Miss, please. I think you are beautiful and would like nothing more that to be seduced. But somehow, I don’t think ….its…working……mmmm..heeee heee haaaaahhhh!!!” I think she was hurt, because with a violent splash she dove off the rock and was gone, leaving me drenched. “That went well” I thought looking bewildered at the wake she had left in the water. A MERMAID! A REAL MERMAID! And I had insulted her and lost her. No one was going to believe me. The times you need a camera and don’t have one!

Her: Well, yes, he did insult my singing. And yes I was mad- but not mad enough to swim away….at least not far. Maybe I didn’t know exactly what to do to seduce him. I thought it was enough to be a mermaid. All men were attracted to us, right? So what’s with this jerk? Maybe the direct approach would work. “I’m sorry” “What?” his head spun around. Her beautiful face appeared out of the water next to his boat. “I said I was sorry….sorry I , well…..blew it is your expression I think” “ Blew what darlin?” “Darlin? What is DARLIN??” “Well you are babe! Darlin- it’s a term we use….darling. Its an affectionate term” “Affectionate? Hmm. I think I might like that…” “What did you blow?” “ I was supposed to seduce you into having sexual intercourse with me” “Well I like the sound of that- but supposed to? What's that all about?” ‘it’s a long story….” she said, sinking glumly down into the water again. “ Wait babe…wait..don’t go. This is getting interesting…”

Him: To make a long story short, I helped her into the boat and she told me the whole scenario. I don’t know why I wasn’t astonished by it all. But there was something about her. Something that more than my penis was interested in. Something in my heart was stirring. Sexy? Yeah she was a knock-out. Sitting there topless, dripping, her sweet nipples peeking out from behind her butt length wet hair. Her tail lazily flapping on the boats bottom and touching my feet every so often. Very sexy tail I must admit. Lithe , but not too muscular. No hint of knee bends. This was a real fish tail! Dark without a trace of scales, but iridescent with dark blues and deep oranges. Her tail fin fanned as if her tail itself were breathing. It created quite a picture. Enough for any red blooded male to want to jump her right there. But somehow, my heart ached for her, for her story, her sad face. The desire was more to comfort than fornicate. I took her hand and smiled. She smiled back weakly. “ I guess I’m not to good at this “mermaid” stuff, huh? Which is funny, because I AM one!” We both got a good laugh at this . Her smile melted everything in me. I leaned in close to her, and taking her by the hand kissed her lightly.

Her: Yes the laughter broke the ice between us. I could tell he was going to kiss me. I held my breath from the beer stench and braced myself. Surprisingly it was not too bad. He was not awkward with his kiss, but very tender. It touched my heart. We looked into each other’s eyes for awhile and then a shout from behind us broke the spell.

“Catch anything?” The man’s voice was harsh and crass and full of liquor. His boat approached them from behind.

“Ah- nothing yet-. No,…..not a …thing” He answered back haltingly. Quickly he took his raincoat and covered her tail.

“ Oh, I see there’s two of you! Like fishing with your boyfriend there, girly?- oh I see you’re a bit wet there! Been swimming?”

“ Yes- been swimming all morning. The water is just great” she answered quickly. Then the man noticed she was naked.

“Oh my gosh you’re,…. nak…I mean…oh excuse me. Am I interrupting here? Newlyweds huh? Do it anywhere, anytime.” He chuckled.. This guy was getting on their nerves. “Sorry, should introduce myself here. I’m George. George Zelacar. From the big city of DE-troit Michigan. Betcha can’t tell what I do for a livin‘…..go on guess…”

“Not a clue”

“I’m a car salesman! Just like my name! Zelecar- sell a car…isn’t that a hoot. By the way, didn’t catch your names….”

“I’m Tom and this is…..” he looked at her blankly. He didn’t know her name. Probably some exotic Mermaid name like Sirena , or Jewel or Ariel or..

“I’m Amy” she said cordially. Amy? Hmm. Nice short, sweet, feminine. It suited her.

“Listen sir, may we have some privacy?” Tom shouted over to the intruder.

“Oh hell yes. Never let it be said that George Zelecar is rude or anything. Can‘t make sales that way!” He laughed crudely and let out a huge burp. Just as he did a wind whipped up and blew some of the things around in their boat, including Tom’s rain coat, leaving Amy’s tail exposed.. George just stared a minute. “ What- what you got on, darlin? I mean its none of my business, you newlyweds wanna be kinky and all, but is that some kinda - costume?” He rowed a bit closer to them. She couldn’t take anymore chances. With a big flip she dove off the boat with a giant splash , her tail obvious to all, following after.

“ Did I- Did….I…just see what I thought… I…saw?” George sputtered out. Before Tom could answer him George’s boat started rocking side to side. “What the…” He finally fell off into the water. His arms were flailing all over, but before Tom could try to help, two female arms reached up and drug him under. He went screaming and gurgling. Tom looked in disbelief. He waited and waited. 1 minute. Two minutes. 3 minutes. 10 minutes he waited. Then her head popped up out of the water next to the boat.

“ You didn’t drown him, did you? “ Tom gasped. “Drown?” she said coyly. “ Yeah, drown - as in kill him?” “ Kill him? Do I look like the type of mer who kills humans?” “How do I know- you’re the 1st mer…ah mermaid I’ve ever met!” “ He’s ok. He’s about half a mile from here on a little island. He’s a bit shook up and disoriented. When someone finds him they’ll never believe his story- especially with the spirits on his breath” “Spirits?” “Yes- what you call it- B E E R? Awful smell!” “ Oh, Spirits- alcohol…” “Al Cohol.? I thought his name was George." “No, its one word -alcohol, it’s the name for…never mind”

With that she smiled shyly and motioned him to come closer. He bent down to her face, just barely out of the water now. She took his head with her hands and kissed him, deeply and firmly. It took his breath away. She smiled shyly again and was gone without even a splash. He looked on wondering at what had just transpired this afternoon. Was it HIS alcohol intake? Was this all a dream? His head was spinning. Then far out in the water a little splash. A head popping up, a small hand waving and the disappearing again, with a definite fish tail following after. “I’ll be damned!” he chuckled, and started his motor up and headed the direction he saw her swim.

He kept hoping he would see her tail fin in the water somewhere. There it was. He turned in her direction. Every so often he’d see her pop up out of the water, look at him and dive down again. She was leading him! And he was gladly following. She lead him to a group of small islands clustered closely to each other. One with a soft sandy beach, out of sight of the open water. He pointed his boat towards the shore. Grounding it, he got out and looked around. Down the beach a ways he could hear her singing softly. Softly but still grossly out of tune. He chuckled to himself. “ She’s attempting the seduction thing again” he thought. He found it somehow endearing.

There behind a clump of weeds she sat, her tail half way in the water, smiling at him. Her wet breasts glistening in the sun, the water dripping sensuously off each nipple. She was arranging her wet hair around her shoulder, hanging down between her breasts. She was a sight to behold. Her look was definitely of the “come hither:” variety, and he felt his heart race and his pants get stiff. His eyes followed the sexy drips from her breasts down her belly , over her belly button and to her- well here was something not expected. He always wondered how mermaids do it, and here was the answer. Her tail actually started gradually just around her thighs,, and in the midst of the thighs, it was a definite vagina. Glistening wet and looking awfully inviting. His pants were getting tighter by the minute.

“So, Tom, you wanna do something about what we discussed?” She smiled as she pushed out her chest for full effect and wiggled her tail softly in the water. He gulped and tried to say something. “ What? I can’t hear you. Come closer, Tommmmmy….’ she motioned. He knelt down beside her and took her head in his hands this time and kissed her deeply. She moaned softly as they kissed, her tongue darting into his mouth hungrily. Then his mouth found her eyes, kissing each tenderly, and down her cheek to her neck and then each nipple. With each exploration his mouth took her tail became more and more excited, splashing ever harder in the lapping water. Her hands gripped his hair tightly as finally his tongue discovered her vagina. Her moans were sharper and louder this time as his tongue found its way inside her. He couldn’t stand anymore. He had to have this beautiful creature! Tearing off his clothes he straddled her tail with his legs and slowly lowered himself on top of her. As he did, her tail wrapped around his legs softly. Her tail felt so smooth and sexy on his bare skin. She smiled up at him as her arms went around him pulling him fully on top of her. His chest crushed her wet breasts. They kissed hungrily as he entered her. Her tail fin fanned violently as he pushed inside. “She is so tight“, he thought. “He is so large“, she thought.

“You see, mermen are…or were, notoriously small in the sex organ area. Mermaids have always felt cheated in that, especially when a few of us had had the reports once in awhile of sex with humans. That’s where the seduction legends come from. Horny mermaids wanting satisfaction they couldn’t find under the sea. “

“ Yes dear, and what abut the drowning thing…”

“Well, you can’t blame a whole species for the misjudgment of a few mers..”

“Misjudgment? Its murder my dear.”

“Well in the excitement, the men just seemed to, well, take in too much water when they had their orgasms. And, when you’re a mermaid in the midst of YOUR orgasm, you don’t really pay much attention to some poor human drowning,… I guess…. Ah, this is NOT from personal experience by the way. Just heard tell, you understand…ahem….”

“Lets get on with the story, ok dear? The people were just getting hot reading about our, uh,…”


“Yes, mating.”

He kissed her neck and she kissed his neck and ears as their bodies moved together in the rhythm of the water lapping around them. The tension mounted as their bodies felt as if they had melted into each other. They moved as one. All arms and legs and tail wrapped tightly. Not a jellyfish’s space to find between them. Then in a great swell of water over them they both were overwhelmed by their climaxes. . He gushed inside of her and she squirted all over him. Slowly their bodies calmed in the rhythm of the water and became still.

They breathed softly and still held each other tightly. The only sound being their breath and the water in the bay. Finally Tom spoke. “ that was….you were fantastic, Amy.” he whispered. “ You are just….”

“Shhhh. “ she shushed him quietly. “can’t you hear it?” “Hear what?” he asked. “All your little spermies swimming their little tails off, attacking my egg…listen….” ‘What?” “Listen! Hear them?” He listened carefully . “Well, maybe..just a little….” “Oh, you LIE!” she laughed and slapped his naked butt with her tail fin. “There’s no sound!. I was fooling you!” She giggled. He laughed and held her tightly and kissed her once more. “ You know, I could fall for you, little mermaid…” “I think you already did.” she smiled and licked the end of his nose playfully.

“And that’s where it all kinda started.”

“ Yes, we fell in love there. I hadn’t intended on that you know. The mission was to find a human, have sex and beat it back to the pod. But here was this cute beer bellied smelly fisherman who was not at all intimidated that he was making love to a gorgeous mermaid….”

‘Who couldn’t sing”

“Alright, who couldn’t sing…”

“Or do a proper seduction on a rock….he he “

‘Ok- I was inexperienced. But the point is, …

“ The point is we finish each others sentences. We like the same ....seafoods… he he…we have a way of just being one with each other even when we’re not touching, ya know? It was just meant to be. The fact that she’s a different species altogether...’

‘well not TOTALLY all together dear….”

“ Well, half- ok”

“Oh, and when did you start measuring?”

“ Listen - I LOVE your tail. You know that.. Its just, sometimes it would be nice to wake up in a dry bed for a change.”

“Well where do you WANT me to sleep- the bathtub? Remember when you got me home? That’s where he put me. The BATHTUB!! You ever try sitting in a bathtub for 24 hours a day? Its not as romantic as it sounds…”

“ But we digress…..”

Part 2

The rest of that afternoon they talked and she told him of her kind and their customs. That she had learned English from an older mer who had spent some time in the captivity of a kindly old fisherman from Australia. Tom thought he had detected a slight Australian accent in her voice.

After awhile they swam together in the lagoon. She dove and came up under him, tickling him. He dove under to catch her, and she playfully alluded his grasp. Here she was in her element. A true marine creature. She darted around under the water, her sexy lithe, tail propelling her past him. Its delicateness belied its strength. Her long gorgeous hair floated around her like a dark halo. Smiling she swam slowly to his waiting arms. They surfaced and kissed, her tail slowly undulating, keeping them treading water.

He was erect again, and she pushed her hips to align her vagina to him. Slowly he pushed into her soft walls. She moaned and smiled broadly as he entered her. Their lips met and tongues did a wet dance together in each other’s mouths as their hips undulated in rhythm together. His legs wrapped around her tail. It was so smooth and soft. He kissed her neck softly as he dug deeply into her. She squealed as she came. He gushed inside of her and they sank to the sea bed. Little specks of semen floated around them and up to the surface. Little fish darted in among them and nibbled on it. They held each other tightly and sat on the floor of the lagoon, her hair billowing around both their heads. He stared lovingly into her eyes until his need for air trumped every other need. She understood and swam them both to the surface.

Making his way to the shore, she dove down again and was gone for a few minutes. He looked anxiously at the water, fearing she’d gone. Then she surfaced with some seaweed and what looked like wet cherries.

She crawled ashore and next to him with her sea- booty.

“Here- try. Its good for eating.” she said. He haltingly put some in his mouth and almost gagged. “ No, no. Crush it like this first.” She took the seaweed and berries and rubbed them vigorously in her hands. She gave the mash to him and he nibbled at it. “ See. The berries take away the bitterness of the weed. Its almost like a , what do you humans call it? _ A Dessert!” He laughed at this and ate some more. It indeed was sweeter that way. “ And this will revive your, um, power. The power to make love again” He grinned broadly at this and stuck the whole mash into his mouth, gulping it down, some of it oozing out of the corners of his mouth. They both laughed heartily at this. She tenderly kissed his cheek and licked the sides of his lips.

“Now YOU have more sex power, my little mermaid!” he guffawed. She winked and rubbed his legs softly with her full tail.

“Lets just rest awhile” ,she whispered. The sun beat down on them as the water sloshed over his feet and her fin. They talked awhile more and made love two more times on the beach till the sun was starting to go down in the horizon.

They lay there for awhile just staring into each other’s eyes. His fingers softly stroked her breasts and played with her nipples. She licked his nose from time to time. A new sensation to him. Perhaps this was a custom among the mers. He ran his fingers through her jet-black hair. It was drying in the afternoon sun and the breeze. She was exquisite. She looked of exotic heritage. Perhaps Filipino in her past somewhere. Her green eyes sparkled as she looked in his. Her tail fin lovingly stroked his bare legs and feet. Her hands slowly explored his naked body.

“Amy, what do I do with you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, what do I do with you? I can’t let you go. I want you. “

“You’ve had me already!”, she giggled, “ Four times today. And it was WONdeful!”

“ Yes it was, but I don’t want this to stop. I want to be with you always.”

“But you can’t my dear sweet human. We’ve made love enough this afternoon that I think you have successfully impregnated me. I need to swim back to my pod”

“ But why?”

“ My pod will take care of me all through my pregnancy. And when the baby comes, we will see if it is a mer or not.”

“But, ….no! I can’t let you go! I Love You Amy!” She gasped a at this. Love was not in her plan. It was to be a seduction and impregnation. Simple and fast, and then back to the pod. This just complicated things.

“Tom, you cannot come with me to the pod. It’s impossible. For one thing its too long a swim for a human to do. Two- well, I’m not sure the pod would like it very much if I brought you! They…that is we, are still very wary of your kind. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to offend.”

“I’m not offended. From what you’ve told me, our kind have treated you mers pretty badly throughout history.”

“ Yes, and I’m afraid the trust is just not there yet for my pod to accept a human among them. Besides, how would you live? We spend at least two thirds of our time below sea.”

“ Yes, that is a problem” he hung his head sadly. “ What can’t you just morph legs and come home with me?”

“Morph? This is a new word to me.”

“ Ah, it means to change. Your tail becomes legs and you can walk”

“ Ah- I see. You believe the legends. Well, my dear, I’m sorry to inform you, those are just legends.

I am of the mer, or what you call mermaid. I am not magic. I am real. My tail is real and it will stay a tail for as long as I live. “

“ And a beautiful tail it is…” he said softly, rubbing it from her hips halfway down. He could feel her tail muscles quiver slightly and her fin fanned a bit. “ But there’s gotta be a way…”

“ There is no way my love.”

“ You called me your LOVE. Does that mean that…”

“ Yes, I love you too.” she said with a cry in her voice. “ This just was not supposed to happen.!” Tears started forming in her eyes. He held her head in his hand and wiped her tears softly as they ran down her cheeks.. “I MUST go back. I simply must. Its for the good of the pod- and the good of all the mers in the seas!”

“The you must, my sweet mermaid”. He tenderly kissed her. “ Its getting late and I have to get back to the mainland before dark, or I may not find my way.” he got up and reluctantly put his clothes back on.

“Carry me, Tommy. Carry me into the water and release me.” Her arms went around his neck and she buried her head in it also as he picked her up. She was lighter than he expected. Her tail wriggled slightly as he carried her waist deep into the water. They kissed one last time and she lovingly licked his nose again as she let her grasp go from his neck. “Goodbye, my love. I am carrying your child within me. I will never forget you.” With that she slipped into the water and with a flip of her tail fin she was gone. He looked longingly at the wake she left. His heart sank as he went to his boat to go back to the mainland. He had started out this fishing trip, happy to be alone and doing just what he wanted. But now the loneliness stabbed at his heart. Sadly he started his motor and aimed for the mainland.

Just then a little head popped up far behind him and a familiar little voice shouted. “ Tom…. Tom…..TOMMMY!!!!! Don’t GO!!! …….”


Chapter two


The story he'd heard was hard to believe. Alex was a friend but hard to believe alot of the time. His girlfriend had left him and he was pretty broken up about it. He loved her deeply, even though she was crippled. He had wheeled her everywhere, carrying her and tending to her every need. Then one day she had disappeared. All that was left was a broken sea shell on his bedroom table. No note or anything. But Alex seemed to know what it was about. He tried telling his friend, but again it was hard to believe. He gave John the name of some friends he said could clear up any questions.

Thats why John was here to visit Tom and Amy. They were a nice young couple. Sad though what had happened to their little girl. Crippled at birth. Just like Amy. Amy also got around the house in a wheelchair. But she was very adept at it. She had opened the door when he first came. A really beautiful woman. Long black hair, hypnotic green eyes. She looked slightly Asian, maybe Filipino descent.

"Hi, I'm John. Alex spoke of me. Said I needed to come see you and Tom."

"Why yes , John. Come in" she smiled coyly, rolling her wheelchair out of his way so he could step through.. "Alex told us you were coming. How is he these days?"

He's, he's ah fine...well no not really. He's had some problems lately. His girl left him. And he goes off on tangents, telling wild stories and such. "

"What KIND of stories" she smiled knowingly. Tom came from the back of the house, he was wet with a towel around his middle.

"Amy, Chloe did the cutest thing in the pool just now. She swam the length then waved at me with her tai....oh, I see we have company. Hello. I'm Tom." He offered a hand to John. "You must be Alex's friend. Come on in, have a seat." he motioned for John to come into the living room. "Tell me, what brings you here?"

"Well, thats the thing. I'm not really sure. Alex has not been well of late. Tells wild stories and....."

"What stories?" Amy chuckled looking knowingly at Tom. Tom stroked her hair softly, kissing her mouth .

"Let the man talk dear."

"Well you are going to find this strange and unbelievable. No, more than that. You'll probably just laugh. Or not- maybe you'll just....OH HELL! This is so hard. Alex has been telling me MERMAID STORIES!"

"Mermaids? How fascinating!" Amy said with her green eyes sparkling.. " What kind of mermaids?'

"What do you mean ,what kind? I do I know. Just mermaids- you know, with fish tails."

"OOoo! What color? Blue, green, orange with pink stripes. I love that kind of tail! It shimmers in the dark waters. Wish I had..."

"Dear...dear. Not just yet. Let the man talk"

John was really frustrated now. These two had not reacted as he'd thought they would. .. "Alex told me his girlfriend...she was...she was a mermaid. There , I've said it. He'd caught her off the Australian coast and brought her home. He kept it secret, making people think she was an invalid in a wheelchair....OH, I'm sorry Amy, I didn't mean..."

"It's ok, John, go on." she cocked her head with a grin.

"This is so stupid! They lived together as husband and wife and tried having children. She miscarried and said she had to go back to her people. She left one morning leaving only a broken shell by Alex's bed. But he was the one broken. I TOLD you it was an unbelievable story. I don't know what to do for him. He needs help."

"Yes he does, John, but not the type you think he does." Tom said . “Excuse me, I hear Chloe yelling for me. She wants out of the pool."

"I thought your child was crippled. Alex told me she was.. You just left her alone in the pool? I don't understand"

"You will , John. Can I get you something to drink?" Amy wheeled herself into the kitchen. It was designed with her in mind- everything at a level for her reach.

"I'd like a good stiff drink, actually. But just water will do"

"Salt or fresh? Oh excuse me, men like fresh water, don't they..." He looked incredulously at Amy. Was she mocking him? They both seemed to be treating him with a slightly condescending attitude. It was Alex who needed help. not him!

Tom came into the room with Chloe in his arms. "Mommy, mommy, I swam the whole pool today!"

"Thats wonderful, sweetie! Say hello to our guest . This is Mr. John. He’s Mr. Alex’s friend.”

“Hi, Mr. John.” she extended her hand to him as Tom bent down with her in front of John.

John was shaking. He extended an unsteady hand towards Chloe. She was a pretty little girl. Maybe 5 years old. Long black hair just like her mom’s and green blue eyes. A big smile that could melt your heart. But that wasn’t the thing he noticed at first. She had a greenish blue tank top on and a little skirt type thing around her waist. But she had.....he couldn’t believe his eyes.....a beautiful little fish tail! His hand never shook hers. It went hesitantly to touch her tail. She giggled and pulled it away from him.

“ Oh, excuse me! I didn’t mean to... I mean, I....O my.......she’s...a ...”

“Mermaid is the word I think your looking for” said Amy and with a flourish tore off the blanket that had been supposedly covering her legs. But John saw they were not legs either. Amy also had a fish tail;. Deep blue with deep orange markings. Was this a joke? Were these costumes? He could not see any knees in either Amy’s or Chloe’s tail.

“Oh, they’re real John, I assure you” Tom said as if reading John’s mind. “Amy why don’t you let John just touch once”. She wheeled over to John and lifted her tail up placing her fin squarely on his lap.

“Oh my gosh!” John exclaimed. “Alex’s stories were true!” his fingers ran along the ridges of her fin.

She giggled at this. Looking at Tom he sheepishly withdrew his hand. “Please forgive me. Its just that..”

“I understand. Not a problem. kinda hard to take in all at once.”

“You really ARE mermaids! There really ARE mermaids! I mean REAL ones! WOW! We gotta tell someone about...”

“No John. We can’t tell anyone just yet. The public couldn’t handle this. And what would happen to Amy and Chloe- they’d take them away from me.”

“Is Chloe your...did you and she.”

“She’s Tom’s child, John. Yes. mermaids and men do have sex! “ She said chuckling.” I knew you were wondering!”

“Then Alex and his girlfriend. She really a mermaid too!’

“The broken shell by the bed...thats a sign of a broken relationship in the mermaid world.” Amy explained. “ I think you need to get comfortable. We have quite a story of our own to tell you.” She hopped from the wheelchair onto the couch next to Tom. She held Chloe in her lap, brushing her hair., Chloe’s tail swinging and slapping lightly her mother’s tail. Tom kissed them both on the cheek and took Chloe out of the room. Chloe protested.

“But daddy!”

“Sweetie, Mommy and I have some grown-up stuff to talk to Mr. John about.” Tom said.

“You mean the tickle game, daddy?” She shouted over to John from the door to her room. “ Mommy and daddy played the tickle game and then I came along in mommy’s tummy!”


Tom continued his story to John. “And thats when Amy decided she couldn’t leave me. She swam up to the boat and I helped her in. When we got back to port we snuck her past most people in the dark, her tail wrapped in my coat. That’s where Alex came in. We needed someone to confide in to get her back to the States. Alex ran a small fleet of fishing boats and was a friend of a friend of a ..well you get the idea. He promised to help ONLY if he could have his own mermaid! Geeez, He was really taken with Amy. After much talk Amy agreed to swim back to her pod to see if one of her sisters would agree to at least meet Alex.

“Zoe is her name. She looks much like Amy. Maybe an inch shorter in the tail. But she agreed to a meeting. We took Alex to the same island where Amy and I first mated. She was sitting on the beach, smiling at us when we arrived. It was like Dejavu! She looked so much like Amy and it brought back such wonderful memories of the day before. But we were here for Alex. When Alex stepped off the boat he couldn’t take his eyes off of Zoe, and her eyes were glued to him. She smiled demurely as Alex walked up to her. Her tail fin swirled the water that swept over it. and she tried unsuccessfully to hide her nipples with her long wet hair. Amy and I discreetly took off to leave them alone for the afternoon.

“When we came back that evening, we found them both asleep in each other’s arms on the beach. Alex was naked so we assumed that mating had indeed taken place. I envied him. That first thrill of making love to a gorgeous mermaid! Waking them Zoe was startled and jumped into the bay, starting to swim off. Amy jumped in after her. The two were gone for about half an hour. Then two little heads popped up in the bay.

“I had convinced her to take the same chance I was going to take and go back with these gorgeous men to their country on land. It was going to be a huge adventure.” Amy continued the story. “You’d never seen such a happy man! He dove into the bay and picked Zoe up in his arms, her tail flailing away in the air as they kissed. He brought her up on land and carried her away behind the curve of the beach. You could hear them both moaning and kissing and, well you get the idea. Then the tell tale flapping of her tail to tell me she had orgasmed...”

‘OK dear, lets keep things simple. No need to go into detail.”

“ But Tom and I were so turned on we made love on the beach right there again a couple of times.:

“ A couple of times?” John asked gulping and with eyes wide open,

“ Oh yes, there’s this plant in the bay...its kind of sweet if you crush it, and it has power to...”

“Dear, dear...give the man time to take all this in. Sorry John. My wife, she has a way of...”

“ This is fantastic!” John exclaimed. “You know what? I think I want my own mermaid!”

“ Well, John. Thats kind of why you are here. “ Amy said looking coyly.

She explained the whole concept to John. The need for men to impregnate the mermaid population.

The more he heard the more he shifted in his seat.. He couldn’t help it he was getting hard just thinking about it. And it didn’t help seeing Amy’s beautiful tail laying on Tom’s lap as they talked. He would rub it lightly and occasionally share loving glances at each other. He could picture the two of them locked in a hot embrace. And the thought of actually piercing that beautiful tail with his own hardness took his breath away.

“ Tom, I think our guest is getting a bit hot. Why not get him some more water” Amy said.

‘ Uh- fresh, not salt.” John quipped, and Amy let out a laugh.

“Sounds like you’re getting used to the whole idea, Johnny!” Amy smiled.


And thats how he found himself on this charted fishing boat slowly making its way between the small islands gathered around the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. He wasn’t sure IF he’d find what he was looking for or even WHERE he’d find it- them- her- whatever. They had traveled most of the morning. The captain said it was time to start back or they might get lost in the dark and in the twists and turns around the islands.

He had brought a camera with him and told the story of being here for National Geographic. He wasn’t about to tell the captain the real reason he was here. The hot noon-day sun beat down on his head. The heat made a sort of haze around the surface of the water and onto the beaches they passed. Very deserted here. No people ever came this way. Thats what the captain had said. Why was he here? Was there some animal he was looking to photograph. Ah, yes, right. Some animal. He laughed at this. Some SEXY animal anyway- hopefully! Amy had tried giving him detailed directions to her pod, but to him one island looked pretty much like another.

He had hoped that both Tom and Amy would have accompanied him on this “fishing” trip. But Tom couldn’t get away from the office that soon and was not about to send Amy alone on a trip with John. He had seen how John practically drooled over his wife! But Tom had gotten used to that reaction.

In any case, John was on his own out here and he felt pretty well lost. He hung his head when they finally had to turn the boat around and head back.

He sat in the back and relaxed, trying to enjoy the scenery as the captain was radioing in that they needed help to navigate through the confusing passages. His eyes closed and his mind wandered to what might have been. This was the 2nd day out and still nothing. He couldn’t afford a 3rd excursion. Then he heard a small plop in the water. Looking up he saw some cranes flying over. One dove into the water and came up with a fish in its mouth, and then flew away. Shaking his head he closed his eyes again.

Another plop. Another Crane he thought to himself. Then another plop and another. He opened his eyes and saw a flock of cranes were following the boat. Every so often a crane would dive down and come up with a fish. Fascinating to see this up close. He watched as one after another would dive. But then he saw something different. As one crane dove towards the water a little hand popped up from beneath with a fish in it and gave it to the crane! Then another hand and another feeding. He looked intently into the water, but couldn’t see anything. The sun was too high and glared off the surface. But they were hands coming up, weren’t they? Could he be sure? His heart raced.

“Stop the boat” he yelled to the captain. But the motor noise was too loud for the captain to hear.

“Stop the boat” he tried one more time. As he looked at the water, another hand feeding the cranes then a little disturbance in the water and a definite tail fin popping up and then immediately down under again!

OH GOSH! Had he found them? The dreams he had had coming here- now would they be fulfilled?

The captain shouted. “ We got directions John. But we have to beat it and make time to get back before dark. Sit down. I’m opening the throttle.”

“No! No no no no!” John screamed and fell backwards into the bottom of the boat as they sped away.

He climbed up looking over the side as he saw the cranes flying away from them. Looking at the water he saw clearly 3 tail fins break the surface and disappear. Had he come this far to lose out now?

He got up and with all his strength dove over the side into the water. Coming up for air he could see the boat speeding away from him, its motor humming, its captain slugging a beer and having his radio turned up. Rap music faded into the distance as John treaded water for all he was worth. The captain probably wouldn’t notice he was gone for another mile or so, if at all.

What to do now? If he was lucky maybe the pod would find him! Stories of mermaids saving men from drowning- he’d heard those , hadn’t he? Of course he’d also heard of mermaids drowning hapless men! Fear gripped his heart suddenly. Only one thing to do. Swim for the shore. It was maybe 10 yards from him now. He never was a strong swimmer. he cursed the day he had complained about his swimming lessons to his mother. Boy, could he use them now!

Finally making it to the shore of one of the islands, he crawled up on the beach and lay there panting.

Then to his delight he heard another of the now infamous plops in the water. Rolling over he could see four, maybe five tail fins out of the water and disappearing. He was still panting, but not from exhaustion now- from excitement! Staring intently out at the water he saw the tails com up every so often and it appeared they were headed around the shore of the island away from him. Getting up slowly he followed on shore the direction they went .

Then a big splash and a head appeared out of the water. A female head! She looked around, and he quickly hid behind some bull rushes. Splash and she was gone again. His heart was pounding louder than the engine of the boat that had left him. The he heard some talking in the distance. He quieted himself to listen closely. Female voices. Couldn’t understand the language though. A mixture of clicks, squeaks, melodious slurred vowel sounds and laughter. Crawling slowly and quietly he came to a curve on the beached and peeked up from behind the weeds.

What he saw took his breath away. There congregated along the bey, sitting on rocks, or on the beach or halfway in the water and swimming in the water of the bay- MERMAIDS! He had found the pod! They were beyond description. All this beautiful female/fish flesh! They all had long black hair, just as Amy had. Glistening in the sun , some brushed it, some brushed other mers’ hair. Their tails looked very much like Amy’s, although different colors here and there. They were definitely of Asian type background. Every one he saw looked pretty to him. All were topless, and some were actually rubbing one another’s breasts with some kind of cream. This was getting him extremely hard!

Some were eating- looked like raw fish. That made sense. What else would be on a mermaid’s diet?

He tried crawling nearer to get a better look. But the thought occurred to him. How would he introduce himself to there beautiful creatures and not scare them away? He HAD come here looking to mate just like Amy and Tom had. So at some point he had to make himself known. Then he felt two wet hands grab hold of his feet and drag him backwards. Grabbing onto the weeds did him no good as he felt himself being drug into the water and under it. He was struggling with all his might to make it back to the surface for air, but to no avail. He watched the surface flee from him as he was being drug down to the bottom of the bay. The last thing he saw was a beautiful female face looking curiously at him and biting into his flesh.


He awoke with a start. His whole body was shaking.

“ Hey there Mr. Cole. Had a nice nap? We’re almost back to the dock. You’ve been out quite awhile. Hope you found the pictures you wanted out there. I sure don’t know what you were looking for.”

Damn! All dreams. They seemed so real. So close and no mermaids! He’d run out of money for another charter, so now what. Docking the boat, the captain came and shook his hand. “Ever need another charter, you know who to look for! Hey, DID ever find what you were looking for?”

“No. They just weren’t out there today.” He looked solemn.

“Well, sounds like it was awfully important to you. I know you ain’t here for National Geographic. I’ve done there expeditions before. Got alot more equipment than you. And didn’t sleep on the job!” The captain guffawed. “ Hey I know what you were looking for!”

“You do?”

“Yeah,- Mermaids!” The captain laughed heartily at his bad joke and John just fell more into depression.

“Hey man- its just a joke. Didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.. I mean I know you weren’t looking for mermaids...” The captain looked intently at John. “ Hey- hey WERE looking for mermaids, weren’t yet? My my my. Don’t tell anyone, but I believe in em too! Saw some a few years back around these islands. Nobody believed me though. Nobody except Old Gentry..”

“Old Gentry?”

“ Well ya see, Old Gentry has fished these waters forever. He must be ninety by now. Still alive though, I hear. Some years back, maybe 20 or so, he claimed he caught a mermaid in one of his nets. Described her. So beautiful and sexy, he couldn’t let her go and wouldn’t let anyone else see her or have her. He must have been in his late 60s, early 70s...Anyways, he kept this mermaid for almost 2 years. Taught her English and alot about mankind. Some said they even had a baby together. How I don’t know...I mean where do you put the...”

“ I know where...” John smiled

“Huh? Oh really? Well, no wonder you wanna find some mermaids! Weee! Damn! Anyway that girl, er, mermaid- whatever- if she did exist, she’d be about 20 something now. He said he let em both go. He loved her too much to keep her imprisoned in his home away from her kind and away from the sea.

Hey- if you wanna find them mermaids you need to talk to Old Gentry. I’ve got his address and phone somewheres in my compartment here. Let me find it for you.”

“20 something years old, huh? And I bet her name is Amy” He thought, smiling to himself.



The phone number the captain had given him was disconnected. But there was still the address, or part of one. Tomes Point- a little village on the ocean with a small port and marina, various small stores and a few old houses dotting the coastline. Its all John had to go on. Ask the locals I guess. The sign said Ed's Bait Shop. Big sign with a drawing of a mermaid smiling and caught in a net in the front window. Seemed the perfect place to start.

" Good morning sir, how can I help you? Going to do some fishing today? Wouldn't recommend it. The sea is a bit angry this morning. She can be a dangerous mistress ..."

" Actually I'm just looking for some information."

" Information? Does this look like a library? You one of them tabloid reporters? I see your camera. Had our fill of those guys years ago. Come snooping around the town looking for...well thats more than I want to say."

" I'm looking for an elderly gentleman that lives here. A man called...'

" Old Gentry. Huh huh. I knew you was one of them tabloid guys! Well that story died two decades ago young fella. And we in this town don't want it brought up again. Especially with his passin and all."

"Passing? you mean that..."

"Yup, Old Gentry died two months ago. 90 years old. Rugged old coot. Lived here all his life. Fished these waters for probably 70 some years ." The color went out of John's face. " Oh I'm sorry- you a relative or something of his? You look like you took the news so hard. Please forgive my mouth. I'm always gettin in trouble with it."

" Its OK. I'll be fine" was this another dead end? " Tell me- where did he live?"

"Down the road a bit...3rd house on the right. Right on the ocean. In pretty bad shape now.. They're gonna tear it down. Couldn't find no next of kin. You sure you not related? No? Well somebody's gotta either sell or throw away his stuff I guess. A 'course he never took care of anything his whole life 'cept his fishin. That was until she came. She must have inspired him to do work on the place. But with her leavin' it just fell into disrepair again."


" Yeah that young girl that came into his life, and the baby...damn. There I go runnin off at the mouth again."

"Please, please. This is very important. Tell me as much as you can."

"You sure you ain't one of the reporters? Don't look like one. But who knows these days. Ah hell. Its been nearly 20 years. Who cares anymore."

" I care. Please..."

" Well SHE came into Old Gentry's life all of a sudden like. No one knows where she came from or where she went for that matter. Just one day she was there, wheeling around in this wheel chair around his property. Not very sociable. Was here 2 whole years and never came around to see or talk to anybody. People just caught glimpses of her in passing. He came into town only a couple times with her- to see the Doc. That was when she was pregnant. "

"She had a baby with Old Gentry?"

"That was the rumor. Everyone thought at first maybe she was his daughter or even grand daughter. Their age difference and all. But the relationship was- different. All I can say. The thought of that old coot and that young beautiful girl...well makes you wonder." he said that last with a bit of envy in his voice. 'Yup, she was a looker alright. Shame about her injury. But then came the baby. They had seen the Doc a couple times like I said, and then reporters started coming around asking questions. Those damn tabloids. They talked to the Doc and then went to see Old gentry. Soon after Doc left town and the girl and her baby..well they were never seen of again."

"You say the Doc left town?'

"Yeah, but his wife's still here. Maybe she could give you more information than I can. You sucked me dry, boy. I tell ya, when I get talkin'.."


"Now you're bringing things up I'm not sure I want to think about anymore, son." She was a gentle woman of about 60. had been married to the local doctor for about 20 years. Till he left town almost 20 years ago. Asking her questions was going to be hard. Her husband had up and left her without any explanation.

" If you ask me he took off looking for that woman! Woman?_ GIRL. She was so young I could see the look in his eyes the day Gentry brought her in. Pretty little thing. Asian I think. Long dark black shiny hair almost to her bum...excuse me. She didn't say a word to me or anyone else in the office. Extremely shy. She was pregnant, probably 6 months or so. He took her and Gentry into the office and shut the door. They were in there a good three hours. I knocked but he told me to go away. No one has a pregnancy check up for 3 hours! After that visit he took several private visits to Gentry's house before the poor girl gave birth. Always took his camera with him."

" Camera?! Are there pictures of this girl? Did he take any?"

"Well, I don't know. When Angus left he took very little with him. I left things in the office pretty much as they were. Suppose we could check. " She led him into the doctor's office. Dusty and musty. Hadn't been touched in quite a few years.. She rustled through some files. "Ah- here. GENTRY, RUSSELL." She looked quickly through the papers. " No- nothing about any girl here." Another file fell out from the one she held. John picked it up. It read GENTRY WOMAN/Pregnancy. His hands shook as he slowly opened it up.

Magdalene Gentry. Age 18. Condition: Pregnant. Relations: Russell Gentry/ Husband. - age 70.

Height: 5 foot 3 inches. Weight: 125 pounds Country of origin: Asian/Pacific Distinguishing features: There was something written there and scribbled out. Prognosis: healthy. SEE ATTACHED PHOTOS

See attached photos? Nothing was here/ Then a packet fell to the floor. He picked them up hastily and looked through them quickly. His heart rushed as he stuffed them in his coat pocket.

" Ah, can I have these" he asked almost giddy with the excitement. " the pictures and the file? I mean I'd pay you for them. You can't use them, right?"

The woman looked confused and shook her head. " Hey- you can have anything the bastard left behind.

I sure don't want it. " He rushed out of the house with hurried thank you and ran down the hill to the intersection with his new found booty! "3 house down the guy said. Old Gentry's place." He walked briskly down the road, the cool sea breeze chilling him. It was almost a mile till he found the place. It was very dilapidated. Trying the door it wouldn't give way. Locked. He kicked at it and it groaned.

Looking around he found a rock and broke a side window. Climbing carefully in he found himself in a kitchen. Very dirty and musty. he almost gagged at the stench. he quickly opened another window for air and brushed off a chair to sit on.

Taking the pictures out of his coat he spread them out on the dusty table in front of him. Smiling he looked intently at them. There in front of him was a young woman sitting up on a examining table.

Her pregnant belly protruding out from her and her tail draped over the side. . It was very clearly a fish tail! Dark blue with deep orange patches. Another picture was close up of that tail. No hint of scales. Where had he seen a tail very similar to that? Then another of her on her side, the tail being taken from the back. Then one of her tail fin. Another very clearly of the girls vagina. Her thighs gave way to the fish part gradually with the vagina nestled there in between. It was more flat and angled front wards than a woman's vagina. His mouth was going dry. These were of course pictures that a doctor or scientist would take of a specimen...nothing sexual about them- still.

Another of the girl laying down on her back, naked, her belly protruding, with her tail up in the air.

Then a final one of an old man holding her on his lap, She had her dress back on and her head buried in his chest, crying. The poor thing was probably scared by all the examination and probing done to her.

He felt a tinge of guilt and compassion looking at these. He looked around at the kitchen. Everywhere he looked were mermaids. Magnetic mermaids on the refrigerator. Mermaid potholder , Mermaid postcards strewed on the counter. Even hanging over the table on the wall a big picture of Darryl Hannah as the Splash mermaid.

He got up and walked into the living room. There were mermaid knickknacks on every inch of the end tables . Some very child-like, some very sexy and naked. Different paintings and drawings filled up every inch of the walls, all of mermaids in various poses. And above the fireplace a giant photograph of a gorgeous young woman. Long black hair, green eyes , topless, sitting on a log near the beach. Her fish tail draped over the log, and nursing at her breast, a tiny baby with a fish tail.

He plopped down on a chair across from the picture. The dust rose up around him. Coughing he said aloud " Hello, Magdalene, and hello Amy"



Chapter 3

Gentry's Journal

He had found the book in Gentry's bedroom. All it said was JOURNAL in big letters on the front.

The bedroom itself was small and very spartan. Just the bed, a lamp, a book case and a chest on the floor at the end of the bed. He'd get to that soon enough. Right now this journal might hold the key he was looking for- where did Gentry catch his mermaid?

He started reading, but it was all very boring stuff. The day's catch, the conversation down at the pier, what miss so and so said to him at the market. Pages and pages of nothing. Till halfway through it started-

" Extraordinary day ! Fishing was bad as the sea was really choppy. Storm blew up and I had to make it back to shore pronto. Pulled in my net expecting nothing. But as I pulled it up, struggling in the webbing was a mermaid! Couldn't believe it! I'd heard of them in legends around these parts, but here was one in the flesh!. Or fish flesh. Pulled her up into the boat and helped her out of the net. She had stopped struggling. She just lay there moaning, eyes half open looking at me as if I could help- her arms reaching for me. What with the choppy sea and the waves breaking over all I could do at that moment was to get us back to shore. No time to be overwhelmed at this sight. I'd deal with this miracle on dry land.

We got back and I went to look for her on the deck. She had rolled to the back of the boat, moaning and trying to crawl out back into the sea. I picked her up. She was remarkably light. I was not about to lose this gift from the sea. She came willingly, putting her arms around my neck and burying her face in my shoulder. Then unromantically she threw up all over me. Bits of seaweed and God knows what else came out. The smell! This poor creature was sick. After I tied the boat down I picked her up again and took her back to the house. Filled up the bathtub with water and laid her in it. She splashed feebly around in it, her tail very limply moving. She looked up at me pathetically as if asking for help. What to do for a sick mermaid?

Tums? pepto? I tried both. She spit both of them out at me. I tried Alka Seltzer, but she was a bit scared at the fizz in the glass. I sipped a bit and showed her. Putting the glass to her mouth I got the stuff down her with alot of coaxing and a great big unladylike burp afterwards! I felt her forehead. The girl was burning up. I called Angus. Told him I had a friend who was sick. he gave me instructions to put them in a tub and try to cool them down. !!!!! Where did he get his degree? At least it was free advice.

I noticed she was nodding off. Sleep, maybe thats what she needed was sleep. I'd just stay and watch over her while she slept. This was the first chance I had to take a long look at this extraordinary catch on mine and write all this down. She is beautiful. Really beautiful.. Take your breath away beautiful. If only I was younger. Long black hair down past her bum. Her eyes, what I saw of them, are greenish blue. Long lashes . Slightly slanted.-of Asian descent. Her little face, sweet upturned nose, Full luscious lips- if she hadn't thrown up on me I'd be kissing her now! Body slim, not muscular but lithe. Her breasts must be about a 32? Perfect! Lovely nipples. I'd touch them but I don't want to wake her.

I feel guilty ogling this creature, but she'll never know. Her tail is amazing. It's all deep iridescent blue with patches of orange that seem to float from somewhere underneath it. From what I saw under the tub water, her tail started somewhere on her thighs. The whole tail is about 5 to 8 inches longer past where her feet would have been had she had legs. No knee bends here. This is a real tail,. DAMN! It tapers down and then flares into an almost trout like tail fin, but much bigger and wider than a trout. I can see it fanning slightly in time with her breathing. The whole tail seems very smooth- no scales. Quite beautiful. She is quite beautiful. OH DUMMY. My camera!

Took several pictures of her in the tub. She stirred a bit at the flash, but is still sleeping soundly.

I can sit here all night looking at her. She must be all of, what, 18? Dirty old man! I must keep myself in check here. She IS a person, even if she is a fish-person. I will act honorably.

page- turn

I slept last night just a bit and woke up periodically to check on her. The morning came and she woke up. Still has a bit of a temperature, but is doing better. She just lays there looking at my every move. Studying me. I tried some breakfast. She spat out the toast. Eggs were a disaster. Orange juice fared better. She liked that. Licked her lips in approval. I had some chocolate pudding left from the day before. That seemed to go down well also. She seemed to ask for more!

Afternoon- she's getting a bit more active. Smiling at me . She sits up in the tub and rubs her tail very now and then. I think its sore from being in there all night. Maybe when her temperature is normal I'll take her out of it. What is normal temperature for a mermaid?

3 PM..she's talking at me. Trying to communicate something to me. All that I hear are clicks and squeals and long sing song type vowel sounds. Not gonna find a translation for that any time soon. She keeps lifting her hands to me to take her out of the tub. But where to put her?

4PM- I know the problem now. She is sitting sullen in the tub with things floating around her I guess she had to pee and poop. Why didn’t I think of that? Mermaids do have to do things like that. Hell- even fishes do that. I came to take her out and she turned her head away from me. I guess she was mad and embarrassed. But I did pick her up and put her on a towel . It was only then I noticed her vagina. It took me by surprise. Nestled down between her thighs, it was wet and I was getting there too. I gulped quickly and drained the tub and cleaned it. She went crawling around the floor looking at everything. I picked her up again and with MUCH struggle got her back in the tub. This time I turned on the shower and cleaned her up. She enjoyed this very much. She giggled with glee and clicked away smiling at me.

I tried to dry her off, but she didn't understand why,. Just habit I guess. I dry myself off when I shower, but then I don't live in the ocean, do I? . What a dunce I am. This mermaid care and feeding is going to take some getting used to. I have no books to read to learn from either.

5PM - dinner went down well. Carried her to the kitchen. I could have fed her elsewhere, but she seemed so fascinated by my house. Had some fish sticks for her. She looked strangely at them at first, playing with the crust a bit. Then she found the fish inside. Smiling she downed these readily. I told her "Fish"

She looked at me and mouthed the word "Fusch"". I pointed to the fish stick and said again, Fish" making a swimming type motion with my hand. She didn't understand. then I pointed to her tail and said "Fish" with a swimming motion. A look of horror crossed her face. She gagged and wiggled in the chair as if to get away. I realized my mistake. She thought I meant this was mermaid meat! One of her relatives perhaps. No wonder she was scared! I quickly dumped the crumbs on the table and tried to draw a fish. But she would have none of this. Then I dug the box out of the garbage and pointed to the photo of the fish on it. "FISH" I said. Then she looked like she understood. "FUSCH" she said pointing at the picture, and she smiled shyly. The orange juice soothed her nerves. She does like orange juice!

8PM. I finagled her out of the kitchen and placed her in my reclining chair in the living room. She was fascinated at everything around her. Clicking away, telling me long stories I'd never understand- pointing and giggling at things around the room, her sweet tail wriggling with glee at everything she saw. Then she saw my mermaid figurine on the coffee table. Her hands motioned a "gimme, gimmee" I gave it to her and she looked very seriously at it as if critiquing it.

Pointing at different parts of it, she'd click away again and laugh. Pointing to the sea shell bra it had she looked questioningly at it, then at her naked breasts. She formed a seashell shape with her hand and placed it over her own breast. Then looking at me she gave out a very definite sound of pain as if her nipple had been pinched. Laughing she pointed to the figurine's breasts and shook her head "NO" laughing loudly.

Her point was made. Sea shells hurt nipples. Thats why she was topless. Are other mermaids topless also? I have alot to learn.



11 PM, my bedtime. She was still manically talking away on the recliner. When I went to get up, she moved as if to get up also, but the recliner popped open and threw her back into it, her tail flying in the air. I panicked until I heard her laughing. She clapped her hands gleefully and made a "whooshing" sound and laughed some more. I put the recliner down and tried picking her up, but she wanted the ride again. I triggered the chair 3 more times before she tired of it.

Then I noticed her tail. It was getting chalky. In all the excitement and wonder, BOTH she and I had forgotten she needed her tail wet! Back to the tub it was. She wanted the shower and played in it for almost 20 minutes. Like a little child she splashed away, her tail wriggling and flapping. Arching her back and letting the water run down her head and breasts. This was very hard for me. She is very sexy. VERY SEXY. And so far I've been handling things pretty well I thought. But the hardness in my pants was very evident.

She saw this and looked at me questioning and pointing to it. I tried apologizing, but she didn't understand. Did she know about men's anatomy? Were there mer-MEN too? Did they have the same equipment we humans did. I know SHE had the right equipment! I hung my head in shame.

She was very quiet and turned away from me. I reached down and stopped the shower and filled the rest of the tub with water. She smiled demurely and slipped down under it.

I can only hope she will sleep through the night. I am exhausted. What will I ever do with her? Can I keep her? No. I need to put her back in the sea. Thats the right thing to do. But she is just so.......

I'm 60 years old and she's,- well if she were human she'd probably be of legal age, but still..... Yes she's a mermaid, but after all, its not right. Thats what I'll do. Give her back to the sea - tomorrow.


4 AM- she woke me up with her crying. I didn't know what she was crying for, so I just knelt down by the tub and held her head against my shoulder. The sobs lessened and I nodded off to sleep by the tub.

She splashed water in my face and woke me up, smiling at me like a bad little kid. I frowned at her. She didn't like that. She looked at me as if I was going to harm her. I calmed her down, rubbing her head and running my fingers through her hair. She liked that alot and rested back in the tub. Then she took my hair and started to run her fingers through it. Then something unexpected. Grabbing my hair she pulled my face to hers and gave me a very definite kiss on the lips. Not a sweet child-like kiss, but a hot womanly one that communicated very well !

I pulled away and looked in her eyes. She looked innocently at me, biting her lower lip and pointed down to the crotch of my trousers. I wasn't sure what she was trying to say until she took my hand and put it under the water placing it right on her vagina. I'll be damned. She wanted me. Old grandpa turned her on? NO! No way! This is no cheap sex novel I'm living. This would NOT happen. I shook my head no to her and withdrew my hand. Kissing her on the cheek, I turned away and walked out of the bathroom turning the light off.

I lay there the rest of the morning listening to her sobs and then some clicking and angry outbursts. Have I offended her making her think I didn't want her? The truth was just the opposite. I DID want her badly. But it was not going to happen.


I got up with the sun and went to check on her. She was under the water with her eyes closed, her sexy hair floating around her pretty little face. Arms folded beneath her breasts, pushing them up a little and forward. What a picture! PICTURE!

I need to keep my camera handy, damn it. She was still asleep in this position and I took a few shots. Her tail moved under the water, slowly undulating with her breathing. It was amazing. She can breathe both underwater and above without problem. I should write a book on mermaids when I learn enough. But that won't happen. Today she goes back to the sea.

Breakfast was a bit awkward. I brought it to her in the tub. Again the orange juice went well. I tried a pear cut up for her. She didn't like he consistency I think. Hot oatmeal was a disaster. She screamed in pain at the cereal being hot. Guess food under the sea isn't cooked, is it? Dummy! I ended up making more fish sticks for her. But had to cool them off as well. She downed them smiling at me "FUSCH" she said with a mouthful, smiling. That eased the tension a bit.

She lifted her hands to me and wanted out. I decided the quicker I did this the better. I picked her up and walked with her outside. She took in the scenery in the backyard. I took her to the bushes and let her feel them. To the garden and showed her the vegetables I was growing. Her tail wiggled with glee at all the discoveries she was making. She would hug me and smile, kissing my cheek at every new thing I showed her. She arched her back and laid out flat in my arms, waving her arms and wriggling her tail- letting out what must have been a mermaid "YIPPEE". She loved everything she saw.

It was amazing. Here I had taken a sea creature out of her own known environment, caught her in what must have seemed a very violent way and took her away to a strange place. And on top of everything else she had been sick. But this remarkable creature had seen the adventure and wonder in it all and still asked for more!

What can I do? I can't keep her? Back to the sea! After lunch maybe.

Lunch was- guess what? FUSCH! Im glad I have a good supply in the freezer. She needs to vary her diet.

More happy clicking away and stories which are fascinating I'm sure, if I could understand them. She certainly is a gregarious little siren!

I tried. I really tried. Let history show I did my best to do the right thing. I told her I had to take her back to the sea, Of course she didn't understand. When I picked her up she thought it was another adventure. Giving me another hug, she kissed me on the lips again. Not as passionate, but she did realize her mistake. I shook my head and told her it was OK.. Kissing her forehead I carried her outside.

We walked towards the beach. She was happy with all this until we were 2/3rds the way there. then she looked at the determination on my face and realized what was going on. She wriggled violently in my arms shaking her head in a very definite NO. I kept on walking with her. We went in the water until I was waist deep. She clung to me still shaking her head NO. What was she afraid of? Why did she NOT want back in her element? Something must have terrified her that night I caught her. So much that she didn't want anything to do with the ocean- her home!

I took her back to the beach and laid her on the sand. She started crawling up the beach towards the house.. She was very awkward, her tail not providing much propulsion on the hot sand.

I took her by the shoulders and sat her up next to me. "What is the problem, little mermaid? Why are you afraid of the sea.? " I asked , motioning to the waves. Tears welled up in her eyes,. She started to shake. I motioned, a "WHY"? to her. She ran off a bunch of clicks and squeals with much emotion.

Then she ended it with motioning to herself, then me and then the house.

She wanted back to the house. "But you belong in the sea." I motioned to her and the sea. Not knowing how to explain further I pointed to her heart and then the water. Then pointing to my heart and then the house. Hopefully to tell her where we each belonged. The tears welled up in her eyes again, Crying she shook her head no and looked straight into my eyes. Putting her hand on her heart she pointed at me and placed her hand on my heart. She belonged with me. She tilted her head as if agonizing that I would understand her.

How could this beautiful young creature want an old geezer like me? But then she threw herself into my arms and kissed me. Her arms wrapped tight around me and I could feel the sobs in her throat as she kissed me almost desperately. Her tail wriggled its way onto my lap. Then she was pulling me down on top of her. She lay beneath me on the sand. her tail between my legs flapping up and down in the sand. Her back arching her naked breasts towards my chest and her arms pulling me down to her lips.

I'm only human. I kissed her back passionately. She pulled all my weight down on top of her and I felt her tail wrapping around my legs. My hardness was pressing against her vagina through my pants and her pelvis was pushing against it in response.

I had the presence of mind to pull away. "No, my sweet creature." I shook my head. Not here" and I pointed to the house. I got up and expected more crying, but she was smiling a big grin holding her hands up to me. I picked her up and took her back in the house. Laying her softly on the bed I took off my shirt. She put her hand on my chest and felt the hairs, giggling. Her tail was wriggling on the bed expectantly. When I took off my pants, my hardness sprang out towards her. She gasped and grabbed for it.

"NO little mermaid. Take it slow. I'm old remember!" I knelt down by the bed and looked into her eyes.

"You, my dear, are the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on!" I bent down and kissed her tummy.

She giggled and mussed my hair at this. I worked my lips up her stomach to her breasts. Kissing her between them, I worked my way to each nipple. She moaned and squirmed beneath me. I could hear her tail flapping against the bed. I kissed her neck and ears and then looked in her eyes. They were filled with tears, but happy ones. She smiled big at me. Kissing me hard she reached for my hardness. Taking me in her hand she felt it softly. She had never had a man before. But we were equal here. I'd never had a mermaid before!

I got up and ran my fingers down her tail. I hadn't dared to explore it before. But now I found it so smooth and lithe and sexy. Running my fingers around it I kissed and licked it as I went. I could feel the shivers through her muscles as I did. When I came to her tail fin, I took it gently in my hands and rubbed ever so softly. Kissing each tip of it, I thought she would burst. It fanned in my hands and she wriggled and arched as if she were orgasming. Another point for the mermaid book. A mermaids tail fin is an erogenous zone!

I had had enough. I worked my way back up her tail and body. Positioning myself above her I slowly lowered myself to her vagina. She took me in her hands and put it in her opening. She arched violently as I pushed inside her. She pulled me down fully on top of her driving me deep into her. Her tail was shaking, but it wrapped around my legs tightly. Her pussy was so tight. I could feel her walls pulsating around it. She wriggled sensuously beneath me as I pushed ever deeper into her. Her tongue hungrily explored my mouth as we kissed passionately. I could feel her tail fin fanning violently against my leg.

This was all a new sensation to me. But here I was making love to a beautiful mermaid! The more she moved beneath me the more my tension mounted. Her tail muscles quivering against my legs pushed me over the edge. I came with a great rush inside her. She arched and came at the same time, squirting her pussy juice all over us.

Our bodies slowed down their jerkings gradually and finally came to a rest. I lay there on top of her exhausted.. Her tail loosed its grip on me and lazily flapped over the end of the bed. I looked into her beautiful face. She was whimpering and tears in her eyes. But the smile was on her face. She was overcome with joy. I rolled to the side and looked down at her tail. There was blood on the bed next to it.

She stroked my hair and licked my nose gently, giggling in between her sighs. She had been a virgin! Not only had she never had a human man- she hadn't had a male period. I was her first!

This does my ego good. At 60 I still got it! And now I have this adorable creature as well. Whatever will I do with her? Do I care right now? I buried my face in her hair and hugged her tightly. Her tail flapped joyfully and we fell asleep in each others arms.


He read hungrily the accounts in Gentry's journal, amazed at the relationship that developed between the fisherman and his catch. He had had a huge crush on a girl in High School named Magdalene. He decided that this name fit his mermaid somehow. But they eventually shortened it to Lena.

After that first sexual encounter, their relationship blossomed. He was obsessed with her and she adored him. He doted on her every need., and she wanted sex almost continually. This was unfortunately wearing the poor old man out. If only he had been younger, maybe he could have obliged her. They worked it out to have sex every night for awhile. Then he cut it down to 3 nights a week, then 2. , It was all his 60 year old body could handle. But what a dream! To have a gorgeous sex starved mermaid who adored you.

John shivered at the thought. It just made him more determined to find that pod no matter what! He read on.

As days wore on, Gentry was slowly teaching her English. She was learning quickly. In no time they were communicating, her in broken English, but clear enough. She was amusing and amazing to him. He loved her more each day. He got her a wheelchair to get around the property. He also taught her a bit about human modesty and bought her dresses she could wear. She didn't see the need, but humored him. She would tell him things about the pod she came from

She finally came out with what had scared her so terribly that night he caught her. She had been traveling from one pod to another with a sister mer when the storm came up. They dove deeper to avoid the waves, but swam into a school of sharks. Her sister was taken right away , devoured in front of her eyes. It was a horrific sight. She swam away with all the might she could muster from her tail. But the shark was in pursuit. When she had tired of swimming and darting to avoid it, she had given in to the idea of certain death and hung there in the water waiting for the shark teeth to tear her flesh. That was when she felt Gentry's net engulf her and pull her upward. Spooked, the shark had let off chasing and she was pulled to safety.

Gentry built a huge tank in the back yard and fenced it in from prying eyes. She could spend much of her "wet time" in the tank rather than getting a sore butt in the bathtub. Occasionally they would venture out in the bay and swim together. She would take him underwater to show him her world. They even made love underwater a few times. This really took effort from Gentry. But the longer he was with Lena the stronger and younger he felt. His pot belly left and his abs grew. He was becoming a good specimen of a man for his age. She had a calming and loving effect on the old man. He loved her with everything in him and he thanked the sea for its generous gift to him.

One morning he awoke to find Lena throwing up all over and holding her stomach in pain.

He didn't know what exactly to do for her and tried various medications. She finally held her stomach and told him she was pregnant. He fell back in the recliner in shock. The recliner triggered sending him backwards. They both laughed at this . He lifted her onto his lap and kissed her belly. Her tail tickled his legs as they kissed and held each other tightly.

What was going to happen now? He hadn't counted on a baby, or even thought about one. And what KIND of baby would it be? With a fish tail? He'd have nightmares of it being born backwards with a fish HEAD and human legs. He'd wake up in cold sweat and she'd have to reassure him it would be alright. Humans and mermaids had mated many times in history, and it rarely turned out badly. She would place his hand on her abdomen and kiss him lightly. Then he'd sleep peacefully after that.

Time came, though when they did have to go to Doc Angus. He had called him on the phone and explained the situation. At first the Doc accused him of drinking. But Gentry convinced him of the reality of the situation. They brought her in and the Doc examined her. It was obvious Angus was very taken with Lena and Gentry felt jealousy rise in him when Doc hands were on her.

Angus visited them 2 times after that, taking pictures, taking notes. Somehow the word had leaked of something extraordinary in this little town. Rumors spread how Gentry was keeping a monster in his house.

The tabloids bit hard on this and soon there were reporters all over the place. Lena had to hide in the bay many times waiting for the reporters to go away.

She finally gave birth to a beautiful baby mermaid. Angus was there to deliver it. They named her Amy. Lena recuperated well and was up and swimming within the week. But they had a very serious discussion. about what the future held. The town knew that she was pregnant and heard about the birth. Many women had come to the house with food and offers of help, just as they would for any other woman in the town. But Gentry knew they were only interested in the real dirt about his wife.

He knew that they and indeed the world would never leave them alone. Lena and Amy would have to leave for their own safety. Lena was reluctant at first. She loved Gentry so. But she had Amy to consider now. She finally agreed to have him take her and her baby to her home pod.

"Finally some information maybe that was usable! "he thought. Sure enough there were coordinates written down to where the pod was located!

Gentry and family left that night in the cover of darkness and motored to the remote island chain Lena had specified. Since it was night, all that Gentry could hear was the familiar clicks and squeaks of the mermaids surrounding him in the dark. They sounded very excited an joyful. Lena lowered Amy into the water and an older mermaid took her in her arms the dove under with her, Lena following her. Gentry waited for what seemed an eternity. then just as he was turning to go back home, Lena swam back to the boat to say goodbye. They kissed passionately and he held her tightly. Then with both of them weeping, she disappeared under the waves. He never saw his mermaid wife and daughter again.

The hubbub in town eventually died down and interest waned over the years. Gentry was never the same.

He would collect everything he could about mermaids and made his house a mermaid shrine.

Those who did visit occasionally would see the walls and tables full mermaids, but not question him. Not even about the photograph above the fireplace. They thought he was off his noodle and photographs could be retouched. Only one man in town knew different. Gentry had called Angus the night they were leaving for the pod. It was a heated conversation ending in the slamming of the phone. Doc Angus left the next day. No one knew where or why he had left. Although someone heard him shout something about MERMAIDS! as he took his motor boat out to sea. . And that was that.

No more entries. Gentry lived out his last days dreaming of his mermaid wife and daughter. John closed the book and looked out the window. It was getting dark already. he flicked on the light and remembered-

The chest at the end of the bed. What did it hold? It was locked. Getting a knife from the kitchen he pried it open to find it stuffed with photographs. Every one was of Lena. Lena in the tub. Lena on the sofa posing , her tail up and her breasts out. Lena outside in her wheelchair working in the garden. Lena swimming underwater in her tank. In the bay jumping out of the water. Or on a rock in a typical classic mermaid pose. Picture after picture. She was indeed gorgeous. Her tail was amazing.

He must have loved her so much! . How sad.

What to do with these pictures? If the press got hold of all this there would be madness loosed on this town again. Not only that, what would happen to the mermaids in the seas? Would they be hunted down- stuffed like trophies? Raped , tortured, EATEN? Who knew what disaster might unfold. He shivered at the thought.

Stuffing the pictures back into the trunk he made a vow to take everything "mermaid" in the house and

either dispose of it, or burn it. But he did keep the trunk and the portrait of Lena and Amy , taking them home with him. He shouldn't have.....



Mermaid Mating Season

Chapter 4

The Discovery

John had run out of money. What with paying for the trip to Australia, the charter and the trip to Tomes Point, he had just enough to get him back home. And that with the extra luggage.

The first thing he did was to contact Tom and Amy.

"So, did you find the pod, John. Tell us all about it! Did you MATE???" Amy asked gleefully hitting John on the side of the leg with her tail. Subtlety was never her strong point.

"No, I couldn't follow your directions, Amy and I ran down a couple of leads- one really good one I think you'll be very interested in, but then I ran out of money"

"Aw, I'm sorry , Johnny. I knew you so wanted your own sexy mermaid. " she said almost bawdily.

"No mermaid is sexier than you my dear." Tom said walking into the room. "The only thing is- she can't sing worth a damn."

"Well, I still landed you, my dear." she quipped back grinning widely. "Johnny was just telling me that he didn't find the pod. My directions were bad! I'm so sorry, Johnny."

"Well I did bring something back for you, actually, Amy.;

"Oooo ! A gift! I love gifts!" her tail flapped joyfully.

"Sort of. You remember telling me about that older mer that taught you English? "

"Yes- she had been caught by an elderly fisherman and stayed with him a couple years. He taught her English and alot more about the world of men."

"Yes he DID teach her alot more" John grinned. " What did you say her name was? "

"What does THAT mean? And I didn't say what her name was. You couldn't pronounce it in Mer anyway."

"What ever happened to her?"

"She had some trouble with the pod, long before I was old enough to understand. She was shunned by them for some reason. Lived apart from them in another cove. I went and visited her often. She was so nice, and she was really attached to me. I grew to love her."

"What ever happened to your mother, Amy?"

" My grandma told me my mother was eaten by sharks shortly after I was born. Her and my aunt. It was a great family tragedy. We needed all the mers we had to continue our line. I was one of the last mers born in our pod."

"What about your father, Amy?"

"Why are you asking me these things, John? He died before I was born- just like alot of the other mermen. Died from the pollution and the warming of our waters."

"Amy, sit down- oh you are sitting..." John grinned.

"Such an OLD mermaid joke you goof!" Amy shot back.

John drug the trunk he had brought into the living room and opened it up next to Amy. "Amy- these should be yours. "

"She looked puzzled at him and started to look through the pictures. Calmly and matter of fact at first. Then lights started to come on in her eyes. "These are....the mer I told you about! The one you wouldn't be able to pronounce her name. Where did you get these? "

" From the home of an old fisherman who had caught a mermaid 20 some years ago."

"Then these ARE of....."

"He called her Magdalene"

"LENA! Miss Lena! That's what she told me to call her when she was teaching me English!

This is HER!!!! And they were taken by the old fisherman? How in the world did you ever find him???"

"Well I didn't actually. His name was Russell ..."

"Gentry! Lena told me about him! Oh my gosh...what a hoot! This is so cool! Tom can you believe this?

Look at these!" Tom knelt down and looked at some also.

"Amy, there's more" John said. "Gentry died a couple of months ago, but I asked to see his place and looked around his home- found these. People said he had no next of Kin, that everything was going to be trashed. So I took what I could."

"Oh my God!" Tom exclaimed looking at one picture. He was wide eyed and just stared at the picture and the writing that had been scribbled on it. " Amy, my love- I think you need to see this.. " he handed it to his wife. She took the picture and looked. Slowly the light dawned upon her.

"Oh my God! Oh my GOD!!" she dropped the picture as her hand went to her mouth and she started shaking. Tears came to her eyes as she sat pondering what she had just seen.

John said slowly "Amy, Lena is your mother. And Russell Gentry was your father."

"Thats...thats me in the picture, isn't it?"she looked up at John, her voice quivering.

. " Yes, Amy, my love. " Tom answered taking her hand and kissing it. He picked up the picture from the floor. It showed Lena holding her baby. The caption read: MAGDALENE AND AMY.

"O my God......she's my mother! John, Lena's my mother!!! Tom, I have a mother! I have a MOMMY!!!"

She started to weep and shake ,her face in her hands.

" Daddy, daddy, what’s the matter with mommy?" Chloe wheeled into the room.

"Nothing sweetie, mommy just found HER mommy. She's happy" Tom said.

"Then why is she crying?"

" Sweetie" Amy said through tears." I cried when you were born because I was so happy. Those were happy tears. These are happy tears too, honey. I just ...I.." she choked back the emotion" just found out I have a MOMMY!" Tom handed Chloe over to Amy. Amy hugged her tightly. crying and laughing at the same time. Tom came close and hugged both of them,

" John...I don't know how...this..all..happened....but th - thank you!" she held out her hand to him. He took it and kissed it. tears flowing from him now too.