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Mermaid Movies 2

" Hook "

Steven Spielberg's deeply flawed but sporadically fun and moving update of the Peter Pan legend stars Robin Williams as the grown-up Pan, a corporate-takeover type who must embrace his old identity in order to save his kids from Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman). The stars put on a good show, including Hoffman's read of Hook's hysterical personality, Julia Roberts mini-turn as a tiny Tinker Bell, and Maggie Smith's touching performance as the aged Wendy. The visual contrast between the adult Pan's bustling outside world and the insulated fantasy of Neverland is striking, but Spielberg's ideas about the Lost Boys--politically correct in their ethnic diversity, energetic on skateboards--are contrived and cheapening. On the plus side, the story's theme about adults finding their innocence again through their children is very touching (though some people have found it cloying). If you can look beyond the glaring problems, there's plenty to like here

A popular movie, it has a great, yet short mermaid part in it that is worth checking out.

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" Magic Island "

While reading an enchanted book about pirates, 13-year-old Jack is transported into the novel, where he finds a magical and adventurous new world of land sharks, beautiful mermaids, duels and danger.

Cute movie, but this one is more for kids and teenagers than adults.

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" Sea People "

A fading New England fishing town is the setting of this gentle fable in which teen swimmer Amanda, troubled by her father's absence, skips school with some mild vandalism in mind but winds up saving a man who has jumped into the river. The man (Cocoon's Hume Cronyn) was actually just out for a swim, as he and his wife (Joan Gregson) are sea people--the politically correct term for mermaids. Amanda (Tegan Moss) gets drawn into the elderly couple's quest for colder water, enlisting the help of a schoolmate (Shawn Roberts) with a fishing boat and a little sea people history of his own.

This is a wonderful story for kids and adults alike. There are no mermaids with tails, instead the sea people are like every one else, but can breath underwater. A story worth checking out.

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