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Mermaid Movies 3


" Last Resort "

Description Two average guys answer the call when one of their uncles requests their help in protecting his private Caribbean island. The old uncle is a former actor and his former on-screen nemesis has become his real-life nemesis and is trying to attack the island.


Awlful movie, listed Last Resort , because it has a mermaid in it, and even then the mermaid's outfit is not that great.

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" The Thirteenth Year "

Description Cody is an ordinary kid who has strange things begin to happen to him when he turns thirteen - he starts to grow a large, fishlike tail and he realizes that he must be a Merboy. A goofy, entertaining movie in the tradition of Disney's THE SHAGGY DOG, originally made for The Disney Channel.

A good teenage movie, yet also has a great mermaid that is worth checking out.

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" Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid. "

A doctor instructs middle-aged Mr. Peabody to leave Boston for the winter and vacation in the British West Indies. There, while fishing, Mr. Peabody makes a rather unusual catch -- a beautiful mermaid. He brings her to his house and lets her stay in his pond. But when he tells people about his discovery, nobody believes him. Worse yet, whenever anyone gets near her, the mermaid disappears. Soon there's not a person who doesn't question Mr. Peabody's sanity -- a situation that only becomes worse when he starts falling in love with the lovely sea creature. Will Mr. Peabody abandon his marriage to be with the mermaid? And is it possible that she might actually be a figment of his imagination?

This is one of  my favorite mermaid movies. I thought it wasn't bad a for a movie that was made in 1948. You can still find it on VHS. 

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