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The Mermaids of Lemuria
by Loreleia Lorelei
Chapter 1
Princess Lyssra walked along the shore as she had done everyday since she was a little girl.  She had always loved the ocean.  Whenever she was near the sea, she had always felt an inner peace and happiness.  She had inherited her love of the ocean from her mother, Queen Aquamera.
As she finished her walk, princess Lyssra returned to her home in the castle that was outside of the city of Monqu. It was an old and ancient city, and for many thousands of years, it was the capital of the vast empire of the continent of Lemuria.  It was at this time that Lemuria was ruled by a wise and kindly ruler, King Xentar.  The king truly loved his people and tried his best to be a good king.  His people loved him. 
Lemuria prospered under his rule.  And serveing him was his most trusted advisor, Enkorz, high mage, magician,  and scientist.  He was also the king's most trusted friend and confident.
As she hurried in to join her family for their morning breakfast, queen Aquamera, seeing her daughter returning from her daily morning walk, smiled at her daughter and said: "did you enjoy your walk and did you find happiness with our mother sea, my daughter?"
Smiling, princess Lyssra said: "oh yes, my mother and my queen,  it is as always.  And as always, I wish I could live in the sea and be with my sisters and my brothers, the fishes."  Teasing her daughter, Aquamera asked her: "and what of the other creatures, such as the jellyfish, the dolphins, the whales and other things?"  Giggling, princess Lyssra said to her mother: "yes, my queen and my mother, I want to live underwater and be with them too."
Laughing out loudly, king Xentar turning to his wife, the queen, said to her:  "I really do believe our daughter wants to be a fish.  For that is the only way she would be able to do that."  Sitting next to her father, one of his other daughters, Princess Jalla said to her father: "Why not half a fish.  I would not want my sister to look too different, though I would be all for her living in the sea, for I also want to live under the waves with my sister, whom I love dearly."  One of their brothers, Prince Limtarn, always joking and teasing his beloved sisters, asked: "and if my sisters became half fishes, which half would it be and what would you call such a being?"
Looking her brother in the eye, Lyssra said:  "I would have my lower half as a fish and my upper half as a human."  Jalla pointed out to Lyssra:  "my sister, you would also need gills in your human half to survive in the water.  You do have to breathe, you know. And as such a being, what would you call yourself, as our brother has so jokenly pointed out?"
Lyssra thought for a moment and then announced: "I shall invent a new word for just such a being.  I would be called a Mermaid.  I would be a Mermaid, half woman and half fish.  My upper half would still look human, and my lower half would be that of a fish.  I would need gills and scales and a fishtail to live in the ocean, which I truly love, and be with all of my underwater friends, the fishes and such.  And now that I think of it, that is what I want to become.  I want to be a Mermaid."
It was then that Enkorz walked in.  Bowing to the king and his family, Enkorz paid his respects and approached the royal family.  King Xentar, decided to have a little sport with his daughter Lyssra, smiled at Enkorz and said to him: "Enkorz, my mage and my friend, my daughter has a small favor to ask of you."  Seeing the smirk on his lord's face, Enkorz decided to play along.  He asked princess Lyssra: "Yes, my magic and my science is strong.  What is it that you desire of me, my princess."  Lyssra boldly asked Enkorz: "I want you to turn me into a Mermaid, so that I can live in the sea."
Enkorz asked the princess: "And what, praytell, is a Mermaid?" Lyssra explained it to him. With a smile upon his wizen old face, Enkorz said: "Now that is truly something new. But with my magicks and my science, it can be done.  I will see what I can do. At least you and all of the royal family are excellent swimmers.  My daughter and I have seen to that."  Princess Jalla also wanted to become a Mermaid like her sister. Queen Aquamera looked into the eyes of Enkorz without saying a word.  He knew that the queen wanted it too. He now knew that all of the females in the royal family wanted to become Mermaids.  Enkorz became serious and turning to the king and his six sons, said: "And I would assume that all of the males in the family want to become Mermen, half man and half fish."
Only 2 of the king's six sons would become Mermen if given the chance.  Limtarn, being the most vocal of his brothers, said: "I do not want to become a Merman.  I want to become a Mermaid, just like my sisters do."  Grabbing her brother and hugging and kissing him, Lyssra kissed him on the cheek, and with a broad smile upon her face, said to her brother: "Limtarn, I would just love it if you became a Mermaid.  I would just love having you as my sister, and my sister of the sea at that." Jalla also hugged and kissed her brother and said the same thing. Prince Limtarn's other three brothers said the same thing.  Only the remaining 2 insisted that they would still want to stay male.  The king himself sided with his two sons upon staying male if they underwent the same change.  Five of the king's daughters and the queen would become Mermaids.  Only one of the king's daughters would ask to become a Merman like her 2 brothers and her father.
Later, Enkorz came into the King's throne room and talked privately with his lord. Enkor knew he always had his king's ear.  Talking to his leige, Enkorz explained: "Sire, your daughter's desire to become a "Mermaid" was not made in jest. I sensed only truth in her words and her heart.  She truly speaks the truth.   Her love of the ocean and her desire to become this "Mermaid" she speaks of, may be the only thing that will save you and your family's lives.  I have magically communicated with other magicians in our realm and what they have told me is very bad.  Within a month, maybe less, or a little more if the gods permit it, Lemuria will sink into the sea.  The ice sheets are melting at an alarming rate, and the earthquakes we have had prove that the end is almost upon us.  The fault is not yours.  In fact, you have been the best king that Lemuria has ever had.  But it is not enough to save our continent.  I can make the serium in huge amounts and give it to as many who want it and are willing to live in the sea.  But not everyone will want to become half a fish.  They either must find a way to leave or they will die."
"And the fact that over 98% of Lemuria is bearly a few to 20 feet above water doesent help either.  You, your magesty, must decide what to do, and to do it quickly.  If you and all of your family do this, it must be done in secrecy to protect members of your family.  I will appoint someone to tell the general public.  But first, we must test it on a member of your family, to see if the serium works.  After it takes effect, changes inside your bodies will commence within minutes.  Changes on the outside will start and finish within 30 minutes or less.  Once all of you have changed into Mers, the changes will be forever.. You will never be able to go back to being human again.  Meet me at the beach about 2 hours before sunset.  I will be there, waiting for you.
Use the large flightless Zanta birds, used to draw chariots, to get to the beach. I have told my daughter what I will do for you and she will be there ahead of me.  I believe that even after you have changed and Lemuria sinks into the ocean, you will still be king and that you will start a new underwater kingdom,  Perphaps Lemuria will start anew underwater."
With that, the king arose and walked over to Enkorz, put his arms around him, kissed him on both cheeks and wished him well.  Th only thing he asked was for Enkorz to make up the serium with all haste. Enkorz returned to his lab and him and his daughter worked together to make as much of the serium as they could before they had to go to the beach.
When she had finished, Enkorz cast a magic spell of teleportation to send his daughter to the beach, where she met the king and his family.  Within minutes, Enkorz finished making as many vials of the serium as he could and took some so he could change the king and his family and his own daughter into Mers.
Walking over to the royal family, he asked who would be the first to change into a Mer.  Queen Aquamera said: "I will try it first.  I am still the queen and must protect my family."  Princess Lyssra blurted out loud: "No, mother, you will not do this alone.  I will undergo the change with you, and you will not talk me out of it nor command me to do it.  The king's oldest son also wanted to become a Mermaid and told his mother and sister that he would take the journey with them..  With this selfless act, the king smiled and felt the respect they all had for him.  A tear ran down his eye.
Enkorz instructed the three test subjects to clim on a large rock next to the ocean and told them that once they became Mers to roll off the rock into the water.  Next he told them to remove their clothes.  He told them they would no longer need them and that the ocean water would soon destroy their clothing anyway.  This they did and then the three of them lay down.
Enkorz then gave the queen and her daughter and her son some of the serium to drink.  At the same time, they all drank and swallowed the serium.  Just as predicted, the changes started taking place inside their bodies within minutes.  The first of the three to show outside physical changes was the king's son, Limtarn. 
Within minutes, all of Limtarn's male charactics started to melt away, being replaced by the roundness and softness of a female.  His waist narrowed, followed by his hip widening, and his butt becoming big and soft and round.  This was soon followed by his growing female breasts, which soon reached giantic proportians. His areola became huge, puffed up and very feminine, followed by his nipples also growing huge. His breasts became giantgantic and firm.  His cleavage moved up to his collarbone.  His hair grew longer and longer till it was now down past his new big woman's ass.  His face and body were now totally female. His mother's and sister's tits also grew larger and heavier and firmer.
With that being done, now his body and that of his mother and sister underwent the next changes.  Inside their bodies, their gills came in and grew.  And under their huge and heavy female tits, their gill slits opened and started to function on their bodies. Webbing grew between all their fingers. 
Next, their tailbones broke free of it's frozen prison and moved down and lenghtened.  Soon, muscles, nerves, skin and other things grew and filled out.  At the same time, their legs grew smaller and smaller, soon being absorbed into their new tails, which also filled out.  Their anus moved from the back to the front of their tails.  On each of them, grew a lovely vertical fishtail fin, very beautiful to behold.  Starting a couple of inches below their waists, grew irridesent green fishscales.  Their scalelines dipped a couple of inches just below their belly buttons. Up at their pelvic region and further down their tails, grew a pair of beautiful steering fins.
In less than a half hour, three new Mermaids, all very beautiful, awoke and sat up.  Each more than pleased with their changes and new bodies, and waiting to use their new gills and their new tails, the three Mermaids sat up.  Looking at the new Mermaid who was once her brother and now her new sister, Lyssra said to her new Mermaid sister: "Ohhhh, Limtarn, you should really see yourself. You've got big tits honey.  You look really beautiful with them, especially when they bounce like they're doing now.  I just love it.  I'm glad you're my Mermaid sister now."  Limtarn, spoke in a now very feminine and womanly voice: "You should see your own tits. They're as big as mine.  You too, mother."  Smiling at her two daughters, she told them: "I'm your sister now, my sisters.  Come, we must roll off this rock and dive into the water where we belong.  It's our home now."
Within less than a minute, all three Mermaids were soon bobbing in the swirling ocean water, all completely happy.
Looking at the king and the rest of his family, Enkorz smiled and said: "No bad side effects or any other bad things.  The serium is a success.  Now who would like to go next?"