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The Mermaids of Lemuria

by Loreleia Lorelei

Chapter 2

Limtarn was a very happy Mermaid. She couldn't wait to try and use her new gills to breathe in the ocean water that she knew was life to her and her sisters. Turning her body around, she submerged, and with a flip of her long scaly green fishtail, she dove underwater. Her sisters Lyssra and Aquamera wondered what she was doing. Turning, they dove under the waves and followed their sister.

Aquamera and Lyssra dove deeper and deeper underwater till they found their Mermaid sister, Limtarn. "See," Limtarn said. "We're Mermaids now. I knew we could breathe underwater. I just had to try out my gills." Limtarn's gill slits opened and closed under her huge and heavy tits. She truly enjoyed her new Mermaid's body. "I knew that we would have gills to breathe water along with our scales and our fishtails. This is our world now, my sisters. We belong underwater. I'm so glad that we're all Mermaids forever."

Lyrssa and her sister Aquamera gently asked Limtarn to return with them to the surface. Smiling, she followed her sisters up to the surface.

Breaking the surface of the sea, the three Mermaids appeared at almost the same spot that they all had submerged under the waves.

Calling out to Enkorz, Aquamera shouted: "high mage, and magician and our old friend, the serum is a success." "How do you feel?" Enkorz answered back.

"Wonderful, old friend. In fact, better than I've ever felt in my life. My sisters and I just love being Mermaids. Thank you, old friend. Come and join us as a Mer in our mother sea."

"How do you feel, my queen? Anything out of the ordinary?" "I feel great, my friend, better than I've ever felt in my whole life. The only thing that I and my sisters feel is more sexy. I think that we're also developing feelings for each other and other Mermaids, though I love my husband, the King, more than anyone else, in fact, I love him more than ever now."

"I don't know everything about Mermaids, since you've only recently become ones, but I feel that what you're feeling is normal for a Mermaid. I think that it may be because as Mers, the females will always outnumber the males. And you still have the normal feelings toward a male. And as female Mermaids, you are far more sensual and sexual. Not only being attracted to a male, but having feelings toward other Mermaids is a normal part of what you are now."

"Thank you, my friend, spoke Aquamera." Turning toward her two sisters, Lyssra and Limtarn, Aquamera said: "It is all right, my sisters. We are as we are supposed to be this way as Mermaids. We are normal."

Lyssra turned to her sister, Limtarn, and moved over to her. Putting her arm around her sister, Limtarn's small waist, Lyssra said to her sister: "Honey, you need a girl's name now that you're a girl, especially a name that befits your being a Mermaid. I will give you a new name. From now on, my sister, your name shall be Khalssya. It is both quite feminine and beautiful, my sister. Wear it with pride, as I know you will." "I will" was Khalssya's happy reply. The two Mermaids then hugged each other so tightly that their huge and heavy tits squashed against each other's bodies. And they the kissed each other long and passionately.

Walking over to his friend, Enkorz, King Xentar said: "I will be next, my friend. Please proceed." Enkorz then directed the king and his remaining two sons and his one daughter to go over to the same rock that Khalssya and her sisters Lyssra and Aquamera went to when they were transformed into Mermaids. They were then told to remove their clothing and lay down on the rock. Each was given the same serum as the others who became Mermaids.

But the king's serum and that of his two sons and daughter was of a slightly different composition to keep them male and not to turn them into Mermaids, as the others were. Each then drank down the serum.. Within minutes, the serum took effect. The king's daughter, Nonta's features became more and more male. The next thing to happen was that their insides underwent the desired changes.

Then the changes worked on the outside of their bodies. The king and his two sons and daughter Nonta started to become more and more muscular. Each male Mer grew a large muscular male chest. Under that, their gill slits developed, followed by their growing their gills. Their fishtails grew as their legs shrank and then disappeared and were absorbed into their tails. Then their huge vertical tailfins developed and spread open. Their 2 sets of steering fins appeared next..

Their hair grew down to their shoulders, followed by a long and thick beard on each of them. Finally, within the half hour, there were 4 new strong, young Mermen. King Xentar was the first to wake up. Looking at his tail, he was truly happy. He was a very happy handsome Merman. He looked every bit the classic King Neptune that would be known later in human history. Within less than a minute, the others arose. All were equally happy with being Mermen.

Enkorz walked over to the king, and asked him how he felt. "Wonderful" responded Xentar, now a young muscular Merman in a deep and booming voice. The king then looked at the others and said: "come, my brothers, let us join our sisters, the Mermaids in the sea. I want to be with my wife, who is now also my sister." With that the 4 Mermen rolled off of the rock they were on and dived into the water..

With a strong flip of his scaly green fishtail, king Xentar swam over to his Mermaid wife and sister, Aquamera. When they met, they embraced and kissed each other. Xentar hugged Aquamera so tightly that her huge and heavy tits squeezed against her husband and brother's large chest.

"Your new form does truly please me, my King. Take me." "Your new form does also please me as well, my queen. I love you." "And I you" was Aquamera's reply.

Lyrssa and Khalssya joyfully swam toward their parents, who were also their brother and sister. Xentar put his arms around his 2 Mermaid daughters and his sisters and kissed them. Khalssya, now that she was a female and a Mermaid enjoyed the feeling of a male putting his large strong arm around her small Mermaid's waist. She wanted to find a male who would be her mate. She knew that once Enkorz was able to give the serum to others, she would find herself a young strong and handsome Merman who would be hers and she wanted to be his and to be possessed by him. And just like her sisters, she also had feelings for other Mermaids. It was just as Enkorz said, the females are very sensual and sexual. Far more so than a male. And right now, she wanted another Mermaid to pat her on her big scaly Mermaid's ass and to put her small webbed hands on her huge and heavy tits and feel and squeeze them.

Enkorz was now ready to turn the remainder of Xentar's and Aquamera's sons and daughters and his own daughter into the Mermaids that they've always wanted to be. Princess Jalla wanted to be the first to be turned into a Mermaid. She wanted more than anything to be with her Merman brothers and her Mermaid sisters.

After removing all their clothing and laying on the rock where the others had been, they lay down and drank the serium. The result was the same as the others and also took a little less than a half hour. The new Mermaids then rolled off the rock they were on and jumped into the sea and joined their brothers and sisters. And as with the others, they were more than pleased with their new bodies.

The only regret that Enkorz's daughter had was that her father was not with her. She wanted him to share her joy of being a Mer with her. Enkorz promised his daughter that as soon as many that would become Mers, he would join them as a Mer.

Enkorz contacted his fellow high mages and magicians and told them how to make the serum and how much. He told them that not all would wish to become Mers. He also instructed them to protect themselves form any and all mobs that might come after them. He also made sure to tell them and the population that Lemuria was doomed and would soon sink beneath the ocean, and their only choice to survive was either to become a Mer or find a way to escape the doomed continent in any and all boats that would carry them. He told them that if they didn't listen, they would all drown and die with no hope.

True to Enkorz's word, most of Lemuria's population didn't believe him or his fellow mages. If not for following Enkorz's instructions to protect themselves, most if not all of his fellow mages would have been killed by unbelieving mobs. A small part of the population did manage to escape to safety in boats and most found other lands to settle in. It was a real hardship for them after living the life they were used to, and also having to battle bands of Neatherthals.

Of all of the entire Lemurian population, only a small amount of about 1,000 to 10,000 choose to become Mers and begin a new life underwater. The young, especially, wanted to become Mers. It was both a chance for a new life and a new adventure which they wanted to take part in. Another gift that the serum gave to those who became Mers was that once taken, not only did anyone become a Mer, but it made one young forever. Even if you were very old and frail, you became young and strong and healthy, but you would look like you were only a teenager. And this would be forever, along with being a Mer. Enkorz was the last to take the serum, which he did a week before Lemuria sank into the ocean, where he joined his daughter and the other Mers. He was hailed as a hero. But he still and always remained both humble and kind. It was his inner joy.

Finally, on a certain fateful day, Lemuria finally and violently sank beneath the ocean. Everyone who did not become a Mer or escape, died with the continent and drowned beneathe the waves. There were those who survived for a couple of hours, only to be eaten by the sharks that had come to where Lemuria once stood.

Any Mer who was anywhere near the destruction of Lemuria would never forget it. The were secure and happy in that they were Mers and that they were safe.

About a month after Lemuria sank, about 4 Mermaids were sitting on a rock near where their land died. Princess Jalla and her sister Seelara pulled their Mermaid bodies out of the water and dragged their bodies a small distance sat on their favorite rock. Jalla lazily waved her long scaly irridesent fishtail around, and with small involuntary movments of her vertical tailfin, gently patted the rock she was on. Seelara pulled her fishy body and sat next to her sister and sat down. Seelara smiled at her sister and the two Mermaids wrapped their tails around each other.

Khalssya was the next Mermaid to pull fishy body out of the water, followed by her mother and sister, Aquamera. Looking over at Aquamera, Khalssya smiled and said in her feminine msical voice: "Please groom me, my sister." Aquamera happily complied and with her small webbed hands started to run her small fingers throuth her sister's long golden blonde hair. Khalssya faced the rising morning sun. She arched her back, pushed her huge and heavy tits toward the warm sun, and joyfully soaked up the morning sun's rays. This was something all Mermaids loved to do. Khalssya lazily moved her tail back and forth, every once in a while splashing her tail in the water.

As she groomed Khalssya, Aquamera gently pressed her own huge and heavy tits against Khalssya's back. Even with her long thick golden blonde hair against her back, she could feel what Aquamera was doing to her and she just loved it. As this was happening, Khalssya was becoming more and more sexually aroused. Finally Aquamera stopped her grooming while Khalssya lay on her back. Aquamera then pulled herself over Khalssya and the two Mermaids starting making love to each other. A Mermaid's moral beliefs are vastly differen from thos of a human, and so what they do is completely normal for them.

Khalssya pulled Aquamera's pelvis to her face and she smelled her fishy scent and wanted more of it. She started licking Aquamera's belly and her scale-line, that place on a Mermaid where her human half ends and her fishscales and her fish half begins. As Aquamera propped herself above her lover, Khalssya then pulled her own Mermaid's body up till their faces were looking at each other.

Aquamera then just plopped her body on top of Khalssya and Khalssya wrapped her steering fins around Aquamera. They kissed each other passionately. The two Mermaids then wrapped their tails around each other and they started grinding their pelvic regions against each other until both Mermaids had multiple Mermaid orgasms together. Smiling, Aquamera asked Khalssya: " Don't you miss the males right now?" Answering, Khalssya said: "I have something better. I have you." Both Mermaids laughed and giggled.

When they were done their lovemaking, both Mermaids landed on their bellies. They put their arms around each other's tiny waists and kissed each other one last time. Aquamera then smacked Khalssya on her big scaly Mermaid's ass. Smiling, Khalssya then, smiling, Aquamera why she did that. "Because I love you" was her answer. They then rested on their bellies and just plopped their bodies down till their huge and heavy Mermaid's tits squashed against the rock they both lay on. Both girls giggled.

Looking over at Jalla and Seelara, both Mermaids saw that Jalla and Seelara were just startng their own Mermaid love making.

A short time later, the Mermen returned with food and presents for the Mermaids. Among them was Khalssya's new Merman boyfriend, Zontang. Xentar, knowing what was going on, smiled at the Mermaids and asked them: "And what were you Mermaids doing while we were gone?" Aquamera said: "It was a girl's day out and we were having fun."

With that, king Xentar laughed. Zontag then pulled himself up to his future mate, Khalssya. He put his arm around her tiny waist, and kissed her. Khalssya then said to her Merman: "please take me to some place that's really nice and romantic and make love to me." With that, the happy couple jumped into the water and swam off.