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“Moment with a Merman”

One heart, one mind, a moment frozen in time, While walking upon the shore. In a slight glance, forbidden romance My dreams and desires did pour.

I chanced upon a sight to behold A handsome merman, tail of gold His powerful arms and muscular chest His kiss and the waves, my body they caressed.

His emerald green eyes, seductive and wise Captured my heart, while he stroked my thighs. A wild passion so tender, led to a sweet surrender The call of the sea, his touch an undeniable splendor.

Our bodies entwined, our hearts combined Lost in the depths of pleasure, deeply intertwined. Deep under the ocean we swayed in our own motion, Lost in the wonder of our breathtaking devotion.

His touch minted, our bodies flushed and tinted With the afterglow of love forever imprinted. He brought me back to sand, sun-kissed and tan And placed around my finger a golden coral band.

Tears welled in his eyes, as he kissed me goodbye, My tears fell openly, and my heart did sigh. “This band is to remind you, and help see you through I can never again return home to you.”

“I will always remember your love so tender It will burn in my heart, a constant ember.” He kissed me once more, and my heart tore As he jumped back into the tidal bore.

I think of him always and wear my coral band, He had to return home and I understand. I miss him terribly, and remember our time And cherish our love, a love sublime.

~C. L. Kilburn


Christy now has her her own mermaid site, to check it out click on the author's name.