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Moonlight Tide

Better than gold,
treasure untold
found deep beneath,
fathoms below.

A coral kingdom
beneath the sea
a mysterious creature
no one can see.

A jeweled crown
rests upon her head
as she lies asleep
on her clamshell bed.

For their lies a mermaid
every fisherman's dream
sleeping peacefully,
the mermaid queen.

Softly dreaming
of true love
with a handsome sailor
from up above.

At the same time
on the shores up above
a fisherman looks out
and professess his love.

His mind is haunted
by a beautiful dream
he imagines finding
his own mermaid queen.

And if fate is kind
on a starry night
he will find his queen
and take flight.

He will leave his world
to stay by her side,
forever to swim
in the moonlit tide.