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Nippy 13

I was lucky to have found this gentleman on Devain Art site. He does a lot of Disney characters. I had to post this Little Mermaid drawing he did, because I love the message that he found and put in it.


This was a commission he did for another member of Devain Art called " The Masked Shrike ". The characters pictured are created by her and Wembly Fraggle. It depicts two City of Heroes superhero ( Pinup Girl and Proud Citizen ) characters as they might be if they were merfolk. To find out more about these superheroes click in the names of their creators.  This is a second commission that he has made some one into a Disney Ariel type of mermaid.


From Japan created this wonderful mermaid, called,

My Sea Princess 



Of Indonesia created this mermaid. You can tell that she has put a lot of time and effort into this work. She has many other works and has a cool site, one worth visiting.


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