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Ocean Princess


Shanna Sky and Ed Tomes

Sunlight touching golden skin

Rainbow scales on silvery fins

Raven strands of windswept hair

Ocean Princess, mermaid fair.


Ocean spray fills the air

Waves crash boulders wear

About the enchanting maiden

Ocean Princess, mermaid fair


Voices singing sweet and pure

Her siren's song a sailor's lure

Trident's daughter, sea born child

Of storm tossed waves and ocean wild.


Sailor's dream, Captain's terror

Sailors Beware !  When her song

Hangs in the storm ridden air

All is forgotten, except mermaid so fair.


She sings her songs, enchantress love

Taking sailors from ships above

In her kiss, the final breath

In water reborn from human death.


Lost within her loving embrace

Life above a distant place

Deep below in her water realm

There lost sailors wish to dwell.


No fairer love nor passion sweet

Than with maiden of the deep.

Enfolded in her golden arms

To lay within her ocean charms.


Stars ablaze ever so bright

Ocean reflect endless night

Man of land, maiden of sea

Together their destiny is to be.