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Phil has recently sent me new works that he has commissioned and here they are.

The artist Robyn McKinnon did this one for Phil. To see more of this artist works go to


The artist Kayley Tate did this one for Phil


by Rebecca Ivic

Her story is that she used to be a human princess who fell in love with a

merman. Her merman tells her to be patient, that he will find a way for

them to be together. But the princess is impatient, she finds a way to

become a mermaid, through magic, permanently. And now finds out, through a

trusted handmaiden, that her merman love found a way to become human

permanently. And now she drifts to the bottom, her heart broken...


by Brandy Woods

To see more of Rebecca Ivic or Brandy Woods artworks just click on their name under their art piece.


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