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Raffaele Marinetti

One of Phil's latest favorite Commission artist has done a number of commissions for Phil. Here are a few and the story that goes with them. To see more of Raffaele's work just click on his name above.

The story: Two twin sisters have been transformed into latex mermaids against their will, the latex they are wearing enables them to breathe underwater. Now they await their fate in a large conversion cylinder, they will be transported to their new owner and home.

The Mermaid Queen

The story: She is a warrior elf, and her tribe needed a weapon to defeat the humans who are invading her land. The elf sorceress told her the only way to defeat the humans was to dive and retieve the magic trident that lay underwater. The elf dived down but unknown forces tried to force the trident from her hands but she succeed in retieving the trident but those same forces also transformed her into a shark mermaid. Soon she must dive back into the sea never to be seen again.

Story: Circe needed someone to dive into the deep to retieve a golden ball of great magic. a female diver washed up on Circe's island and Circe saw her chance and cast a spell on the diver, using the diver's latex suit as raw material, she transformed the diver into a latex mermaid, the latex is now her living skin! Circe told the latex mermaid what she wanted and if the latex mermaid did retieve the golden ball, she would transform the latex mermaid back into a human being and send her back home. After many days and hardships the latex mermaid finally found the golden ball, now she waits to see if Circe will keep her word.

The Mermaid

A merman king. In his hands/palms are gold coins and gems/jewels. An offering to any mermaid to be his mermaid queen.


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