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Raffaele Marinetti

Phil loves this artist and has had more commission done by him. I can see why he likes this guy's work.

Here is the story behind this picture.

The idea is a sequel to the The Magic Trap where Shanura's twin sister, Anya comes looking for her. She makes a wrong turn in the temple where her sister was last known to be and triggers another trap laid down to catch intruders. The temple knowing Anya and Shanura are sisters decides to seperate them forever, Shanura was Earth, so therefore Anya has to be water.On completion of the trap's spell. Anya looks on in fear and shock as she has become a mermaid.


The Story:

 She was a young pearl diver diving for pearls when she found the necklace sitting in a clam. She was warned to stay away from such enchanting items that she might find. Alas, the necklace was too tempting and she put the necklace on and was transformed into a mermaid. Many years later she hopes someday to return to being human, for now she spends her time in chilling waters wishing for the day she will return to her family, have a warm meal, and sleep by the fireplace.


Joy Mason

Here is the latest mermaid commission by Joy Mason, a leafy mermaid. A recently transformed human enjoys her new mermaid body.


a scene from a fable type of story of a warrior woman who stole the trident of the king of the sea to save her village and was cursed to live in the sea forevermore for it. This scene is her parting with her sister.


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