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On May 14, 2009 Phil shared with me these mermaids, when I asked permission  to show them and he told me to go aheald.

This piece is by


His works are a bit different, even a little disturbing, such as people without arms, but he does do some interesting centaurs.

Kio Mermaid

Seas are always full of sunken ships, treasures and legends. But sometimes, you can find really interesting artefact in the deep blue.

While diving to boserve corals and colorfull fishes, the girl see something glittering...Curious she took it, only to discover it was a golden trident.

Her smile from the discovery disappeared when her body began to transform. A few seconds later, she was a mermaid, with a tail, scales and...whiskers???

Ah well, I guess it's only natural to see a koi mermaid near Okinawa...I just hope it's not too salty for her here.


Erica Batton

Was the artist of this eel mermaid that Phil had commissioned.


Is one of the cheapest commission artist you will find who does decent work. To see more of his works just click on his name.

Raffaele Marinetti

Is one of Phils favorite artist to do commissions for him.

The Story: She lives in a wonderful land full of magical beings. Born as a human, she felt that she was meant to be a mermaid all along. She told her parents about what she wanted but they told her not to be such a silly girl. So she started to take fish that her father the fisherman caught and skin the fish to make her mermaid tail from the skins of fish! Everyday she worked on her mermaid tail until it was completed. Now she is underwater, and maybe some kind being or god will grant her wish.

The Tail


Most of her works are rather cute, and has a cool site. She too does commissions.

She even wrote a story for it. To read the story click on




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