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Artist is Karyn Nasca.

Diver is transformed into a mermaid by a magic trident.


Here is another commission  of Phils

By Telly

The seas are raising at a alarming rate, and now mankind must adapt or drown. A female scientist volunteers to become the first mermaid, the experiment is a sucess and now she examines the results.

This commission is by Shelby Robertson.

This is Supergirl transformed into a mermaid by a magical trident


Raf Marinetti

The Story: "Moments before she was a human diver
skinny dipping in the ocean and found a single
golden sea-shell hanging off a golden string of
gold, she didn't realize it once belonged to King
Nepture's wife. Once she put on the necklace
she was instantly transformed into a mermaid.

artist; Juston Decristofaro

Diver finds trident, exhausted she sleeps on a rock and is unaware that the trident has transformed her into a mermaid while she slept.



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