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Phil's latest commission.


Jessica Gaona

Here is one mermaid commission, woman is transformed into a mermaid when she puts on a necklace.


Artist:  minties

"The evil eel mermaid was once the queen of the human lands that attempted to invade the elves homeland across the seas, but were defeated by the magic trident that the sea-centauress used on their ships...sinking the ships and drowning the crews.

The humans rose up and dethroned the human queen. The former queen swore revenge on the sea-centauress. The royal wizard remained loyal to her, the queen asked to be transformed into a terrible sea maiden to personally do battle with the sea-centauress! The wizard also gives her a weapon of immense power to destroy the sea-centauress. The transformation is permanent but the former queen does not care!"


Raf Marinetti

Story behind commission.

A young woman was walking to her car when she was captured by unknown people! When she awoke she found that she was wearing a latex mermaid tail and webbed gloves! She was told that if she could evade capture while in the water for an hour that she would be released from her latex tail and gloves and driven back. They released her into the water and the chase was on, she evaded captured for almost an hour but soon tired and was captured, and now hangs by her tail like a captured trophy. What will happen to her now is unknown!



Another mermaid that Telly did for Phil.

Handmaiden transformed into a lake mermaid by a jealous princess.


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