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Brian LeBlanc

Did this commission for Phil.

Diver finds the crown of King Neptune and once she puts the crown on on her head, is transformed into a two tailed mermaid!


Artist : Tearsofrisingstar

She is remembering the moment she was transformed into a mermaid by the mermaid gemstone.


two lake naiads

The story between them is mostly the same. Handmaiden falls in love with a prince, and princes falls in love with handmaiden. But a princess wants the prince for herself! So goes to a witch who gives her a potion to pour into the lake when the handmaiden bathes in the late. One hot night the handmaiden bathes in the late and the princess pours the potion into the late that transforms the handmaiden into a naiad. The handmaiden turned lake naiad cannot leave the lake because she is now the spirit of the lake!



Done by Olaya Valle

Diver puts on enchanted coral crown and is transformed into a mermaid.


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