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Phil has been busy with new commissions. Here are his latest ones. To see more of the artist work just click on the name. This one was done by:





"A prince of the castle fell in love with one of the handmaidens. The prince many times wanted to tell the handmaiden of his feelings for her and one night he finally did. And at that moment the handmaiden told the prince of her feelings for him as well.

But the vain princess who wanted to marry him became jealous, she wanted to be rid of the handmaiden! So the princess visited an old witch who give her a potion. When the handmaiden bathed in the lake the princess must pour the potion. The witch told the princess that the potion would transform the handmaiden into a lake naiad.

The handmaiden on one hot night decided to bath in the lake and the princess followed the handmaiden and poured the potion into the lake transforming the handmaiden into a lake naiad. If the handmaiden turned naiad attempts to leave the lake then she will die, because she is now the spirit of the lake..."

These next 2 commissons were done by

Nicolas Fernandez


Eel mermaid transformation


Mermaid pinup by 


Here is the squid mermaid getting ready to go out on the town.

by Dale Ziemianski



Phil didn't have a artist listed for this woman who gets transformed into a water element.

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