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The Mermaid and The Turtle


From the Water

The mermaid ascends

Blushing pink

Oh so slightly serpentine tail

Crystal opalescent scales

Quietly caress the water

Creating circlet shapes

Temptress feeling the breeze

The journey begins


Water things meet

Turtle glides with webbed talons to

Dance, frolic, swim

Laugh and sing

Turtle, Mermaid raise a toast to their good fortune

Feel the Bond


Do the Water Dance

Bask in the moonlight

Embrace the stars

Feel the Spell


That's how Turtle plays

That's how Mermaid plays

That's how Water Things play


The Mermaid descends

Her time complete

For now.......


Maddening, the scent of her hair


Like magic, playful sparkles

Follow her into the depth

Like a hiding child


Turtle moves to the

Moss covered log

Feels the

Beat of the heartwood

Resting, gazing at the

Drops from the leaves in the woods


Renewal lies there waiting

Just below the surface


Thank you Turtle for sharing your Mermaid's poem