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This artist I stumbled upon while surfing the net one day. I then spend the next two days  going through his site. This artist is the only artist that I visit regular, because his wife Laura updates his site daily.

Ric is a fantasy artist, his drawings include: Fairies, Centaurs, Mermaids, Drider ( This is a creature that is half human, half spider. ), Lemia or Naga ( His creature is half human, half snake. ), Cat women ( Half leopard and half human. ) and other incredible fantasy creatures. If you visit his site, he does show some of his driders catching some of the other fantasy creatures for lunch.

If you visit his site check out his E-bay auctions, he sometimes sells some of his original artwork that may not make it to his galleries.

This is my most favorite works of his, it is called

The Rescue


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